• For the time being

    America has been in a deep recession since the late Bush years, which is evidence that the country is currently in decline. The worst part is that we still have an inexperienced president and a bunch of Neanderthals in Congress that do nothing but argue with each other until a major deadline looms. Nothing is getting done, progress isn't being made, and we have two sides of the political spectrum that are so fundamentally different that they can't even compromise since they think they're better than each other. America is on the decline, plain and simple, and this country will fall completely apart if they don't get their bleeping act together soon. We can come out of this, but the longer they argue, the longer it will take.

  • We Are Not Declining

    America is not declining. We are just going through a rough spell due to some bad decisions made by people who had a lot of power a few years ago. All countries go through this. We are no where we were in the 90's but I would not say we are declining.

  • Nope

    While the economy has been rough, for the first time in a long time, jobs are leaving China and returning to America. Perhaps its people wanting a higher minimum wage, or the oil needed to transport goods, or the lack of skilled workers in China, but either way more jobs are returning.
    As for the economy in general it has been on a constant incline, and is helping America get back on it's feet.
    Will America not be the richest country in 2050? Perhaps, but even if it is not it still is not, technically speaking, declining.

  • No, it isn't

    America is in no worse of a decline than it has experienced multiple times in the past. It has always pulled through and it will pull through this time. Older generations always tend to rag on the younger generations in an attempt to make it seem as though the world is going down the drain, but that usually is not so.

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