• USA racism is alive and well.

    I live in a mostly white neighborhood in the New England area and isn't not unusual to hear the N word said openly in public. I've even seen bar patrons string up black dolls, lynch mob style. Police routinely pull over the few black men in the area for the crime of 'walking while black.' Racism is ingrained in these people since birth and continues.

  • It never went away

    I really dislike it when people try to excuse racism by saying something like, " Oh how can America be racist when we have a black president, or that there is no more segregation any more." No just NO! Yeah America officially ended it's segregation, but when it did do you really think everyone just stopped and white people said, "Well since I guess blacks can go to the same school as me I can be friends with them." no they did not do that. It took a long time for white people to realize that this is not their world, that yes black people live on it, and yes we're all going to live around each other. Many of them were in pure anger and black people were still being murdered by them. And it's still happening right now. As I'm typing this they have finally caught the terrorist who shot and killed 9 Christians in their church. Guess what, the Christians were black and the terrorist was white. Why I put it that way? Because a terrorist is any person, not just a Muslim, who has the intention and brings terror to another place or being. That is the actual definition of a terrorist, look it up! This is just one of things that make America a racist country. When cheerios put up a new commercial for their cereal, they decided to go on a ahead and showed a modern family, one that had a white mother black father and their biracial daughter. The commercial was no different from any other type of cheerios family commercial. But what happened, racist and ignorant people where ranting on youtube, yahoo, twitter etc. because of the parents. Racism at it's finest. Even with our black president Mr. Obama, people still spread their hate towards him. Has anyone forgotten how when he was first elected, they tried to claim that he wasn't born in America. Hawaii is his birth place and the last time I checked it was officially a us. State a year before his birth, not a month, a year. Now I looked up Ted Cruz the Texas senator who is running for president next year, and even though he has American citizenship, he was born in Canada! Where's the outrage? Because one is white the other is black. If Obama where a white man, no one would be asking for his birth certificate. And it's not just black people, other people of color, native Americans, hispanics, asians, they all receive racism too. As I black female I really want racism to end against all people of color, because it is something that was taught. With people's different histories a lot of people have been taught to spread hate against this person because of the skin or the gender. It will probably never end though.

  • Obama usees the N word during interview

    We will not stop Racism(re: Blacks) until people like obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, that ignoramus Mayor of Baltimore, Her equally ignoramus DA, Rahm Emanuel, and a long list of others are GONE from the Earth. On the other hand I admire people like Thomas Sowell, Col Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Justice Thomas, Condelezza Rice, Representative Mia Love. Fat mama's who scream racism the first time their child stubs his toe on a concrete curb and curse the White builder of roads for the overblown damage to her little brat continue to exacerbate the racism discussion. AND NOTHING is going to change that anytime soon!!!

  • Yes kind of

    What annoys me is when some one thinks or the word raisit they think automatically it means someone being hate full to a black person.
    That is rasist!!!!
    Whites get hate full comments all the time. Colored are just as rasist. And I feel stupid saying white and colored to be honest. We are just people . All of us. Get over raisism and move the f..K on. We are people equal people

  • Racism isn't dead.

    There are very obvious acts of racism, like racial profiling, criminalization, and straight hate, and there is also subtle racism. I think most can agree there are not very many that will directly discriminate against other races, but still racist jokes and comments, whether you notice them or not, are not incredibly uncommon.

  • I agree that America has problems with race

    America has always had problems with racism, but racism does not always mean black people. Racism by definition can be against any race. As a Latino man I've experienced many discriminatory situations, not to mention blacks and Latinos have a higher rate of incarceration. There are several problems with police brutality against minorities I mean just look at McKinney Texas. I agree that white people may also experience prejudice; however, I don't think it is of the same magnitude as minorities.

  • We still are!

    As jakscrow, it's still very common, in New England, for instance, for white locals to say very demeaning things about non-whites in public. Not too long ago, North Dakota and South Dakota had among the most nasty tweets that were racist about a football player I believe. As a Hispanic (and a non-Visigothic one at that), we are all mistreated by this country. Hell even Italians, Irish and Germans are not liked.

    For instance, there are several things this country does -- anti-non-white censorship is endorsed -- the "Puerto Rican Day" "Seinfeld" episode was banned for being anti-white in reality (I say this because Puerto Ricans are often mistakenly seen as non-white, which is true to a certain extent, but not always). The majority (and Puerto Rico is predominantly Spanish in ethnicity) of Puerto Ricans and white Hispanics who did protest the episode were Visigoths, and then you had Nordic and Israeli white people who heavily protested the episode too (and it was a man of Anglo ancestry that actually petitioned for the episode to be banned).

    You got "Cheaper by the Dozen" which made fun of tomboys and autistic people, and indirectly other races, though not explicit, and it's not banned. We're still a white supremacist nation.

  • America is still racist

    In america the blacks are hate by the whites and the whites are hate by the blacks. I don't understand why because the only difference is the quantity of melanin in your body. In accordance to that, sorry to say, but Americans are racist to other people, mainly in Third World African countries.

  • Yes it is.

    America is anti white, just read the laws they have and realize how they are written to benefit anyone that identifies themselves as white. People without a good tan, or slanty eyes, must be stupid to believe they are anything but the targeted race here. Welcome to capitalism. Cheers to the truth!

  • Being that black people are more likely to experience racist acts, wouldn't blacks be better qualified to assess rather or not racism was over?

    Racism is having ignorant people blame all blacks for the acts of a few. Racism, is being fearful every time you are near police officers, when you haven't even done anything wrong. Racism is having statistical evidence of excessive sentencing of african american defendants, even compared to whites convicted of the same exact crime, under the same circumstances. Racism is underfunding schools in black communities to keep them in the cycle of poverty. Racism is fighting to end segregation alongside white people, only to have them flee when you move into their neighborhood. Racism, is taking the bad acts of the few that you see on tv and laying blame on the entire 41 million blacks in america. Racism is being followed every time you walk into a store, even when you make over $100,000 a year. Racism is being stuck in NYC on a rainy day with plenty of taxi cabs in service, yet none will stop for you, even while you wave a $100 dollar bill. Finally racism is when you are not called americans, but African Americans, and you are referred to as a monolithic group, differentiated from every other american. Being that black people are more likely to experience racist acts, wouldn't blacks be better qualified to assess rather or not racism was over? Perhaps my logic is off.

  • America is reverse racist!

    The only racism I have experienced in my life is that of reverse racism, it's almost as if blacks are taught from birth to hate whites, while white kids are taught racism is bad. I've never owned slaves but yet because im white, im looked at like I owe the black race something. It's sickening!

  • America is kind of racist

    We have affirmative action that discriminates against white people. A white person can be denied a job or spot in a college that they deserve and have worked hard for so that some minority who worked half as hard as them can get the job or get the spot. Also there are many hate crimes--anti black, anti white, anti muslim ect. But for the most part most people wether they are black, white Hispanic or any other race are not racist.

  • In December 2014, a man came up to the president and asked him to valet his car.

    If a country that in the past owned African slaves, but then today votes in a African-American President isn't racists. Also, there are white people who get it. If we were still a racist country we would be owning African-American Slaves, and possibly Asian-American and Latino-American. The whole thing about the man asking the president to valet his car is just stupidity, not racism.

  • How is this not a 100% no?

    First off true racism is much more severe than people think. True racism is when the KKK went around hanging people. Or when the Tutsi's got murdered by the Hutu. Those are acts a racism or how that white kid killed several black people that is true racism. Not only is this super rare (since black people are about 5 times more likely to be killed by a black person than by a white person). So are blacks racists too? That doesn't make sense then.

    There is very little true racism out there. There are hints of racism but that doesn't mean that America as a whole is racists. 15% of the population(survey done on what percentage of whites they think are racist) doesn't represent the other 85% case closed. Not to mention that those 15% are most likely not violent in any way towards different races.

    Sorry you can in no way justify calling the US racist when the vast majority are not. Case closed.

  • Honesty Here People

    Alright, America is racist. That is a very broad statement....Too broad even.

    1) How can a landmass be racist?

    2) How can the idea of freedom, liberty, justice, and equality be racist? No, the age of slavery does not count as this was a very few number of business owners which most of America opposed. This is the ideas of America, not what greedy people made the land into.

    3) Just because a few racists exist, does not mean an entire nation is racist.

    4) Racism, sexism, ageism, and whatever other "ism" you want to scream out is not an excuse for your own choices. Although racism (and others) do exist throughout humanity as a whole, it is not holding you back here in America. And I PROMISE, those people are not in jail because of their skin color, they are in jail because they did something they should not have done. Right and wrong is the foundation of any society....Follow the laws.

  • The government and people can both be racist.

    The problem with racism in America is that we try to solve something that will never be solved. Racism exists everywhere, and it is a trait that you cannot get rid off. You will always favor your race over another, mostly in terms of sexual relation. Personally, I find that the pigmentation of your skin does not affect your brain capacity, therefore I certainly am not racist. Americans who claim they are not racist often confuse statistics with plain bigotry. Stating that a large number of black people are poor is not racist, it is true. Stating that ALL black people are poor, however, is racist, because it is a generalization based upon a small group of people. This question that the maker of this topic stated is very vague. When you say "America", do you mean the government or the people. The government allows this stupid thing called affirmative action, which assumes that because you are poor, or because you are a minority, that you lived in tougher conditions that a white person. This system should be abolished because admittance into a college or job should be based primarily on intellectual capacity and your willingness to do work. The people, on a grand scale, are somewhat racist. Not only white people, but black too. Black people often generalize white people, and vice versa. Of course most of this is harmless, as it is an expression of the freedom of speech, which this stupid government tramples upon, but it is not something to worry about unless people act upon racism in violent ways. Racism is an institution that is created by disparity, and often by the media. When we associate white people with "school shooters" and associate black people with "thugs" then that becomes a bad day for everyone. Racism would not exist if a large conglomerate did not overshadow the public, and spread hatred and stupid statistics to people. This is called the media.

  • People, not country

    A country cannot be racist. The only way a country could be accurately defined as racist is if EVERY person in the country was racist. A country is inanimate. Racism requires mental processing. A country, not being a living thing, and lacking a brain, cannot process what it means to be racist. Although there are racists in America, America is not racist.

  • This notion has become a mythological fabrication.

    The leftist radicals, who continuously pander this "white privilege" myth, seem to be living in a vacuum where the color of one's skin is all that matters. It is as if a person's path through life is determined by his or her race alone. To presume someone's character on the basis of their race is, in fact, the very definition of prejudice.
    •A lot of the ideologies they adhere to and and the issues focus on come from their obsession with cultural Marxism, and are not because they actually care about us or our individual rights. Like the UVA rape scandal, which was a fabricated by leftists. Which they then later doubled down on once their tallest of tall tales was proven to have had no actual evidence to prove the rape story had even ever happened.
    •It all just feeds into the wider narrative—which derives from cultural Marxism. They only focus on things which can be blamed on white Western males. Despite the fact rape in the U.S. has declined 58% since 1994. Then, in Europe, there's a huge issue with Pakistani Muslim rape gangs—which leftists and feminists refuse to talk about, as that's not politically correct, and because they don't really care about these problems, but only on the ones with can be blamed on this "patriarchal problem" which can ultimately be directed at the Western male.
    •For example, is it true that police profiling—where it does exist—is based on skin color alone? Absolutely not. When police in rural Missouri set up outside a Walgreens to catch meth-cookers buying Sudafed, they could care less about race. They're looking for those who fit the profile of a meth-addict: thin, pale, sickly and more likely than not, extremely paranoid. This proves that even though the majority of meth-addicts they arrest are white, it solely reflects a demographic fact, not some 'racial bias' on the police department's behalf.
    •The very same one's will also try to make the claim in which black men have a lower social standing than black women? Yet, Feminists will argue that between a man and woman of the same race, the man would supposedly be predisposed to having this inherent, mythological, higher status in society. It doesn't add up, whatsoever.
    •One cannot say all white people are predisposed in benefiting from "white privilege," because that is simply untrue. The main target of this "white privilege" myth is the stereotypical white Anglo-Saxon, upper-middle class, college graduate, country club-belonging family. Any relatively educated person knows that this is, in fact, an out of the norm minority. The vast majority of white people do not belong to country clubs, or have swimming pools in their back yards, or drive cars made by Mercedes-Benz. Even if half of all white-Americans were actually like that, it would not explain why the middle class is shrinking, but the lower class is steadily growing. But, that's another issue in itself, which also disproves this "white privilege" myth.

  • Americans are racist, not America.

    The America government and nation is not racist, at least not anymore as there are now many laws ensuring equal rights for all - this does not mean that Americans aren't racist*.
    The concept of America is founded on equal rights and an endless list of freedoms (even if they are counter-productive, for example, the second amendment.) - so America is not racist.
    As the recent police batterings show, Americans are racist - but not America as a government or concept.
    *I know that many Americans aren't racist, but I want to keep this short.

  • Is America Racist? Really?!

    How is America more racist than it was in the 1960s? If so, please tell me how this happened? There is absolutely no such thing as "white privilege" or systemic racism.
    I do not deny that there are racists in America. However, to say that America is institutionally racist is ridiculous.
    If you want to prove that America is racist, show me some evidence! Show me a law that is racist in intent!

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Scratch says2015-06-17T01:04:50.340
I am acquainted with many ethic groups and know that the average American is not racist. If the racial slurs occurred in America that I commonly hear in other countries, the "hate" courts would always be full. The majority of raciest jokes or slurs I hear in America are by non-whites.
coppertop says2015-06-30T21:07:12.607
Debate.Org does not recognize the 2nd amendment, and it shows racial favor to black racists whom it allows to make racial slurs on its site.
coppertop says2015-06-30T21:10:42.263
If u look at the polls and opinon topics on this site that include race as the topic, count how many times u c words like red neck and hill billy, and tell me who is racist! Ill just bet u won't find any comment with the "n" word n it, because those comments get moderated out reguardless of the context. However debate.Org has determined that reverse racism against the white race is acceptable and allows durragatory slang to be thrown at the white race. It's sickening!
Scratch says2015-06-30T23:44:28.993
When I lived in a Latino country, I was called "Gringo" over 50 times day; and I survived!! They called me "fair-skin", "pale-face", and "long-legs", and about every other derogatory term. Therefore as a 'victim of society', I have to use the N word and all the un-politically correct names.

I am often shocked by these "Is America Racist" questions; If you want to hear racist language, go anywhere outside America. (Some day I will debate this topic)
Adam2isback says2015-07-07T16:05:20.627
To be fair, the following isn't so much of America, but white people in general. I was in Denny's one time, having breakfast with some family, when a family from Sweden was eying us in a very mean manner (they had to be, because I recognize the language). And they were looking at my sister and her friend (my sister tends to look more English and much less pale than me, and her friend looks quadroonish). To me, I got the stares, because since I look white, they hated me for being a "colored lover."
Max.Wallace says2015-07-13T00:48:50.040
It's all about your skin tone, and the darker you skin, the more you can capitalize on that.
Sean88 says2015-07-14T08:04:06.907
America is not a racist nation. Yes, there is racism but to say that America is racist is simply not true. I think that racism is being used to divide us and prevent us from coming together to fight against a government that is robbing us and taking away our rights. Slavery is another issue that has been used to further the racial division. Nobody ever mentions that there were many black slave owners and that the slave trade would not have been possible without the cooperation of black slave traders. The enslavement of human beings has gone on for thousands of years and both white and black people were enslaved by people of all races. And though slavery went on in many countries, America was the one that finally put an end to it (I don't know if they were the first or not but they were among the first). And yet we continue to carry the stigma of slavery. Now I'm not stupid, I know that racism exists. But their numbers are small and their minds are smaller. I wish it didn't exist at all. I'm not racist. I don't like reading about people who are racist regardless of which race they are hating. I'm sure there are places where racism is worse than others. But I think it's a small number of people reaching for the largest audience to blather their small minded, short sighted, hateful ideology with the intent to convince as many people as possible that people of this color or that are somehow terrible people because ......( Feel free to insert whatever crazy notion or blame for whatever, pretty much anything goes). We need to reject these people and their racist ideology. And don't let the media convince you that there is some sort of race war going on, there isn't. Although I suppose there could be if the media keeps sensationalizing every incident and turning it into a racial issue. And the police need to learn to use more non lethal weapons. They are killing way too many people of all races. They are being militarized with weapons of war and tanks and they are being turned loose on the citizens of this country. They are raiding people's homes and businesses and tossing flash grenades into babies cribs and shooting people. But that is another topic for another time. The point is that there are many different issues that affect us all but they are not all about race. Many of these issues are being spun to look as if race was the motive when it was everything but. And though I don't think America is a racist nation there was a time when it was. And it was wrong. And both black and white people fought against it until they changed enough hearts and minds to bring about change. And we have come a long way. And we should continue to work together to eliminate any kind of racism that is still going on now. I don't think like a racist and it's hard for me to understand why anyone else would either. We have made so much progress that it would be a shame to let a few trouble makers con us into some sort of racist showdown over nothing. Racism is stupid. I'm glad most people are not racist.