Is America the best country in the world? Personally I don't think so

Asked by: chodie_wells
  • Yes, Earth does not share the same rules between the sections (Countries)

    We can look at it from many different perspectives. Mostly everyone in the United States speaks the same language which makes it easier to communicate and do business. You don't have to worry about a language barrier as often as other countries that are first world. You can move at your leisure. You are free to worship whatever religion or person you would like and you are also free to not participate in them as well. Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea and many many more restrict expression of religion which can result in prison time or even death. We can say almost anything we want without facing consequences. Eritrea, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Syria, North Korea, And Belarus. North Korea has no independent journalists, And all radio and television receivers sold in the country are locked to government-specified frequencies. We are free to say whatever we want as long as it doesn't set off red flags of victim crime. Our government is stable for the most part. We don't let things go on on citizens watch. If a crime happens, 99. 99% of the time it is stopped when caught. We have top-notch health services available and can even be healed if we are broke. Republic of Sierra Leone and even Venezuela are great examples of why the US and other countries are NOT equal. We are relatively safe from crime. Crime rate in the U. S has been going down despite the medias attempt to scare more people into thinking that crimes are on the rise. With food banks it is near impossible to starve unless you do it purposefully, A real popular example is some parts of Africa. We are much cleaner than most other countries. Our voting system also allows us to pick our leader and we have certain rights that cannot be over taken as well as we can take an active role in protecting it with the second amendment. In some categories other nations can be better than the US, But if we are talking in general, I see no reason not to choose the US when migrating.

  • Europe lacks the freedoms that the Founding Fathers gave to the U. S.

    The main reason I hate Europe so much is their lack of freedom of speech/press. If you say anything even remotely right-wing, You are completely shat on by these "utopian" European governments. There's also the fact that socialism and gun control don't work because Sweden and many other European countries have a much higher death rate than us. People say that you're 5 times more likely to die from a firearm in America than in Europe, But that's only because America has a population that's 5 times bigger than every European country, So there are 5 times the shooters and 5 times the victims. Also, The metric system sucks; I'd rather say 5'9 than 177 centimeters.

  • And getting better.

    Many may point out our checkered history of slavery, Subjugation of women, Political corruption, And other less savory aspects of our past but that is the best part. Not that we had this past but that we had the will and tools to change it for the better. Sure, Other countries may have democracies but what about guaranteed rights? With freedom of speech, We can openly give any opinion we want without risk of persecution. This can turn a small voice into a majority opinion that can make actual change. We also have capitalism that provides incentive for advancements. It is because of these and other reasons we became the country we are today with little help from any other country and in fact, Many countries have tried to copy our success that made us the most powerful country on the globe.

  • Overall, Yes We Are

    America is not perfect. No country is perfect. However, America's ideals and freedoms make for an overall great country. You can't attack America for formerly allowing slavery because slavery still persists throughout the world, And every country at some point had slavery. We have freedoms that no other country has, And we are structured fairly. We have flaws, But we actively seek to fix them through discussion amongst people, And eventually settling things with democracy.

  • U. S. Is best

    I think that America is great because most states ( Alaska, Arizona, Texas etc. ) have very permissive firearm law. Only problem here is that Donald f****** Trump is president now. I hope that next president is gonna be pro gun liberal. Other than president Donald Trump, It's best country.

  • U. S. Is best

    I think that America is great because most states ( Alaska, Arizona, Texas etc. ) have very permissive firearm law. Only problem here is that Donald f****** Trump is president now. I hope that next president is gonna be pro gun liberal. Other than president Donald Trump, It's best country.

  • The United States is the worst country on Earth except for all the others.

    When thinking on how to improve one's own country, I think we can make the mistake of thinking, "gee, My country is really horrible, " but we're doing ourselves a disservice here. The United States, Like any country out there, Has places where it needs to make progress. Among these things are women's equality, Race relations, Political polarization, Etc. The thing is that we have to look at these problems relative to other countries, Not just relative to our own moral or political standards. Try telling women in Brazil or even Italy that "cat calling" in the USA is the worst in the world. Try telling Muslims in many parts of India or even some parts of the Netherlands that Islamophobia is the worst in the USA. You will be laughed out of the building.

    Looking strictly at data points, No country is perfect, But America's elite position in terms of economic and military strength are not things that should be pushed aside. Say what you want about medical care, But America is consistently said to have the most innovative medical system in the world. Likewise, Say what you will about the U. S. Not having education for all, But I'd just point to nearly any global ranking of colleges/universities and the top 4-6 are typically all in the USA, Not to mention that the USA typically holds anywhere from 6-8 of the top 10 overall. With this in mind, You may very well be able to argue that America is the worst country on Earth. . . But that's except for all the others.

  • Its really not though

    Your schools get shot up constantly children are scared to go to school and you justify it as oh its the second amendment and I don't necessarily agree on chodie that everyone is equal because there is a lot of poverty and injustice however I do agree that we are all people at the end of the day

  • Australia is the best country in the world

    I might be a bit biased, But I think that Australia is the best country in the world. First, Donald Trump isn't the president. Second, Everyone isn't running around with automatic and semi-automatic guns and shooting schools. Healthcare is free and we have some of the most livable cities in the world. We have a diverse climate, With it being more mountainous and cold down in Tasmania, And Melbourne can have four seasons in a day. In central Australia, We've got an underground city and an amazing desert. The beaches are great along the coast and Melbourne is great for shopping. I bet that nobody can name the capital of Australia, Which in Canberra, By the way. There are people from all over the world, With rich culture and diverse ethnicities. There are many exotic animals and we're not that close to anyone else except New Zealand and Indonesia. We are a well developed countries and we're not as full of ourselves as Americans. I've never been to America, But I am next year and I'm looking forward to it, But let's face it. There ain't no place like home. 😊

  • There's no such thing as a "number one country"

    Every country has its pros and flaws. America is more economically developed but at least 8 school shootings occurred so far this year. Denmark on the other hand does not have any mass shootings however their tax rates are sky-high. Its up to you to decide which country is the best.

  • NO you people are killing your own nation

    Americans think they have the best nation but they are hurting themselves in confusion. They are unhealthier dumber and dying off faster than their fathers. You do not have healthcare or education and you are proud of it. They blame their failures on immigrants and blacks when the data shows that they are doing it to themselves.
    I am trying to apply to a European nation before the nation implodes.

  • No, Because there is really no "best country".

    As much as I like the U. S. For it's freedom, And other countries for their Eco-friendliness and sensibility, Regardless of the Country there are too many different categories, And not enough ways to properly determine what makes a country the best. In addition, The U. S. And other countries have their problems; Great Britain is leaving the European union, China is bootlegging U. S. Products, And no matter what you feel about the U. S. Commander-in-chief whose name isn't worth saying, He does represent a lot of disgustingly unintelligent and uneducated people in the U. S. If there was a good way to determine "best country", The U. S. Would probably only be considered for their freedom, Economy, And great firearm laws.

  • What is the best country?

    No. I do not think America is not the best country in the world, What is? Since that is the case, It follows that there is no such place because people are people and people make mistakes all the time. We can only do our best and try to BE a better country. That is all.

  • I Use Freedom to Determine the Best from the Rest

    While it's said that America is free compared to the rest of the world because they have the constitution. But the constitution means nothing when nobody cares about the government stepping on it. We've seen time and time again the government violating the first (obscenity, Jailing people for disturbing art, Julian assange and edward snowden) and second amendment (bump stocks, Suppressors, Fully automatic guns, Etc), Yet when they do that conservatives (y'know the pro-constitution guys) bow down to the whims of the government.

    That said, Following the title of what makes a country the best, According to heritage freedom index, Hong kong is the best with united states being 12th place.

  • I hate america

    America is a really bad place and probably one of the most racist/sexist/homophobic countries out there. Facts no longer matter because people cannot agree on them and did i mention that this country has a serious racism problem omg racism actively shapes societal outcomes today and even ancient problems like slavery still hold impact this country needs to be rebuilt -_-

  • Of course not

    Among the best, But there are better places. I'm proud to be an American, And America is mostly a good place. But compared to other developed countries, We are behind on many things/issues. We're at the low end of the first world. And there's a problem here with millions of people being in poverty and a few people having a majority of the wealth. There are more vacant homes than there are homeless people and 20% of children here are food deficient when we have more than enough food to feed every single person in the country. The "land of the free" has the highest prison population and highest rate of imprisonment on Earth, The only other country that even comes close to our imprisonment rate is Russia. While America is great and has contributed much to the world, We are far from being perfect.
    Posted: abdi salan ali

  • In terms of what?

    At some point U. S may be promising country for immigrants or new generatoin to find job or live in better conditon, However I don't think it provides best atmosphere for everyone. Every country (except some) has its own beauties. Sımply everyone see what they want to see but it is not reality

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