• Goodbye usa : (

    Trump is taking the US down a dark road by his psychotic behavior,
    he kowtows to brutal dictatorial leaders and is stomping on everyone in his path.... To where, is anyone's guess? He's a monkey with a machine gun. How did he get to be the president of the USA!

  • I blame Obama partially

    But all those who are kissing his butt and doing what he does. We need to turn this around. I personally hope Republicans win this year the Senate to undo the damage he has done. I also hope many Democrats who are also good change their mind on Obama and do the right thing as well. We need a switch for the better or this country will go to s--t.

  • Not yet at least

    In my opinion, I think Obama has not been as bad as people act like he is. The country had problems before he became president and unless he pulls a rabbit out of the hat, it will most likely have problems after he leaves. Regardless of who's to blame, there are many, many countries that are way worse off then America is. You have to put in perspective the situation of America to other nations and when you do you'll realize that financial problems are child's play to other countries. I think that if the next president does the slightest bit of a good job, were in good shape. Just gotta chip away at it.

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