• They are the most open, and least racist.

    It's entirely subjective. However, I think that the United States is the least racist country in the world, and that it is the most open society. That is why more Africans moved here since slavery voluntarily than were ever sent here as slaves. The United States is also a country where seven of the eight most powerful celebrities, according to Forbes, are African-American. That’s an amazing statistic — one also not indicative of a virulently racist society.

  • Yes the USA is

    I know many people wont believe it but yes we are. The country cannot be called racist because then you are implying that every single person is racist which is not true. Some individuals in society may be racist but society as a whole is not and this could be said for every country around the world. Except that's not why we are the least racist country in the world the reason is the freedoms we are given. The constitution has given everyone equal rights to everyone under law. The way the constitution has developed in this sense is the Civil War. The USA was the first nation to fight for abolition of slavery this abolition movement created the republican party to fight the southern democrats so that black and white slaves may be free. The USA was the first country to have men fight and die with their brothers to end slavery and create a more free country how does that make us a racist nation many countries today still have slavery and we are the most racist. We also have religious freedom unlike other countries which means that society wont look down upon your choice of faith or no faith. Again individuals might but society as a whole will not.

  • Yes the USA, if not #1, then one of the least racist countries in the world.

    I will agree 110% that America had a long history of discrimination against other races, especially against blacks and Mexicans. And I believe most people will feel the same way, however, let me ask you this, where in the world is there no discrimination? Everywhere you'll go you will see racism, sexism, and other discrimination against anyone, and I feel that the majority of people in the USA over exaggerate and feel as the country is the most racist (and sexist) place. Even though blacks and Mexicans, and other minorities (and women) are given enormous chances in education and in the work force, so it's unfair to say America is a racist place. If you truly want to know who the most racist people are, it's Indians. Indians, according to the Washington post, and other websites, are the most racist, America didn't even make it to the top 25 most racist countries. And i'm not saying there's absolutely no racism in America, because that will be delusional, and that is impossible, but what I am saying is that the USA had made some groundbreaking, and spectacular advances towards eradicating racism, sexism, and other discrimination. It's not perfect just like nothing in the world is perfect, and the USA does have some racist, but they are only very few individuals. Notice that I mention INDIVIDUALS, and not society, because in America society is not racist, but individuals are. So I hope you guys, and everyone sees that, if you live in the United States of America, you are blessed far beyond your imagination.


  • Completely, Utterly and Obviously Not...

    America has long, hostile and violent history when it comes to race relations and although slowly improving the USA is still hugely behind swathes of countries when it comes to race relations. With regular racism and discrimination, ranging from belligerent attacks on all different races to workplace discrimination of ethnic minorities. America has a long, long way to go!

  • I love this country... It is my home but....

    America has a had a long and still on going picture of ugly racism. In 2012 alone, there have been almost 4,000 cases of racially motivated deaths. Thats just one statistic. No matter how much anyone can love this amazing country, it is irresponsible to call the U.S the least racist country.

    Posted by: Pjay
  • Awesome country but...

    I love living and supporting the U.S.A. in everything they do, but we have a lot way to go until we are egalitarian as other countries. Look at the GII (Gender Inequality Index) for example! Racism deals with more than literal race; racism affects all groups of peoples. We just got same-sex marriage just last month so we obviously have some time!

  • C'mon, man....... .

    There are 196 countries in the world now. What are the odds that the U.S. would be the least racist, first of all? All other things being equal, just a hair above 0.5%, eh?

    And they are not equal. When we have Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina in the world, then the U.S. is going to be at least fairly well down the list.

  • The audience is all just a group of random Americans. And they cheer to this.

    I find it difficult to view America as the single LEAST racist country. NZ is the first country to have a universal, all men and women can vote, including the black population. This was in 1893. USA only managed this in 1965, where the 15th amendment was finally enforced. I just chose my own country, and that just happens to be better in at least some ways to USA at being the least racist, so this is just the correct answer.

  • The United States is very racist

    Although the United States supposedly ended segregation in the 1950's, most schools in the South did not fully desegregate until the early 1970's. There are schools across this nation that are still segregated, due to De Facto segregation. In the Trump Era, things have gone from bad to worse because now it's more acceptable to racist because Trump refuses to acknowledge that White supremacy is not acceptable. In addition, Trump has declared war on any immigrant that is not of Caucasian decent. He has removed the protective status of hundreds of thousands of immigrants and suggests that we should have more people from places like Norway come to live here. Furthermore, African Americans are still discriminated against daily and cannot move anywhere in this country without facing some form of discrimination. This country has a very long way to go before it can hold the distinction of least racist country. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not or does not wish to see the reality of this sad nation we call the United States of America.

  • Not least racist but close.

    I'm on the NO side but only because the question was poorly worded.

    ClEARLY the USA is by every measure one of the least racist countries by far. BUT I'm from Canada, and we our countries are extremely similar (despite the beliefs of many of my countrymen), but their just simply wrong. The 7 billion other people on the planet by and large would be completely unable to distinguish the United States from Canada (obviously I mean without the different flags and money...). MAYBE some Canadians and some Americans might suspect they were in a different country (if you transported one to a random North American city as an experiment-again without the flags and money. But I'm from Calgar, Alberta - much of my family on my dads side are from North Dakota simply because my grandfather (or maybe great grandpa), was doing quite bit of business with some North Dakotans and he met a woman down there and brought her home!). For example if you did that experiment and transported some random Albetans to North Dakota then to Newfoundland, they are FAR more likely to guess if given a choice between the two that North Dakota is the same country rather than Newfoundland.

    But anyway, USA is definitely one of the least racist, but Canada is even less. I think a reasonable argument could be made that it goes #1 Canada and #2'USA. I can't think of any other countries even close in fact.

  • US is unfortunately very racist.

    The US is unfortunately very racist; however, people try to be politically correct. Due to this behavior of having to have correctness all the time the custom here is to not show our racism as blatantly open as other places do. It is imperative to note that most citizens believe American should be while and Christian.

  • Sadly, it is not the least racist country.

    From our recent election, we can see how divided our great country still remains. With president-elect trump and his vile speeches many hate groups have been on the rise within the last year. I think the feeling of hate and racism have been there all along but we thought we were better off than what we apparently are. There have been a lot of people, US citizens, that have been claiming lately that the USA should be White and Christian. I didn't know so many people still felt this way until now. It is sad..I am truly sad for my country.

  • Seriously? That’s a question?

    America is practically know for their murder rate being mostly towards black/Asian (etc.) people. I hate that America is this way, but it's unfortunately true. For all the people saying that America is the “least racist” country— have you no eyes? In my opinion, America is practically the most racist country. I’d say it falls right beneath China, although they are nearly tied.

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