• Intolerance toward Christians

    Being a Christian in today's society is not easy. The people who truly follow God's word are not the same as the people who scream that God hates everyone. Yes it does make us a little upset when holidays that are to traditionally celebrate Christ are turned into commercial events but wouldn't you be slightly annoyed if every time you stood up for what you believe there were people trying to tell you it was wrong, call you names, and throw scientific theories and evidence in your face. A true Christian is a genuinely good person because we believe in forgiveness and understand that God LOVES everybody. We believe he created us all and he gave us all a purpose. I am not better than you. We are equal in God's eyes. Why is intolerance only ok if it is in our favor. We dislike intolerance towards our own beliefs and ideas but sometimes we overlook ourselves being intolerant to others. I say we because everyone, and I mean everyone, has been judged and is judgmental. Every argument will have radical people on both sides that will say hateful things to try and make the point that one side is better than the other, and both sides need to realize not ALL non-believers are the same and not ALL Christians are the same. Tolerance needs work on both sides to work at all.

  • America is not Intolerant of Christians

    No, America is not intolerant of Christians as Christianity is the biggest religion in the United States. Athlete's like Tim Tebow display their Christianity openly without fear of any form of persecution, and every United States President has been a Christian. It is easy to see that America loves Christianity.

  • Not even close

    Christians are still the majority in America, and while the media has frowned upon exuberant displays of faith, one is still viewed favorably in society if he is a professed Christian. Atheists are still heavily discriminated against in society, however. Many atheists are forced to be "closet atheists" because of a feared backlash by the religious in American society. In some states, mostly in the South, atheists are not even allowed to hold office. That's true intolerance.

  • Christians are just sensitive

    I hear the same sort of argument on a Christian radio station. Christians feel persecuted for silly little things like people using the word "Xmas" or saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". They are so selfish and ignorant that they are actually offended by political correctness because it has the audacity to try to be understanding of understanding people of all nationalities and religions. That is the epitome of arrogance.
    In America, Christians are ignorant of the privilege they have over other religions. They are seen as the "norm" in America. In court you swear on the holy bible, where often the ten commandments can be displayed. Currency has "in God we trust". America claims that it was funded on Christian values (it isn't, but that is another debate). The Christians whine and cry when government tries to make church and state separate. Christians actually feel persecuted when homosexuals try to gain equal rights, or women try to gain reproductive rights. It's nauseating to actually think that these people actually think the law should incorporate their religion in order to control those who are not religious.
    Christians don't even get the same judgement as other religions for extremist beliefs. Muslims attacking the World Trade, and Christians bombing abortion clinics - they are both extremist acts. But which one is called a terrorist? Which religion is "randomly" selected for searching at airports?

  • Kind of a silly question when their money says 'in god we trust'

    When you have all of the people in power basically having to show they are of a religious bent for people to vote for them, it is really difficult to substantiate an idea of america being intolerant of christians. Are christians tolerant of other kinds of christians?

    At the core of it, it really just seems like people are whining because a few people here and there don't want to adhere to their religious values. Especially odd in the only country in the world with an explicit separation of church and state in their constitution.

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