• Anger is dividing Americans against Americans

    Whether it's in families, or the workplace, or in other public places, the extent to which people are giving in to irrational anger and throwing blame at everyone else is tearing this country apart. The fact is, most Americans agree on most things when you remove all the incendiary rhetoric and take the time to talk with each other like thoughtful human beings. We all need to step back from the anger. It's gut check time.

  • America is in trouble

    You've lost your way. Any country that would freely vote in an absolutely unfit, incapable, unprepared, vile and ill equipped person to its highest office, is in a serious state of dystopia, and I blame it on the Republican Party, which has become a shameless whore in the pursuit of power.

  • Moral Bankruptcy at the Nations Capital

    We don't have a class act in the White House, nor do we have a congress with insight, wisdom or one ounce of compassion. Knowingly, and without reservation, a blind eyes is turned away as usery, abuse and immorality congregate as never before. What makes this worse is there is no pretense or care about doing whats right.

  • Obviously it is

    Donald Trumps racist, bigoterized and retarded ideas and laws are pushing the Uunited States into a black hole of economical and politically fallout and as the United States of America is often looked up upon as economic role model, the United States could also manipulate the world into an emergency global fallout

  • Yes it is.

    It is believed that will keep consuming at the same ever-rising rates of past decades, during good times and bad. But for the vast majority, wages and wealth aren't going up, so we're anticipating that the majority of Americans – the 90% – will once again do what was done before: borrow, and then borrow more.
    Forces that caused the world economy to collapse, including income inequality and debt, are again in action, and could drag corporations down in their wake
    Today’s Federal Debt is about $17,819,947,074,000.
    The amount is the gross federal debt issued by the United States Department of the Treasury since 1790. It doesn’t include state and local debt, and it doesn’t include the so-called unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. We may be impoverished if this continues.

  • Yes we are

    The united states of america is in deep trouble. This is because we play video games and are not immigrants. We waste our time like idiots and we think life is easy. People think just because they say the will be rich or become an athlete it will happen. Not without hard work will it come by! Immigrants come and destroy americans in education! When i travel i feel embarrassed at how stupid people here are compared to over there.

  • America: Real Crises Happening Now

    The America we live in today is in major crises. The country is not the same as it used to be. Jobs are not being created, only "part time" jobs, but they do not offer any benefits. College students are not being advised about where to look for jobs that are actually necessary for today's economy. The majors in universities are old fashioned, not even updated to today's economy. America is crumbling with foreclosures. The cost of food, gas, other necessary expenses are raising through the roofs daily. People are silent about what is going around them too.

  • Regulators stifle growth

    It doesn't take rocket science to see we're overly regulated by overpowering green zealots that continue to be supported by an increasing uneducated American voters. As long as we're not operating under same regulations as emerging/third world economies, America will continue to lose jobs, prosperity, and ultimately economic/financial independence.

  • Yes, depends

    It depends on what you are talking about. America is in trouble with the generation that is going through schools right now. Kids are more lazy than ever and motivating them to do things is hard. I think that the government has given away to many things and people have not had to earn them that has made them lazy.

  • Already Too Late to Fix?

    Yes, America is in trouble – in several different areas. America is not the proud country it once was because its people are no longer united. One of the blessings of technology and social networks is the immediate access to the latest news as its happening. The “bad” side of this is that the media has become very powerful and is literally everywhere, adding their own private spin to every word politicians and celebrities utter – all for the sake of ratings. Foreign countries and foreign people are no longer on the other side of the world – many of them are now our next door neighbors. We are no longer naïve and gullible. We have heard the disparaging remarks made by politicians and business leaders. Ninety percent of the major manufacturing jobs have left the United States. The huge salaries and bonuses of corporate America are no longer well kept secrets, but very common knowledge. The wealthy are parking millions in off shore tax havens and leaving fortunes to their children, while most of us cannot even afford to buy a new car when we need it. America is in very great trouble because she has become a victim of wealth and greed. The wealthy and the powerful are not interested in restoring America to the proud country she once was. The wealthy and powerful are interested only in amassing more wealth and paying dividends to their board of directors – and it hurts the rest of us because we know it to be true and there is nothing we can do.

  • America is changing.

    It is very easy to feel like things are going badly when they are in a state of flux. As the global economy continues to evolve adding more and more players on the world stage things could get bumpy for America. America's redeeming strength is it's innate ability to innovate. There are plenty of players out there but we invented the game. Stay the course, make smart decisions and have some faith.

  • Define trouble please.

    Basically-we're always in trouble as we are a country of tons of people, and one person in america is bound to be in 'trouble'. And America and China are never lovey-dovey, or America is handing out flowers to everyone. We're always prepared for war, we're still fighting wars so technically we are in 'trouble' if thats how you define 'trouble'. The economy was destroyed a long time ago, it's just that people actually care now instead of doing something when it was happening. So basically-every country is in 'trouble' as only a jackass can be friends with everyone-everyone goes through life without enemies and at least America isn't a jackass or something alike that and we have our own opinions and are NOT dominated by other countries' threats, warnings, and powerful military, and powerful words-we are influenced by the people, of the people, and for the people, not by everyone else. This topic was phrased horribly and undefined, so any ordinary joe can be correct in this argument....

  • Peace is Maintained, America is Safe

    As long as there is a peaceful transition of power every four years during presidential elections, America is safe. As long as the Constitution is upheld, America will be strong. America isn't perfect, but she is not in trouble. Unemployment is high and more people are on welfare rolls, but we will get back to work. Every recession has a recovery. America is not in trouble as long as her people are free.

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