• Yes we are

    America is heading in the right direction. People are trying to make it seem like we aren't. Our country is trying it's hardest to make all Americans safe. If that means building the wall, shutting down borders to stop terrorists from coming through, and much more. Our direction is leading us to more safety, unlike our old president, who was never there to protect it.

  • It's a fraudulent question because it points the finger in the wrong direction...

    It’s more a reflection of America’s feelings towards the Republican House and their lazy welfare mentality against America and our government as they only work 90 days a year. They are the biggest welfare cases in America. It’s why the House has the lowest approval ratings in history and has consecutively gone lower each year since the Republicans took control of the House in 2010. Is their argument that the longest private sector growth in American history is the “wrong direction”?
    …health care costs rising at the lowest rate in 50 years…
    …seniors have saved $1.6 billion in prescription drugs…
    …10 mill. People who couldn’t afford health care before can now…
    …students can stay on their parents plan and cut their college costs…
    …expanding the right to marriage equality…
    …inflation is at a long-term low rate…
    …gasoline prices being heavily reduced
    …positive green technologies
    …America #1 oil producer
    …domestic production highest in 30 yrs
    …clean coal production
    …fuel standards raised
    …energy efficiency programs & weatherization
    …oil imports lowest in 30 years..
    …states passing minimum wage increases
    … federal contractors paying a higher minimum wage…

    NO! Americans see republicans:

    …poisoning the well over & over again because of their Olde South hatreds
    …lying and blaming their own GOP Great ‘Trickle Down’ Recession on President Obama
    …GOP waging their war on women, seniors, students, minorities
    …fixing elections
    …gerrymandering of districts
    …suppressing votes
    …“losing” hundreds of thousands of voter registrations, provisional, and mail-in ballots
    …taking hundreds of millions of campaign $$$ from foreign corporations
    …outsourcing our elections to foreign corporations and their anti-American worker, pro-child slavery interests
    …pushing religion in public schools at taxpayer expense
    …protecting foreign corporations over American families
    …billions in giveways to Big Oil while raising the taxes on working Americans
    …protecting big corporate profits while refusing to address the need for a moral, livable wage for workers
    …refusing to address infrastructure investment
    …refusing to address immigration reform
    …refusing to show up for work and only working 93 days a year
    …being drunk on the job
    …shutting down the government
    …suing the President for doing his Constitutional job
    …cowing in fear of their extreme base of TEA Partiers
    …protecting Mitch McConnell and his family’s international drug trafficking operations
    …refusing to stand up against the child pornographers in their party like those in CPAC and BASE CONNECT
    …the list is long and when the question is asked “Do you think the country is headed in the right direction?”

    …of course Americans look at what the Republicans are doing to steal and outsource our elections and continue to bring harm to America and to our Constitution…

    …and say “No…it’s headed in the wrong direction.”

    It’s how Americans feel about the Republicans and what they are doing with their failed, lazy, laissez-faire welfare status on the public dole while they just do nothing for America first and do everything to try to falsely blame their failures on President Obama.

  • The president is leading this country in the right direction.

    The economy is improving, people are spending more, home values are increasing and unemployment is going down. We are becoming a more tolerant and rational country. We are doing away with laws that discriminate and we are adding laws that should be common sense. We're getting closer to what this country was built on. Not letting the beliefs of one church dictate how the country is run.

  • Yes. In spite of our challenges, I believe the U.S. is on the right path.

    I will consider the fact that there are many major challenges facing America. Having said that, the economy is slowly but steadily recovering. I have seen reports that more people are buying in the housing market. The latest job figures show an increase in new jobs steadily month after month. Fewer jobs seem to be shipped overseas and it looks to me like more companies are paying attention to our interest to bring jobs here. If politicians can get their act together, then overall consumer confidence will rise. When thinking about this question, I do go beyond Washington. I see things going the right way because of the efforts of the American people.

  • Yes, Obama is taking America in the right direction

    Yes, America is headed in the right direction, and the right direction is, at least in these current times, AWAY from the political right, who are so concerned about their base that they are not concerned about America. Under Obama's administration, jobs continue to grow, and the middle class's problems are at the forefront. The middle class are the cogs in the wheel that make this country turn, and Obama's policies, including healthcare, will continue to create a stronger middle class that has long been neglected.

  • These tariffs are putting us on thin ice with our allies

    Is America headed in the right direction? I’d say no. In this day in age the US is treating our allies worse than we have in many years. Recent tariffs on steel and aluminum have been passed by president Donald Trump which have very clear disadvantages to countries such as Canada and other countries in the EU. Canada has put up with a lot of nonsense from president Trump and Justin Trudeau has responded very well but this debacle has his patience wearing thin. Trudeau says that Americans and Canadians have “fought and died together” and that these Tariffs are “totally unacceptable”.

  • Looking at all the things that have happened recently in the United States, I don´t think we are heading in the right direction.

    According to the political view of America, America is going down, lets say like a roller coaster. The administration spending money on useless shit. Well lets start with how dumb the administration is. We need to fund more money on education. Pay raise for teachers. This country is not just for entrepreneurs and business men. Money controls America. Not the Government. Its Mr. MoneyBanks who controls everything

  • I am thinking of leaving this country altogether

    I am appalled at how the state of our country has deteriorated in every fashion from financially to spiritually, in my short lifetime, and as I try to make sense of it I am mindboggled by the complexity of how we got to where we are and how it could be fixed but clearly not enough people are really interested in putting personal bias, fears, and prejudice aside long enough to even attempt to (gasp) unite long enough to figure out how we're going to even do basic things like have a middle class. This world is a crazy place and this country is going down that rabbit hole so deep that at least some of us want nothing more than to come up for a breath of air, please! Where can I go to find thought, empathy, civilization??

  • Horrendous Lack of Leadership

    This president and his appointed cronies are the worst “leaders” in recent history. The choices made for legislative priorities are going to ruin our country. We don’t need a wall, we need infrastructure. We don’t need tax cuts, we need to pay our bills. We don’t need to ban immigrants, we need to embrace our heritage as a melting pot. Get these people out sooner than 4 years, or we are doomed.

  • Idiot and a Crimal

    Donald trump is obviously an idiot and Hillary is clearly a criminal. If either of them are elected for president than our country is going to be ruined. I personally think we should re-elect if that could be possible. All I can say is that our country is gonna go down if one of them gets elected.

  • Criminal and idiot

    It really is simple. Hilary Clinton is a complete criminal and Donald Trump is an idiot. If either one of them is elected, this country is going down. There are much better people in this country that could be president but it's these two and I think it's all stupid. I rest my case.

  • Spending money we don't have

    Nothing is free, welfare is killing our economy, and government is killing us with taxes and regulations. We are losing our liberties in the name of political correctness. I agree with a previous opinion that we have allowed a few to remove God from our society and now we are paying for it. There is no value of human life and Obama has caused the divide between the races and the political parties to increase. He had a chance to be a uniter but he chose to divide. The governments job is to protect us and not provide our every need. What the government is doing is stealing from the middle class to give to the rich and poor. The rich don't need it and I will give to the poor when I choose to.

  • We are drunk and every time we get hungover we immediately try to drink some more. When do we wake up and face reality?

    Economically we have been under a doctrine of insanity. We interfere and it fails and we continue doing it anyway. During the Bush administration they were entering office under the recession created during the dot.Com bubble. They "stimulated" the economy with cheap money fresh off the printing press and kept interest rates artificially low, which is the same as price fixing. 2008 was the result. What did Obama do to change the system? Why he gave huge government bailouts and lowered interest rates to 0. What's going to happen next.
    In terms of trade Bush helped create the NAFTA agreement, and others which exacerbated a massive trade deficit. Now Obama is approving the TPP. Our trade deficit will continue to skyrocket as well.
    In terms of foreign policy under the Bush regime we spent trillions going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as thousands of American and native lives lost. We destabilized the region and overextended ourselves. Obama went into Libya, Yemen and Syria as well as Iraq and Iran costing us even more lives and lost wealth.
    Bush added more to the national debt then ever before, then came Obama. We are now at 18.3 trillion personal debt.
    Bush pushed unconstitutional acts through Congress such as the Patriot act and Obama continued them. When are these political hacks going to end?
    As long as we continue to elect politicians that do not have an agenda designed to help the American people and instead do the same mistakes over and over again for the sake of monetary wealth we are going to continue to fall.

    Elect Honest men not bought by Special interests. Overturn Citizen's United!
    Cut spending across the board such as overseas military spending, entitlement programs, and every agency of government that is unnecessary and is too costly to maintain.
    Regulate or destroy the federal reserve. The inflation tax thanks to them has dropped the US dollars value by 96.4 times since 1913 when the FED was instituted. Their interest rate manipulation had a direct correlation to the financial collapse of 2008. We can't even get a true audit! They are not even run by the government but by private corporations!
    End the trade deficit by rebuilding the producing core in our economy and getting better trade deals with China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, the Europeans and just about everyone.
    End the wars over the world and end the American empire. We need to focus on the border with Mexico not Afghanistan. We need to focus on rebuilding our own country not others.
    Cut government regulation for small businesses and the middle class.
    Take away the belief that America is invincible. Look at what happened to Argentina, Zimbabwe, the Weimar republic or perhaps even the Roman Empire. It can happen here as well if we don't wake up and recognize that we have serious problems.
    Lastly restore the true democratic republic that guaranteed our liberties and freedoms that made America great.

  • Not when there is fear mongering leading decisions.

    We are constantly told what to fear and why to fear it, creating nothing but confusion and chaos around us. Where are the solution oriented people? Why don't we have talk shows that offer solutions to problems, instead of talk shows that talk about problems and nothing else? We should be voting on the solutions, not on the problems.

  • Of course we aren't

    It is almost a shame to claim my nationality here in the US. Seeing how we are more of a police state. Where corruption and fear has gotten the best of all of us. Where as long as the power/greedy hungry politicians can say anything about "terrorism" the american people fall for it. Example, the Patriot Act.
    One of the most un-constitutional things i have ever seen...
    Economically speaking, we have been better, but not as bad as we were a couple years back.
    But overall, we are heading into a corrupted covering country.

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