• America is ruled by the super wealthy.

    One is not considered a human being in America unless they have large sums of money. America is not a capitalist country anymore. Our economy is "selective socialism" for the wealthy. Don't believe me? What about all the big banks getting bailed out in the housing crisis. Very few in the middle class and poor were helped in the bail out for the housing crisis. Our civil liberties have also been eroded in the so called "War on Terror". Basically, our government has been corrupted to a point the where the poor and middle class have any if little say so in how our government operates.

  • The responses above prove the point

    Half the responses on the yes side accuse greedy corporations, lax social protections to hedge against economic distress, and plutocratic corruption for fomenting the reasons coming civil war. The other half accuse "leftist" thinking, "socialism", and and ideologically corrupted government. The sad truth is the reason for America's current condition is a politically, religiously, and ideologically divided middle class. Without a functioning middle class the ability of representative democracy to function degrades and if left unchecked can quickly lead to a scramble by two or more sides to fill the power vacuum.
    The middle class in America is suffering because its being pulled in two equally extremist directions for reasons including social acceptance or conformity, economic gain, or in response to perceived outrages suffered at the hands of one extremist clique or the other.
    The middle class always exists as a socio-economic group in delicate balance with the affluent and the impoverished. The middle class acts a vehicle for economic and social advancement for the poor and a economic collaborator and societal release valve for the rich. When the middle class breaks down, due to internal or external socio-economic pressures, the positive effects it provides to the whole of the system break down as well. The poor lose their means of advancement due to the economic and social withdrawal of the middle class from expanding entrepreneurial activities, middle management, and those activities such as charity work and community building with promote social stability. The rich lose the security of having a societal safety valve directed at their relative economic affluence (perception of aristocratic or oligarch like decadence) as well as their own economic safety net of not falling too far in the event of adverse financial events.
    When the middle class breaks down, all three sides contract increasing the economic and societal pressures on the poor, the rich, and the middle class. This contraction can typically be abated and reversed through the institution of system wide measures to allay the cause or causes of the breakdown of the middle class, whether they be societal or economic or both. The crux of the issue currently facing the United States is that both societal and economic factors are impacting the middle class but the middle class is nearly evenly torn in how to address the issue. The modern American right tends to look towards a conservative societal approach, believing that traditional social models should be embraced and used to ameliorate the pruning or removal of what exists of the US economic safety net. The American left sees greater involvement of government in the economy with major or total withdrawal of government from the obvious environs of social legislation.
    While compromise would seem to be the solution, the extremists on both sides have conditioned their electoral support on positions the opposition can simply not accept and expect to retain support from their own side. Therefore (Breakdown + Divided Opposition) x Electoral Gridlock = Potential disaster

  • Conservative vs Liberal

    What people don't realize is the vast majority of people in America are pro-God and conservative but they are a silent majority, minority rule and dictating like now has never succeded, and with the military and common citizens getting more fed up, it's only a matter of time before anti-God and liberal views are steamrolled in what would be essentially a civil war, I don't know if it will be in 100 days or 100 years but eventually it will happen

  • Lack of following the Constitution

    The United States of America was founded on a basis of principles and morals as stated in the Constitution. And, As our society as a whole becomes more and more liberal in our interperetation of the Constitution. Actions such as the Bowe Bergdahl trade and other idiotic foreign policies instated by the Obama administration will lead to Americans wondering why?? Just Why?? I know that we don't leave any soldiers behind(It's an American Principle per say, something we are known for) but some common sense needs to be put into the equation. Also, where are the Checks and Balances??Executive orders of this stature should need to be approved by congress. I'm just an American like everybody else here and if I had to say whether or not there would be an American Civil war I would say yes.
    Why? Because just like in the 1800s we are becoming a country split straight down the middle. It makes me sad to have to admit but it is true and just like the great Holy Roman Empire all great reigns come to an end.

  • The South has Risen again

    200 years later we are not fighting a battle of a slavery system based on race, but a nation fighting a battle of haves and have nots. The evolution of capitalism. The election of Barack Obama brought about talks of succession. Not of states, but the elimination of the federal govt and it's ability to protect the people. The Tea is the modern day confederacy , raging a battle against the concept of govt social support of its people. Obama stands in the shoes of lincoln. Trying to preserve a divided nation. I pray the outcome does not cause lives

  • Better bet on it.

    What most don't understand is that there are literally thousands of organized militia groups all over this country in the process of training and preparing. Don't allow the liberal news media to fool you with their propaganda. The United States will never allow its government to become like that of other countries. America is a Federal Republic founded on the principles of limited government involvement in our lives. When the government is too controlling like they are now, Americans will eventually stand up and regain control. If I'm wrong, help us God. We will all be enslaved and most likely murdered if we don't concede to converting to Islam. I'm sure hoping every American realizes that this is what this whole mess is actually about. It absolutely is the Obama administration's goal to force all Americans to his government run healthcare, and eventually force us all to convert to Islam. Seriously folks, just slowly say his name out loud, then wake up.

  • WE need one

    Our liberties are gone. We need to have a licence to do anything. WE need Id to do anything the same concept as the mark of the beast. Our taxes are to complex. Also whistelblowers are disapering. We have a winner take all system and an electoral colege whitch is unfair, third parties have no chance because our voting system is riged.

  • Restrictions and Forgetfulness

    With military reductions and crime rates at an all time high, America has forgotten what is was like to be free. People take things without thinking, and no longer know how to 'take things with a grain of salt'. Obama is now using DHS as....well....civil police... I believe that this is what he was wanting to do back in his first election term. Views that coincides with those of A.Hitler. We are also pushing for gun restrictions and other means which may not completely break the Constitution, but deeply bends it. The military is going to separate, the people will start resisting, and it will escalate until a full civil war happens. This is when America will fall, when we are at our weakest we will be open to an outside attack. I believe soon after this, will be when America rises back up. Once the people see their freedoms again. America will unite once again.

  • Civil War Is Imminent

    The general consensus that I get from the masses I've talked to is that the Government is out of control and arrogant. They are trampling on our constitutional rights and trying to take us down the road to socialism.
    The very principles that our founding fathers realized were the best path to liberty and a free democracy were in the drafted constitution. Patriot Act, DHS, and Homeland security, IRS are now being used as devices to squelch our constitutional rights.
    Unless the government gets back in line with the constitution and the fact that it's the will of the people and not the Government that is important in our Republic, then the situation will get worse.
    I hope and pray that this great nation that I love will stand a Democracy, with liberty and justice for all.
    I pray that God will defeat the enemies of freedom and democracy, and that they get their just rewards.

  • This country sadly needs it.

    A civil war could be what this country needs. Too many of the American people depend on the government to take care of them and therefore will not be prepared for war. The great American people who don't depend on the government will be prepared and have the upper hand and will not stand to see everything they've worked hard for being taken away from them.

  • What freaky statement is this?

    Are you people serious? Calling for a civil war because your popular black president was voted back in? Because universal healthcare has been implemented which equals you the rest of the worlds first world nations? Gun control because there are calls for people who are not quite right in head could be denied access to any fire arm? These are reasons that you are calling for a civil war? Because of responsible government? So being active and calling on war in other nations for made up accounts of WMDs is not enough? Now you want to shoot your selves up. Sit and think about this for at least a minute before you reply... This is Crazy talk and acts of sedition.

  • No

    We are to civilized for that to happen. The government would never let it happen. I think that there is a large divide in our country right now and our leadership needs to do something to improve that. We need to find a president that can start to bring us all back together.

  • Americans don't have the attention span... Or the stomach.

    So... People actually think that Americans are going to give up sleeping on their Tempur Pedic mattresses and watching Honey Boo Boo and Keeping Up With The Kardashians on their plasma/LCD/or LED televisions, while simultaneously eating a Big Mac with a super-sized fries, to fight a Civil War? People who have no idea what is to truly, truly, uncomfortable, miserable, and in pain are going to rise up against the U.S. Government and revolt. You seriously have to be kidding me... Anyone who thinks that Americans will leave their comfortable lives permanently and it would be permanent; to fight a Civil War is frankly, ridiculous.

  • Hannibal Patriot Military

    The USA can never have another civil war. The first civil war was fought over slavery and state right versus federal government. The people of that time lived off the land and they did not deepened on the government itself so it was easier for rich plantation owner to raised an army. In this age everyone is connected to the grid w are all connected to the web everyone wants there IPhones the federal government just need to cut the power and remove access to technology than everyone will return to there daily lives therefore no civil war. Plus the power that be would crush this talk of civil war and its infancy.

  • Realistically, how would the events unfold?

    In order to have a revolution, you need a leader with popular support.
    The ability to arm and train yourself and a massive number of people.
    Social infrastructure and network to communicate (which is impossible with all the NSA spying).
    What would the objectives be? Who specifically are you fighting against?

  • That question is ridiculous.

    Some people seem to misunderstand the question too. Most people seem to be answering the question "Do you want there to be another civil war?" and surprisingly enough, most people seem to want one. I think that's just plain crazy. Do I want another civil war? No! What do you think? Do I think there will be another civil war? Same answer: no. How would another civil war happen, and what would be the main reason that it happened? I'm not sure if it's just me, but I think anyone who thinks America is headed for another civil war has no idea what they're talking about. What would be be fighting about in the first place?

  • That is stupid

    There wouldn't be a civil war because there isn't any reason to have one. We elect the government officials and there arnet any radical ideas. In modern America why would someone start a civil war? I don't think the other people understand the severity of a civil war. There is no reason to start a civil war.

  • Sectionalism is present, but another civil war is unlikely.

    Sectionalism was a primary cause of the U.S. Civil War. Even after about 150 years later, we are still undergoing sectionalism.

    Politics play a key role in dividing us, primarily between the Democratic and Republican Parties. Though these parties share some similar views, they tend to disagree a lot. Debates between these parties include opinions on social, environmental, economic, domestic policy, healthcare, foreign policy, education, and immigration issues.

    If one was to pull up recent electoral maps from presidential elections, they would realize that many states have stayed on one party's side throughout many years. An interesting fact is that the only states who switched sides between the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections were Indiana and North Carolina, both Democratic in 2008 and Republican in 2012. Even more intriguing, the states who were part of the Confederacy are primarily Republican, along with most of the central U.S., while the coasts are predominantly Democratic.

    If the Democratic Party continues to win elections and controls the government, the former-Confederate states will probably consider rebelling. However, it is likely that they will not. The U.S. military is one of the finest and will easily fight back if needed to. Going to war would be a major blow to the side of the rebellion. Though secession may seem like a good idea in this case, pro-Unionists would probably end up using military force to preserve the union, unless they want the southern states to leave as well.

    Also, Americans, along with the rest of the world, have grown more civilized. If not able to secede without a threat of war, it will be highly unlikely. Though we separate when it comes to politics, we bond during events such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, and share many similar opinions and lifestyles with people across the nation. The U.S. also offers solid protection and defense from other countries.

    A war shouldn't happen, but if we aren't careful and balanced between our views, our freedom may collapse. Going too far "left" or "right" leads us to governments we view in negative ways. Making sure the government is well-balanced will result in more people being content and will allow us to become a more perfect union.

  • Sad to say, us Americans are too weak...

    I do believe there are some (and I mean a small amount of) Americans equipped and ready for an actual war against our government, but if you think realistically, the kind of preparedness we would need is staggering against a military that has the manpower to be basically everywhere on Earth at all times... Considering the technology the U.S. government has and the scope of what our military is capable of, we lose. The only places I see being able to secede and hold their own for maybe a little bit are states like Arizona, Texas, Oregon, or any of the more lenient states on gun control. The problem still lies in our ability to go up against drones, satellites, combat helis, and so forth. I truly believe that change would only come if at least 25% of U.S. citizens (millions) stormed Washington, which even then would take a level of persistence, dedication, and drive that sadly, I don't think Americans have... That's assuming we know what it means to march, since we haven't seen any REAL protesting since the civil rights movement and maybe the Vietnam war. Nowadays we are too busy being complacent in our own right as "free Americans" which, hey, gotta admit, compared to many, we have it alright, for now... I just don't think if SHTF in our country by means of civil war, we would stand a chance. Unless all of us quit yappin on blogs and sites like this, and actually go out and fight for a cause NOW, and KEEP fighting for "the cause" (i.E. Voting, activism), we lose. There is no winning against the greatest military on Earth. At least with the people we've become. Our country isn't what it was in 1861, that's for sure... We've long forgotten what it means to stand up. That's just how I feel :/

  • No I don’t think that is going to happen.

    I think our county is well aware of the mess a civil war can bring and isn’t in a hurry to go down that road. We may disagree on a few things but nothing so bad as to pick up guns and start killing each other over. I would like to think we are much wiser then we where last time this happened.

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Anonymous says2013-04-09T05:12:30.850
Sure it will.Freedom or free stuff?Pick one you cant have both.
Anonymous says2013-05-03T04:23:28.240
If so, it will have to be started by the right wing and the resulting deaths will disgust and outrage the public so much that they will easily turn against those who perpetrated the act and give the military the absolute authority to start the extermination proceedings. We will have no choice, but to liquidate the right wing. I want to participate in that so badly, you have no idea.
Quan says2013-06-13T15:54:15.807
Too many people stupidly voting to give up American rights in order to protect American rights. We may be a lot closer to civil war than we'd like to think. Every new restriction imposed on Americans by their own government could be the last.
Haroush says2013-11-13T16:07:35.023
Anonymous, You are full of crap. It's not the right wing that is the problem. Who is in control of everything right now? This includes the presidential administration, supreme court, senate, and many other government functions. It definitely isn't the republicans. If anything next civil war will happen because of a socialist run government who doesn't want to compromise with conservatives and those who are religious.
Haroush says2013-11-13T16:25:28.397
Honestly, you made this a complete joke Anonymous. I'm pretty sure not even libertarians would be acceptive of you. Especially, not acting like nut case as you are. It's one thing to believe a civil war is going to happen, it's another thing to want it to happen. Furthermore, republicans are the one's who have embraced the tea party so why attack them? You can't attack the entire republican party just because of a few people like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Ayotte, and that republican representative from New York. The ironic part is these people I just mentioned aren't disliked because they are too conservative, but too friendly with the democrats.

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