Is America in a troubling situation if China continues to boom?

  • Yes, China will become the world leader

    China is a booming country whether you talk about their economy, industrial growth or educational attributes. China is developing at such a high rate that it is posing threat to other nations especially America. America can possibly get into a troubling situation if China takes hold of all the booming industries.

  • America's position as a world leader threatened by China

    America has long enjoyed its position as a world leading nation however if China continues to progress and develop at it's current rate, it could have to step down in favour of the East. China is a hugely populous nation and could become incredibly powerful if it continues to boom. Their education system is better than America's and they produce a great deal of modern technology.

  • Yes, America could be in a troubling situation if China continues to boom.

    Yes, if China continues to boom America could be in a troubling situation. If China continues to boom they could attempt to control the world economy. America is already far too dependent on cheap Chinese goods. If China continues to boom and then attempts to control the prices or availability of the goods America depends on, America could be in a very negative situation.

  • Yes, America will eventually lose its powers to the Chinese if nothing is done.

    Americans need to keep up with the boom in China. The American educational system is lacking and innovation is moving slower than abroad. If America doesn't step it up, the Chinese will easily sail to the top and become the new country to aspire to be and Americans will simply be left in the dust.

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