Is America in danger of necessitating forced birth limitations?

  • Are we too populous yet?

    I believe it is China in which there is a birthing limitation in effect, and as early as fifty years ago OUR population was easily almost half what it is now.

    I understand the Baby Boom concept and that is what has led to this question.

    After almost every major conflict we've been involved in there has been an overly large amount of new births, so that makes me wonder if when this Iraq conflict is over and done with we will have yet another one.

    My worry stems from the fact that as of now, we are having trouble taking care of the Americans alive already.

    Will we really be able to handle yet another boost in population such an event would cause?

  • No, not really

    As we are a wealth nation, our population growth by way of producing offspring has reduced drastically. Our population will continue to grow, but the rate at which it is doing so is slowing down dramatically. Overpopulation certainly is a scary thing, but it's not likely something that the USA will suffer from any time soon.

  • Overpopulation is a myth.

    Overpopulation is just as big a myth as global warming. We have more than enough resources to support the number of humans on the planet, but the people in control of those resources use them to oversupply those who can pay for it. If we used our resources efficiently, we would have no problem supporting every single person on earth.

  • Nah. Overpopulation isn't an issue.

    Everyone claims that the world is overpopulated. Take a trip over to Siberia or Alaska and ask them if they think they're overpopulated. There are more than enough resources on this planet, we just need to use them more efficiently. Crops can now be grown vertically and people can actually live on ocean platforms. We're not running out of space.

  • Nope, just in danger of more population bomb myths

    The concept that human populations will just increase exponentially unless artificial controls are implemented is utter nonsense.

    Most of the data supporting the claim is actually based on animal populations like Deer. The problem is that Deer populations evolved to meet the demands of a Natural Predator, Wolves, that we removed. All animals have an established population limit that once hit they pair down their reproductivity naturally.

    This is easiest to see in human populations were we used to have a birth rate of 3.5+ to having a birth rate of around 2.

    People naturally reduce their birth rate without any artificial limitations as China has implemented when population densities hit their natural limit. This can be seen though Europe, Japan, and even India.

  • We don't have to. Births are declining naturally.

    We are not yet at 0 population growth, not even close, but the aby boomers are all about to pass away from old age. When they do, there are not sufficient births to replace them. What with the rise of feminism and individualism, there are many people who are choosing to live a child free life. And the number of unplanned births in the country are declining every day we make birth control and BC education more available to the populace. We don't need a law like China because we are getting there on our own, and also because carrying on the family name is a tradition no one really cares about anymore. That tradition is HUGE in China, so they don't have as easy a time choosing not to have kids.

    Ever hear about the averages for kids? "Go to college, get married and have 2.5 kids" Well that average is nearing 1.5 every day. I'm not worried.

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