• America is for the youth.

    If America does something right it's that we realize that the youth are our future and our best resource. We realize we have to educate them if we want to continue as the most technologically and scientifically advanced country in the world. Old people get the short end of the stick, and that's awful.

  • America is for the youth

    America is for the youth. The reason for this is because America is a fairly new country in terms of world history and is a very modern culture. America is currently the hip and happening place, which makes it more youthful and attractive to young people. I think that there are certain places in America that are more older people oriented however.

  • The Youth have something left to give.

    The elderly have worked hard to keep this country strong. They won't be around forever though. The young are where the innovators are going to be found. The young have the financial fix written on a notebook binder for an econ class somewhere. The elderly have done their part, and it is time for them to step aside and let the new minds work. America has always been about a country of strong backs and sharp wits. The elderly don't always have that.

  • No, I think America is for Older People currently.

    A large part of the demographics in America right now is focused on Older and senior people, the majority of politicians know that older people vote in huge numbers while younger people generally do not vote so politicians will cater towards appeasing the older and against segment of the population making America biased towards older people right now.

  • Older people have benefits.

    America is for older people, because it is the youth of America that have to support the older people. In Obamacare, young people, who can't afford it, have to buy health care for older people. Young people have to pay taxes while their parents and grandparents get large amounts of social security checks and Medicare.

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