Is America stupid for wanting to bomb Syria?

Asked by: Clay1215
  • Syria is Hiroshima II

    This is Hiroshima all over again, although there was Nagasaki. I mean this is just racist. Innocent people could get killed. America only seems to care about THEIR own country and THEIR own people. You notice they tell people to forget about Hiroshima but 9/11 is worse. This is just not fair.

  • No Syria Bombing

    If the United States was to bomb Syria, then the whole world of smaller countries just acquiring nuclear weapons would possible join in the confrontation. A world war is not needed. Americans need to know that bombing does not exist in a vacuum and should act according to that paradigm.

  • America does not WANT to bomb Syria.

    America does not WANT to bomb Syria. This question presumes that America WANTS to bomb Syria, and we do not. Nobody in their right mind WANTS to bomb anybody. Is it sometimes necessary to use military action to stop a country from using horrible poison gas on their own innocent civilians? That might be a better question to ask.

  • ISIS are scum and deserve the worst, largest scale bombing possible.

    ISIS kill Muslims and Christians alike in Syria, and deliver extreme hardship on the people of their occupied territories. They frequently threaten the US and are responsible for thousands of innocent deaths. Look at Europe. Their seems to be a terror attack almost every month. ISIS is being slowly beaten back at this point and it is important that America bombs them now more than ever. I saw a documentary about the Kurd's fighting on the front-line. In it one of the soldiers says that they rejoice whenever ISIS get hit by an airstrike as it is the technological advantage they lack and that it is one of the main reasons they have been pushing pack more lately. It is important that this disgusting, murderous scum are wiped off the face of the Earth never to be seen again. US airstrikes and other airstrikes help with this massively.

  • NO, not for WANTING

    No, america isnt stupid for WANTING to do so. Why wouldnt u want to bomb the people killing ur families? But want is the same thing as need. Bombing would solve all of our problems but just imagine the despair and sadness you'd cause for many others? So no, they are not stupid for WANTING to do so but there technically isn't a need for it. As of right now, america is looking for any solution in my opinion

  • They're asking for it

    After threatening the US, I think Syria has it coming. They cut off an American reporters head and have threatened jihad in the US. If the US did not act, it would look as if we were okay with these actions. The US is not okay with terrorism against its people.

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