Is America salvageable? (Can it make a comeback?)

Asked by: 64bithuman
  • What? Of course.

    I don't even understand where this question came from. Of course our nation is salvageable but that would only be if it needed to be salvaged. I don't get where people come up with this idea that the US is collapsing or the economy has failed. Yes. A few years ago we hit some bulbs. It sucked but its pretty much over. Not only are we already progressing forward but this wasn't even that bad of a problem. What we went through in the Great Depression was a thousand times worse. People will probably bring up how we're 17 trillion dollars in debt. Yeah that is pretty bad but once agin not that big a problem cause what's out GDP? 17 trillion dollars. So I'd say we're doing pretty good.

  • Sorry, won't happen

    America had the chance to elect Mitt Romney. They had the opportunity to fix America. But they chose more economic ruin and moral destruction. America has another chance in 2016, but I really doubt that they will elect someone who can help the country. There will just be more defamation.

  • No not salvageable

    I think if your are referring to prosperity for all the answer is no. I think the rich in this country are attacking all other classes and if were not gonna hold them accountable for their illegal behavior including wallstreet then no chance. This has happened before. Their seizing control and tightening their grip and refusing to take responsability for their actions but holding the poor to do it for them. It is written in the constitution that those with the means have a duty and an obligation to the rest of the country to provide when they cannot and we let these unamerican traiters run the show.

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