• No Question We Are

    Yes we are headed off a moral cliff. I already know I will get slammed for discussing faith online but the bottom line is everything we have taken God out of it has gotten progressively worse. I cannot think of a single time when we went against God's word that this country has gotten better.

    The bottom line is either you are a believer or you or not. For those of us with faith, we believe that God's word is the written word of God and the Bible says what it does. Look at the increase in crime in the last say 50 years, drug use, etc. This country has gotten more and more out of control and it has lost respect throughout the world. People look at our country and how we try to tell other countries to act just, humane and morally, yet look at us. Look at the number of gun deaths we have compared to other civilized countries for example.

  • No, and this is a silly question

    Whenever there is a shift in basic ideas, someone always asks a question like this. There's no such thing as a "moral cliff." Humans make their own standards, and when those standards change, we change with them. Simple as that. Of course, change is painful for people, and some who liked it the way it was will yell and scream about how we are going down hill. This is the same argument we've had since our time began. I bet that you could ask any generation and they would talk about how moral they were and how immoral kids now a days are.

  • No, We Are Not

    America is not headed off of a moral cliff. There are many moral people still living in this country. Of course there are a lot of immoral people, but it has always been that way. I think people need to focus on the good things and moral people instead of the bad.

  • No, because you cant really define morals

    Its hard to actually have a clear definition of what morals are. Any culture or social structure will look at morals differently and we have to take into account what they are. Americas morals seem to be shifting but the basic human decency still is out there, but just because we are becoming more liberal does not means its going away.

  • No, morals are simply shifting.

    To claim that any one group or time period has a monopoly on morality is naive. Over time moral compasses shift and lead us in a new direction. So long as the basic tenets of human morality are held constant, for example don't kill or steal or other basic laws required to keep the peace, society will be fine. Just because we are becoming more liberal and accepting as a society does not mean we are throwing our morals out the door.

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