• Not communism, socialism but ill still vote yes.

    The government is slowly trying and carefully trying to trick us into thinking that the "cant do that". Tell that to the native Americans during the western expansion of America. Or the Japanese Americans that where thrown into camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Like it or not america is ran by cowards that don't have the backbone to do anything any more so the just lie about "safety" or "fairness" and now anyone who disagrees with them are racist.

  • Yes, because America is losing the middle class.

    Let me explain. What is American society's greatest value? Answer: lifestyle. That lifestyle is contingent on a government that can protect it. With the underclass, crime is the direct result when not enough money gets down to them. When the rich class hold on to the money as they are doing now in America, the middle class gets strangled and in the fight to protect their lifestyle they have enough numbers and pull to change the democratic way of life to a communist governed country that will force the rich to retract until they relinquish more of their reserve cash. Without the commencement of communism the rich would go all the way and impoverish the country back to 3rd world status. The middle class will stop that encroachment by forcing a change of government to communism which is worse than democracy but better than oligarchy where the middle class gets shoved into serfdom with the rest of the poor.

  • No, we're not even near it.

    How can we be on the brink of communism when our entire country is based on the capitalist way of life? Big corporations, banks and wealthy people run this country, and the poor people buy into their justifications for their actions. Just because we have increasingly more people who need government aid does not mean we are on the way to communism.

  • No, No, No America is not on the brink of Communism

    Definition of Communism: No individually owned land. All land is owned by the state. In true communism there is no one leader, though that has not been the case in the world, all people are free and individuals. Everyone has an equal share to run the state. People with the greater needs are given what is needed. In order to do this there needs to be an overabundance of riches. In the true sense true communism is a political and personal utopia where no one goes without.
    Comparison of America to Communism: Doesn't compare to communism at all. Doesn't even look like communism. The United States has been battered over the head with the fear of slipping towards communism for years. It is a cheap trick by politicians who don't have anything else to say.

  • We still have freedom.

    While the scope of freedom seem to be diminishing, we are still a country that relies on our individualism and freedom. I don't think that we will move that far in that direction, but we are moving closer to socialism. Those are two very different philosophies though, so don't get them confused.

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