Is america great now or before (like the age before the cold war)

Asked by: Orman
  • We are Objectively Better Now

    Before the Cold War, people died younger, were persecuted, and the country was not peaceful. Although today's America isn't perfect, people can be openly LGBTQ+ without fear for their lives, or at least better than in the early 1900's. Other races were discriminated against and women were seen as lesser beings. We aren't all equal today, but we are better than before the Cold War. There were less treatment so for disease and many people died of tuberculosis and other illnesses. Now, diseases that used to be fatal can be easily treated. In the present day, our country is at war often. However, before the Cold War, our country was involved in two world wars, resulting in the death of many Americans. We are still at war, but our country is involved in less wars than the early 1900's. Our country is not perfect, but through time we have progressed to a better society.

  • America is a wolf in sheeps clothing

    The USA is the biggest liar since Jesus Christ. This country always claims to be the good guy but it somehow always does the wrong thing. The US has always said they like helping people of other nations. During WW1 the US killed thousands of civilians of axis power countries. Then again doing the same unspeakable crimes but worse in WW2. Many German survivors tell about US soldiers raping and killing young and old German women and never facing punishment for there crimes. Agent Orange is a herbicide and defoliant chemical. It is widely known for its use by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. IT is still the cause of thousands of Vietnamese children being born with horrifying birth defects.

  • It never was.

    Trump said he would would "Make America Great Again". For some, the “again” never existed. It was a subtle lie, meant to soothe the outcries of blacks and women without dissuading white males from voting in his favor. This attempt at establishing a middle ground seemed to succeed−it gained popular support in the middle-east from white families angered over their job loss as well as mild support from blacks and women who are aware of the corruption currently embedded in politics.

  • It's coming to its end

    The Bible decrees an end to humanities madness, uncontrollable sin natures. Lies, deceit, perversion, abominations. No one need point it out, one need merely turn on a TV, pickup a paper, listen to radio, or text someone to know, the signs of the times. All have been told, time has been granted, and remains still, to choose wisely. The time moves on steadily, to its inevitability, where do you stand .

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