• America keeps the world safe

    Think where Britain would be, and in fact, the whole world, if the USA did not stand up and defend the world against the tyrannical and treacherous leaders of Hitler and Stalin. I can assure you the world be a much worse place. The United Kingdom has proven themselves as weak to the US since WWII. Of course we are under bad leadership now, but due to the brilliancy of our founding fathers and other leaders since then, in less than four years we will be in better leadership. I've noticed the US has been criticized for being Right handed, but that is the right place to be. No other nation would understand this, however, because in one way or another, they depend on the USA to help them survive.

  • Always one step ahead.

    The USA is still the greatest. Its Defense is well stocked and top notched, and we have one of the world's greatest economies even with so many people. Though we have some foolish politicians and could redo the party system, its a matter of its people, the USA is still great. The recent generation lacks patriotism, motives, and what not. Other countries have either extreme poverty, a bad reputation, or are nearly isolationist.

  • We may have a corrupt government but...

    We are low on the corruption scale and we have school systems that are not the best but we DONT have incompetent fools walking around with guns(most of the time). America has a larger population than lets say canada so thats why we have more crime...But we are not just letting criminals loose so they can do it again. I live here and i haven't felt insecure in my country. Yea the whole missile crisis thing is a lie to America but we are still new to the rest of the world and dont have as much experience as Britain. Yes Americans are rude but not as much as some French people. I can go on about out flaws and streagths but I'll stop here. Oh and one more thing... We spy on people because of 9/11 not because were stealing people's credit cards and buying new guns. Thx for ur consideration

  • No country tops us

    Some people would say that countries like Denmark or Norway is the best but the U.S has 151 major cities, freedom, democracy, diversity, highest quality of life, and more... We have beautiful suburbs and amazing cities. Plus if you don't like a part of the U.S you have many other areas to go. We also have respect from many other countries, amazing train stations, the best airports, great zoos, and national parks. No one could compete with us. We have the best government and best armed forces.

  • No Country Compares

    No country has pride or history that compares to the United States of America. Do we have our weak points? Yeah but so does every other country and when it comes down to it, I would not want to live anywhere else but the United States. It is diverse and truly a melting pot of many different cultures.

  • We have the world everything great

    We were first in, or introduced: true democracy on a large scale, computers, cars, airplanes, baseball, basketball, football, TV, walking on the moon, protection for those in the world who cannot protect themselves, the best books and movies, rock music, jazz music, country music, Xbox, and the list goes on and on. Hey, aloof people whining about the USA, are you doing that on a computer? On the Internet? Oh, well then you're welcome. Do you like your cars and TV shows? Oh, well, you're welcome. We may not be perfect, but somehow, we do the greatest things, have the biggest guns, making us the boss, and while some think that's bad, the world is a cruel place, and it's not fair, being on the winning team is awesome. Some say we incarcerate our own? We are grown from a colony of rebels and criminals, we tend to have a itch to be a little bad and break a few rules, you know, criminals here work on roads and make clothing, they are productive members of society while incarcerate. America also spends billions on rehabilitation, we care, better than getting your hand chopped off. We are great, and any person from anywhere can join us. It's not just the US, it's us, every last American, that makes us great.

  • We've seen our rough times

    America has been through some tough times and we still are however there is no other place I would rather live than the good old United States of America. We Don't take what is handed to us we go on and we make what we want happen. (Some people may disagree that this is a good thing but if we went with the flow of things we would be stuck under the rule of Britain.) Our freedom was fought for it wasn't given to us, even though the British may say that they gave it to us, we made it to hard, to bloody, to uncomfortable for the British to even think about staying. After we earned our freedom we struggled to build ourselves up from nothing and here we sit the hegemonic power of the world. Now we have the masses that do not know what is best for us as a country but only look for what will benefit them short term, our current administration knows how to please the masses and as long as their welfare checks keep coming they will keep voting for this administration. Once people wise up and realize that our government is prying into our lives to much and taking to much of our money, we will be back on track to bettering ourselves.

  • What other country compare

    The USA is the world leader on many important topics. Our influence spreads across the entire world. We have the most advanced military and are granted more freedoms than almost any other country. The USA is one of the few countries that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything.

  • The People and God

    Maybe the Government (meaning the politicians and people in power) is super corrupt compared to the beliefs it was founded on but the people of America, the average citizen, is really what this country is about not those politicians. And I think this country, or I know this country, would be much better off if we returned to the ways of our founders meaning focusing and trusting more in God who is really in control. Think about it, we defeated the world superpower Britain in the late 1700s and we defeated them again in the War of 1812 all while our leaders and citizens were very grounded in their belief in God. Its not a coincidence.

  • Sure you'll hear about some countries with kids being smarter and other countries with higher life expectancy. But America has the best mix.

    America may not have the education system for example but it takes time to make sure ALL students get a decent education to propel them into a career. That's one of many examples in which America just to hold everything together instead of being best at simply one. Since the 1970's and especially since George Bush Jr. 2001-2009 took office there has been a slumber in American pride. But looking at America as a whole, it has the largest economy, the most advanced highway system, most advanced cities with greatest technology and the highest standard of living. America has traveled the farthest (interstellar space, August 2012) and is the only country to walk on the moon and the only country planning to go to Mars. For what America had in the past we can certainly make a comeback. Here's a quote from World Book Edition, 1969.
    "United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world, both in area and population. The United States covers the full width of the North American continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It also includes Alaska on the edge of the Artic, and tropical Hawaii far out in the Pacific. The land of the United States is as varied as it is vast. It ranges from the warm beaches of Florida to the frozen northlands of Alaska, and from the level Midwest Prairies to the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. The United States is the land of the spectacular Grand Canyon, the mighty Mississippi River, and thundering Niagara Falls. This huge and beautiful country is unbelievably rich in resources. The great size and wealth of the land has challenged every generation of Americans since the days of the first colonies. Freedom of thought and action has led each succeeding generation accept the challenge and make the country advance. When mountains blocked the way, Americans built their roads and railroads around them or though them. When floods threatened their farms and cities, Americans built dams and levees to hold back waters. In areas where rainfall was too light to raise crops, Americans built great irrigation systems. To reach across their vast country, Americans created huge transportation and communication systems. The United States is still changing and expanding. Its great cities are growing both upward and outward. The towering skylines of he cities change frequently as Americans build, tear down and rebuild. The nation's busy factories turn out the greatest abundance of goods in the world. The farms of the United States are the most productive on Earth. The arts and sciences have also flourished in this land of enormous wealth. The American way of life inspired the music of George Gershwin, the literature of Mark Twain and The United States produced atomic energy, the telephone, the hot dog and Salk Vaccine. The United States have given its people the highest standard of living in the world. But most important, it has tried to give every American freedom and equality of opportunity."

  • Subjective

    Death penalty, incompetent military who kill more of their allies than their enemies & people can wander round free with guns. These three reasons are enough to lose it for them. The have a lot going for them which is great, but no country with the death penalty can ever claim to be the "best country in the world". Other minor reasons include mispronunciation of words such as "Aluminium, Jaguar, Data, Route, Nuclear etc." thinking that alien invasions will always happen over the states, thinking all Brits have a Kentish upper middle class accent, thinking that they invented everything, thinking that they have the right to invade other countries because they are running out of oil under the guise of a war against terror and the fact they complain when "gas" prices go above $0.50. Other than those things (and many more) great country.

  • No. Manners. Ever.

    Having so much freedom has made people arrogant and mean and just plain jerk faces. In other countries, such as the United Kingdoms, people have retained their manners and good nature over the years. There are, of course, exceptions, but for the most part Americans are fat jerk-faces and foreign peoples are polite.

  • Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure

    I think infrastructure is a good measure of prosperity, other than GDP. Our nation's infrastructure stinks... Horribly. Not to mention it seems like everyone hates their job and hates talking to other people? Not the nation I imagined living in when I was growing up that is for sure. Sure there is a euro crisis but the quality of life is so much better there. I'm actually taking a job in Germany - my buddies moved there after college and I love it every time I visit. Love it or leave it? I'm leaving.

  • Education and wiretapping

    I don't see any other countries tapping into innocent people's phones and internet except for America I'd rather be somewhere like England where you dont have to worry about being spied on for no reason I could get a better education (also the English Premier League but that's a different conversation) also we have police brutality I've seen people thrown to the ground and handcuffed just walking along minding their own business. I was questioned as I was playing soccer with friends and.Asked if I had a weapon on me OF COURSE NOT IM A 12 YEAROLD KID PLAYING SOCCER AT THE PARK WITH FRIENDS MY SHORTS DIDNT EVEN HAVE POCKETS

  • Maybe in the early years of the Union

    It's easy to lower standards so you can exceed them. From the presidents quote about education, that if they level the playing field then we will have a fighting chance to compete...That's funny. Lower the standards so we could be more literate than China. Teaching our kids that it's okay to come in second and we all will get trophies. Give just 1% and as long as you try it's okay. Yeah we spend a lot on big guns, but have stupid people operating them. Yes I rather be here when all hell breaks loose in the world, but rather send my kids to foreign countries for their education.

  • This is the fall of the American Empire!

    The united states was by far the greatest country, keyword: WAS. It's no longer the greatest country. Anyone who's been outside of the US and inside of the US should know that the people in other places are different, and in a much better way. People in the United States are spoiled, arrogant, and a lot only seem to care about their country. I'm tired of constantly hearing the word "Americans" when people discuss issues. For examples, someone told me a story of her coworkers saying "The Malaysian Airlines issue is not that bad, because there was only one American on the plane". REALLY???? Most issues are worldwide and, to those who can't open their eyes, the United States does NOT have the most powerful military or "badass marines", Putin can honestly just Annex Europe right now if he wants to. OPEN YOUR EYES, AMERICANS!

  • REALLY are you kidding me?

    There is so many things wrong with America it is not even funny. We are number one in 3 things in: incarcerated citizens per capita, adults who believe in angels, and Defense spending where we spend more than the next 25 countries combined. There is so much hate in the usa that people who come to visit us say wow we are a hateful country

  • Where to begin?

    America is a country full of brain washed morons who allow their government to rob their country blind, and lie like no tomorrow. America is great to be a politician, as the people are way too dumb to realize they're living in a two party dictatorship. Freedom of speech? Ha! Last time I checked the NSA was spying on you all your private info, never mind your public speeches. Nice debt BTW. Hope you realise the corporations bought out your government.

  • No only the US think so

    The US is filled with propaganda that they are the best country in the world. The majority of countries have freedom of speech and democracy my country ,Britain, isn't the greatest country in the world but politically and socially we are much better. The US is a right wing state with no public healthcare like we in Britain and Michael we have freedom a large ethnic minority make up and ability to prosper. Heck we invented the welfare state not that the yanks would have heard of benefits since you have none. But again I'd like to say I personally think Norway is the best country in the world all thought they might not have an economy or military like the US, socially they are miles superior.

    Rule Britannia!

  • Is this a joke

    Everyone who agrees with this statement is just unaware of facts. No proper healthcare system, school costs lots of money (that is a ridiculous to me, I'm from Finland where school doesn't cost a single penny), and this government who spends so freaking much money on weapons and military stuff! You could do so much better things with that money! And in my opinion, freedom doesn't come true in USA, all these prisoners are being kept in jail without any trial!? I'm just a 16-years old school girl from Finland and maybe all the things are not that well in Finland either, but I can honestly say that no, USA is definitely not the best country in the world.

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