• Yes, America is really free.

    Yes, I believe that America is really free. Many people like to criticize the United States because of the fact that we claim to have the most lenient, and free rights and liberties of any nation in the world. The truth of the matter is that we really are a "free" country, mainly because of the fact that the Constitution that our forefathers wrote grants us these freedoms. Not only do we enjoy the freedom of religion, but also speech, due process, and many other freedoms. When speaking of rights, yes, America is really free.

  • Despite its shortcomings, America is generally free

    The United States, like any country, has its fair share of burdens, but in general it is still a fairly free country -- especially when compared to most other countries. There is naturally always room for improvement, but in general the US has some of the best protection for speech, religion, assembly, press, etc., in the world.

  • Close enough.

    Every country, including America and other "free" countries, has many problems. However, there is still basically free speech. The political system is corrupt, yes, but people still do get to vote, and change does happen, albeit slowly. There is some measure of equality between different races, and that's only getting better. The situation is not ideal, but as long as people don't give up and keep working at it, the country will remain as free as we can make it.

  • I think that America is as close to free as you can be.

    I think that no one is really free. But if you look at what happens in other countries and the freedoms that we do have, we are much closer to "free" than other people are. Our women are allowed to dress however they please and we do not pay any penalties for speaking our minds, in that way we are most free.

  • Yes America is free you communists

    Y'all are communists if you say no.
    Buck up buttercups. Here in America we are free if you are voting on this topic and y'all are from another country, Y'all are just saltier than my french fries. Y'all mericans who say we are not free are commies. Buck up buttercups. Hail Trump

  • Its our bodies

    What if I got raped and don't want the baby...I do as I please..As much as I wouldn't personally get an abortion...Its people choices to...If that choice is taken away then..People are definitely wrong about America being...Freedom means being able to make our own choices. And I only choose yes for abortion to be legal for my own personally reasons....I know America is not free

  • Yes it is free!

    A lot of people are arguing that we don't have certain rights, or that they were taken away. Want to know how I can prove we have freedom of speech? Because all you folks saying that America isn't free and that we don't have freedom of speech just used freedom of speech to say that. I just used it. So did you. And we're all kind of using freedom of press to say what we want on this website, which is a form of media. As for freedom of religion, I can believe whatever the hell I want and I won't be burned at the stake for it, like what used to happen in medieval times. I can use all this freedom until I use it to deny someone else's freedom and basic human rights (which are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness). All the inmates (or most of them anyways) in prison that y'all were talking about are there because they denied these rights to someone. Yes, America has problems, yes our government is corrupt, and yes there is still discrimination, but we're still free.

  • Its free, regulated, but free

    America is a generally free country, we have been granted freedoms which aren't present in many places simply because our forefathers wished us to express ourselves. Though to maintain the freedoms and safety of individuals laws have to be put in place limiting some freedoms. This is because allowing people to kill others, enslave others, and generally infringe on each other's rights would be wrong. We have laws which limit the extent of our freedoms, but they do not strip them away, it simply allows for the protection of everybody's rights/freedoms in a fair society.

  • America is not free

    America is not free because we are not equal anymore. We are constantly having governing officials trying to deprive us of our rights. Some people are trying to get rid of guns, freedom of speech, and other smaller and bigger things. Heck, we had an amendment made to remove or rights towards alcohol consumption. Then they made an amendment repealing the one they already made. Imagine if they think we are abusing our right of freedom of speech or right to bear arms and they repeal those amendments. That scares me. Also if you know about how are government works we do not all have equal say. Those who are richer or are higher in society have more say than we do. That is why america is not free

  • Like some countries

    Freedom will soon come back to the world on its own in the future because America should be free to the people, along with the rest of the world. When a person turns at least eighteen years or older, the adult will earn the freedom to do something they want. So everyone, let's make America and the world free again.

  • Abortion is murder

    If you truly believe in abortion then chew on this, what if you had been aborted because you were a burden on another. How would you feel, instead of being put up for adoption you were killed. I don't know about you but id rather live, with adopted parents than not live at all.

  • Not anymore and never will return

    I think is not free because if you look at all of the things you can not do like, no smoking in buildings, you can't say what you really feel to others because they will get offended, you can be detained for almost nothing, you can't be against homosexuals, choose what you want to wear, you have to listen to the opinions from the T.V., you have no say so on what political party that is in power, and if you say something to the tyrant politicians, you may be punished. I feel that the American people are being lied to about freedom and many of them are so lost in space that they don't realize the truth is hidden away. Look at the assassination of JFK, why can't we get a straight answer on the killer? We are being treated like kids in a school yard and we are drinking the cool aid. Keep it up and you will never see 'America be a great nation ever again.

  • NSA, GMO's, etc.

    Is America really free? Last time I checked, when your government secretly spies on you without your knowing or permission (NSA), which also goes against the 4th amendment, that isn't the exact idea of "free". Also, your government allows these money hungry scumbags known as Monsanto to genetically modify (poison) your food, and yet, "we're a free country".

  • NO america is NOT free

    The reason why I say that America isn't free is because you can not kill commit a crime and get away with it. If it was so "free" there would be a such thing a crime, it would be free acting. Freedom of speech is VERY arguable!! If you "verbally assault" an officer or "deny arrest" it is considered a felon. So what that tells American citizens is that authorized officers are more protected by the law than regular people. So I rest my case, America IS NOT a "FREE" country

  • America isn't free

    Not only is America not truly free but it never has been. I think that America will never be free, whether the government gets more controlling or overrun by others, we will never ever be free in a sense that we can pick our own things. Yes we have rights but that is all we have. We Americans want freedom but will probably never have it.

  • Consumerism is not freedom

    I think "land of the free" has been pushed down our throats for so long in the USA that is just a lie that was repeated loud enough and loud enough to make us believe it. If you listen or read the opinions of people from other countries they will tell you how they dislike the USA but come here for the money but they wish to return home. I have a friend Xavier from france. We had a long discussion on the definition of freedom. My supporting headline "Consumerism is NOT freedom" was the basis of our conversation.

  • See no evil, hear no evil

    No, to all of you who are wondering America is not really free nor is it really even a democracy. The people who live in this country are condemned and brain washed. The free people who live in this here country are the people who controls it and those people are the people who controls the treasure (money). The govt. Is a mask, covering the legalized thieves that rob us of our money and opinion everyday. America is not free and it is now a oligarchy. I love America but now in these days and ages you have to see no evil and hear no evil just to get by.

  • No freedom of speech

    The constitution states that we are a country, but.We are not. What about freedom of speech and religion? But you are discriminated for what religion you believe in. Terrorist for example, they are discriminated for their beliefs. They are just doing what they believe in, it is their religion. Catholics and christians for example are also discriminated for their beliefs. All religions are discriminated upon,

  • Hell to the no!

    When kids get arrested for jokes they say and words, when soldiers become criminals in some states for violating unconstitutional gun laws, and when our government forces us to do stuff, healthcare, census, etc. When our government doesn't listen to it's people, when we have no voice I can't say we are "free" anymore.

  • No America really is not free anymore

    In America you cant make a call without the president listening in to your call and same thing with on the internet. Why does the president have to swear in on the bible I thought we had freedom of religion. You don't have privacy what so ever. If you say something a little wrong you can still go to jail for it like really what happened to freedom of speech.

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marybassett says2016-04-28T17:09:24.370
America is not free
marybassett says2016-04-28T17:09:39.173
America is not free