• Systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM

    Systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM
    systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM
    systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM
    systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM
    systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM
    systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM
    systemic racism and wealth culture is PURE CAPITALISM

  • Yes under Biden

    Under Biden government the USA has been destroyed it’s not the land of the free anymore it’s the most dangerous politicians like AOC can blatantly lie Schiff and Swalwell on intelligence committees really Pelosi Hillary Clinton and Maxine Patterson very dangerous women who have been selling and making trade deals with government info for there husbands etc and Hunter Biden who or what decent parent would protect his paedephille activities it’s obvious to the rest of the world that President Trump saw the state of the swamp and started cleaning it plus he showed great respect for American people maybe each republican state should leave the union as uk did leaving European Union when it’s not right leave be brave

  • YES for Years

    America's the land of 50 Nations that has lost its way. . . Microchipping people experimenting on them without their consent not even getting paid for it. Then when you complain about it they use cell technology to call everybody on the phone near you and say something's wrong is that madness is microchipping our babies for mother's c-sections wrong? It's not giving them a path through the highways through States wrong arresting them if they stick their thumb out to go to another place? Yes I changed this country with murder! Is not having any of the mad scientists even question let alone arrested and sent to a place they couldn't harm anybody anymore wrong? Yes is animals suffering and cruelty at an all-time high in this country with testing on them with different poisons and concoctions and various things that the secret service aren't even stopping? Yes

  • We are the most dangerous nation

    Yes I think that America is the most dangerous country to visit ok and yes I think that America is the most dangerous country on earth ok and yes I think that America is the most dangerous country on earth ok ok ok ok ok bye bye ok bye 👋

  • US is the greatest danger to the rest of the world

    The simple minded view that military force can make countries into democracies has created unending wars, And the citizenry is shockingly ignorant. Unbridled consumerism is being exported to the rest of the world. As an American I have regretfully and belatedly come to this conclusion. Its "democracy" is broken. Americans could elect a wise leader only by accident. I'm not a liberal, I don't hate my country but it is not living up to its potential.

  • Hegemony Uber Alles should be their motto.

    Just count the conflicts started and governments overthrown or interfered with since its founding 243 years ago. State sponsored lying and fear and war mongering by the ignoramuses and sociopaths that constitute the 'swamp rats' that infest DC, Need to be swept into the rubbish bin of history to be shown to future generations as being prime examples of the destitute of rational thought mob of humanity's misfits.

  • Yes, America is the most dangerous country in the world.

    America is definitely the most dangerous and aggressive country in the world. We are constantly involved in some sort of foreign conflict. We say we promote democracy, But when a foreign country democratically elects a leader that goes against our political and/or economic interests, We send our troops to that country to overthrow that leader. Even when we are obviously in violation of international law or the Geneva Convention, We refuse to accept that we are in the wrong. We spend billions of dollars on our armed forces, When there are plenty of institutions and sectors of the US that could use the money. Our media channels (not just FOX News) have instilled an "America first" mentality in a vast portion of our citizens. Anybody that suggests that we could use some of the military budget for social programs and social sectors (Education, Welfare, Health care) is shouted down as a "communist". We have a size portion of our government officials that believe that global warming is fake, And that we can just keep using fossil fuels, Even when there is absolute and unrefutable evidence that it is happening and is going to get worse. America is the single biggest threat the world today faces.

  • America should be shunned by the world till it gets its shit together.

    America and it’s idiocy are the biggest single danger to canad. We need a wall all right, But at the 49th parallel. All countries should ban trade with America until it starts to play nice. Their government is the most manipulative besides China. Bullies, Pure and simple, And bullies should never be tolerated.

  • Not a safe place to live or visit.

    Racism, Guns, Hate rule the land. You're putting your life at risk visiting there. You can be arrested and locked up indefinitely for no reason whatsoever. USA has become a banana republic. Democracy has died there. Old racist white men and women rule the land. Stay away from CrazyTown USA.

  • Dangerous, but understand the context.

    Dangerous is a relative word.
    You take good with the bad.
    But, people have been coming to US from all over the world for centuries and are still coming, why? Is it solely propoganda or is there something more to it?
    Some dangerous aspects of this country for individual safety listed below. Unacceptable for a nation which is richest, most developed, educated, 1st world, first in innovation, research, military, etc.

    Generally speaking about american society, not recent immigrants...
    -Health problems - rampant cancer, many other diseases. Most obese, stressful, mentally unstable, always complain, spoiled society.
    -High suicide rates. VERY high use, abuse, overdose of prescription and illegal drugs.
    - Significant area (not just pockets) of every big city extremely dangerous.
    - Very high rate of traffic deaths due to preferred isolation of driving V8 by one person, texting, hatred of public transport.
    - Public gatherings, "peaceful protests" can turn violent and fatal instantly.
    - High rate of mass shootings, everyone has a gun, so to speak, simple confrontation, misunderstanding can become deadly due to conceal carry of deadly weapon.
    - Big churches have multiple security guards, police officers, including undercover. Why in church, in a christian or religious free country and why do it if USA is not dangerous??

  • USA is dangerous but not relatively the most dangerous!

    There are many countries that are facing much more turmoil and violence combined than the USA. But USA is getting more violent overall however proclaim it as the most dangerous is irrelevant. USA has a homicidal rate of 4.6 per 100,000 which is relatively low. However, that rate doesn't really reflect the circumstance all the time depending on where you live. I found the city that I'm living is fairly dangerous and it's getting more dangerous.

  • USA is not the most dangerous

    The USA does not even rank in the top 10, but we are still a dangerous place to live. I have lived in Europe for 6 years between eastern and western, and I can tell you that the USA is more dangerous than Europe, even Ukraine and Poland are safer than the USA. I have lived there and never had a problem, but I carry a .357 magnum in my city in the USA because of how dangerous it is. Compared to Africa, South America and some Middle Eastern countries we are very safe, but compared to Poland the USA is a barbaric country.

  • NO

    The United States as a country is extremely dangerous when you compare us to many other countries in the Western world. I believe that it could be argued that we are the most dangerous of what is called first world countries.

    However, we can hardly be considered the most dangerous in the world. If you want proof of concept, just look at the horror stories that come out of Africa on a daily basis or the civil strifes that have torn apart the Middle East in recent years.

  • Not perfect but better than most!

    No, America is not the most dangerous country in the world.

    We're far from perfect; there is crime and corruption, but it is not like the threats people face in other countries. We have freedom that protects us from ritual killings that victimize women in Muslim countries and sex and drug trafficking are significantly lower here than in other parts of the world.

    Overall, we have it much better than most of the world.

  • Clearly Your fucking idiots.

    Oh yeah guys I wonder why we are! Pretty much to defend from retards like North Korea, Clearly your the brain washed retard, Look at Kim for a second "Oh guys he doesn't commit genocide and starve his people and enslave them for no reason" Clearly your the most fucking "brain washed" Idiots on earth just like other countries have to defend themselves, Your clearly again fucking stupid.

  • Oooh, this is good...

    America, formed by murderous British settlers, and built upon democracy, or something like that.
    It's a nice country, definitely. You've got states like Montana, Maine, North and South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, that aren't included in your usual travel schedule. As a whole, America is nice. There might be those outliers like California, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, but for the most part, we've got it alright.
    However, it is a bad place to be during a war, since we've established ourselves as the DOMINANT world power. We'll be the first ones attacked, or we'll be the first ones on the battlefield, meaning the citizens will have to endure the consequences of the US's supremacy and significance in the world.
    On the contrary, without including the risk of potential war, we don't see the majority of our people starving to death, men, women and children being raped, beheaded, tortured, poisoned, humiliated. Does and can this stuff happen? Oh, definitely. But, seriously, compare the US to Somalia, India, Mexico, South Africa, Columbia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, think realistically, and see how good we've got it. We aren't even close to reaching the near-perfection most of the Northern European countries have (Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland), but on the same token, we aren't close to competing with some of the dirtiest, most dangerous countries. So, the anarchists and people who think that America just wants PURE WORLD DOMINATION BECAUSE THEY'RE JUST FAT AND DESIRE MONEH, can stop talking and begin to think reasonably.

  • Even though America has a high rate of crime, it is not the most dangerous country in the world.

    Although the rate of crime in America is very high, it is hardly the most dangerous country in the world. Some countries with very strict regime style governments, such as North Korea, are much more dangerous because there is generally no due process of law for citizens. Other nations where the government has traditionally been unstable, such as Venezuala or South Africa, are also much more dangerous than America.

  • Not even close

    As a non American I can tell you that USA is not the most dangerous place of earth. There are some dangerous areas like Detroit or Harlem but there are a lot cities way more dangerous outside USA ( Mexico City, Alexandria no offense). But that doesn't mean that they are the safest, Canada Argentina Uruguay SOUTH brazil are the safest places in America and the most dangerous are Mexico Colombia Venezuela NORTH brazil. USA is on the middle. (I know my English suck)

  • Are you kidding?

    I am not a fan of the US, but it is far from the most dangerous country. Yes, there's crime and violence, just as in any country. Comparatively, it is not dangerous in that respect. I understand that the US is involved in way too many wars, and I do not agree with that at all, but the most dangerous? Come on! Look at Russia! They're far worse... 5 conflicts in the past 23 years. That's gotta be a record...

  • America dangerous? In what world?

    I am an American born and raised. My heritage comes from the Netherlands and a few other European countries. The United States is no where near the most dangerous country in the world, Russia has double the homicide rate that the U.S. does and barely anyone has mentioned it. The U.S. is trying to do something that very few have ever done, let alone successfully. The United States isn't composed of "Americans" it composed of Europeans, Asians, Africans, South Americans, and people of Middle Eastern countries. Of course there is crime, people from different backgrounds don't always get along, but point me to a country that has no crime. The United States population is much higher than that of any other country that has been listed in this discussion as well so of course there is more crime. Maybe some people are right and we shouldn't be involved with as many of these conflicts that we are, but if anyone thinks that these countries that we have military presence in would be in any less chaos or in a better place you are far from correct.

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