Is America repeating history with the suspension to their constitution, and the construction of concentration camps?

  • The U.S is repeating the rise of Nazi Germany almost systematically.

    With the recent suspension to the U.S constitution due to a 'Permanent War on Terror' and the establishment of FEMA, as well as the construction of FEMA camps designed to accommodate 'Political Threats' is the U.S walking down the same road that Germany did when it became a NAZI state.

    I know that Obama isn't the egocentric maniac that Hitler was, but with the growing support for the anti-Muslim movement in America and the constant deportation and mistrust of anyone who even appears to be Middle Eastern, I think that America is following in NAZI Germany's footsteps and is on the brink of genocide. As well with the strong sense of nationalism in America, the quote "America the greatest country in the entire world" and the loyalty to the nation that many Americans show, could be the beginning of the American Aryan race.

    Now with the recent events in America's government that follow Germany's decent into Nazism. The 'Patriots Act' in America which has now been utilized in a 'Permanent War Against Terror'can be very closely related to Germany's, Weimar Republic, 'Article 48' which in the case of both countries allows the suspension of the constitution, and in Germany it eventually allowed Hitler to come to power and the extreme anti-Semitism to begin.

    The establishment of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and FEMA camps designed to accommodate political threats, as well as re-educate and indoctrinate them, can be closely related to the early NAZI Germany camps designed to do just the same thing.

    Now this is my opinion, and it is based on very sketchy sources and the opinions of various other people who I have heard the opinions of, and I believe that if America continues down this path the world may be in some serious trouble.

  • USA is no longer a democracy.

    Both officially and seemingly, the USA is starting to identify its political opponents in case of martial law or war. As a US citizen, I've seen that ever since 9/11 this dictatorship brought up the patriot act and now even the liberals support its strength. Whether the US is still in control, or if China buys up the rest of the country, US citizens can expect to see the form of a dictatorship unless we do something.

  • US government Killing

    Considering all the things they are keeping from us, they plan on killing us all of eventually. And starting a new world. They will send out diseases, make sink holes, create title waves, gas people, while the government will be safe underground, with vaccine's and food to survive until everyone is gone.

  • The answer is yes

    Already police have too much power. It is nearly impossible to fight the police even when the citizen is in the right. Even when police are proven to violate civil rights or even physically harm citizens they are not prosecuted or even fired. Most judges will not rule against the state especially against an officer. I believe that police should only have the job of protecting the citizens and not be view as authority figures. A police officer should treat you as a waiter treats its guests. Police feel it is there job to go look for trouble in this country and trained as though they are above the rest of the people as a parent is above its children.

    In school teachers are authority figures to children and strip them of there own beliefs. Children are trained from kindergarten to graduation that they have no rights and no power. They are to do their work and not ask questions or challenge authority. If they do consequences are subjected.

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