• Yes, we are the most dangerous.

    America is dangerous because of its power, and its willingness to use it when necessary. There are certainly other countries that seem more dangerous with their threats and their willingness to have endless internal wars and neighborly disputes, but they are not as powerful as the United States. When there is a region that is becoming really unstable the United States can move into that area militarily virtually over night and with a large force. Other countries do not have the same capability or the willingness to do so, and as a consequence we have more control over events whether are intentions are good or bad.

  • Everybody can be killed in the name of "war on terror"

    In the USA, everybody has a gun and everybody can be killed by the police in the name of "war on terror".
    In Belgium everybody gets a trial and everybody is not guilty until proven otherwise by a court/judge.
    Europe does not seek excuses to attack other nations like Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Korea.
    Belgium does not kill someone because he says the word 'bomb'.

  • States is the land of paranoia

    They have the most liberal gun laws in the world where in some states you can even carry guns in bars and restaurants. Americans are paranoid and xenophobes and have extreme prejudice against non-white races. U.S also presents the most danger to world peace by slogans such as "you're either with us or against us"

  • American police state

    The us as was stated by one of it's politicians 'only has interests not allies'. That makes it dangerous to world peace. As the most indebted country in the history of the world, with the highest per capita rate of incarceration and the highest use of antidepressants it seems intent on forcing it's unhappy and totalitarian agenda on the rest of the world. Thankfully it looks like an empire in terminal decline and will more than likely implode soon(financially). The only question is how much of the world it will damage or take with it when it does.

  • America is a crumbling empire; gutted by its own greed.

    The Tea Party moniker isn't patriotic, it is ironically truthful. The original tea party was actually committed by a group of working and middle class colonists doing the bidding ultra wealthy landowners who wished to bring a government to its knees. America is dangerous because the great majority of its people (cannon fodder) are in denial of the obvious, the ULTRA-rich control all public policy. America's future has been stolen, not by welfare queens, but by conmen selling an economic perpetual motion machine of limitless growth.

    The only problem WE (yes, WE) won't go down without a fight. While many of citizens of the world ultra rich will flee others won't be able to. Frackers and Agribusiness are tied to the land. The land lords wealth is tied to property. The military industrial complex won't (usually) sell weapons that will the targeted at themselves. Just like in Germany and any number of banana republics these institutions will 'elect' an individual who will protect their interest. We will do something to piss off the world or the world will just lose faith in our money ; at that point the cannon fodder will lash out.

    Being the biggest military in the world is a silent threat to the rest of the world keep the money flowing or you will regret it. Silent extortion is the child of mutually assured destruction.

  • Power and Greed

    I am worried by US supremacy which is dangerous. They have the power and they are greedy. You do not argue with them. Psyche wavelength, god fearing hypocrites is not different from Islamic fundamentalists. Both think they can murder because their god is on their side. The damage Bush and Blair did was not acceptable.

  • Yes, it is.

    America truly is the most dangerous country in the world. There are no other nations that even come close to this ultimate aggressor that threatens every other nation in the world with the exception of Israel. With Israel USA forms the duo of doom that rules over the other nations.

  • Control of global informations

    There are no limites for America to observe the hole world in order to control and to rule it! Yet the freedom of speech became a danger to the individual. The creation of fear against political enemys or just to follow national interests regardless of peoples needs is dangerous system of global slavery

  • US government is a bloody empire

    Not only have more the 1 million been killed by the US government directly or indirectly in the 21st century, but post ww2 the US government(and military of course) is responsible for approx 18 million killed around the world. The US goes to war or prop up dictators for natural resources. It's in your ground it just happens to be ours- is the true motto of the corporate/US government complex.

  • Build on terror

    The USA has a racist and genocidal past. The country is founded on violence since the time of Columbus. Their institutions bring them in a state of perpetual fear that why they attack for avoiding to be attacked. From the the genocide of native Americans to the enslavement of African, the USA is a scary and dangerous country.

  • Trump is cutting that knot

    It’s the land of opportunity. Greenhouse gas is needed to grow plants. The earth has more arable land on account of the warming, It’s been warming steadily since the last ice age. Few beer cans and a gas hob ain’t going to surpass previous volcanoes asteroids earthquakes natural fires & temperature fluctuations like what caused Scotland to have a Mediterranean climate in the 1700s. Your a victim of propaganda, Pr works. Trump created jobs and gave them, To those needing a second chance. To get out of poverty you need jobs. He’s draining the swamp to cut out systemic corruption. Like Biden’s, Clinton’s, Obama & circle ties. Retracted from wars, Proposed peace & built bridges with North Korea. He build walls so they could get rid of Hillary, Biden and Obama cages they use to hold people at the crossings. He’s putting the power back into people’s hands through the courts and by completing his promises. Tent city’s were not built overnight & will take more than one or two terms of trump to undo the results of the past number of presidential wealth seekers. Trumps whole family work hard & are successful doing so. People around the world that work hard have no need to steel from staff. Trump won’t steel secrets he’s not a Biden or Clinton

  • America Tried Being Isolationist

    For all you America haters out there, Especially in Europe, There is a reason America is perceived as being "war mongering" and "Imperialistic". Think back, If you can, To WWI. America wanted no part of this conflict but ended up getting dragged into it and ending it. Same with WWII, We tried as hard as we could to stay out of it, But guess what? We got dragged into it again when German and Italian (both European countries) ally, Japan, Bombed Pearl Harbor. Starting to see a trend here? After we got duped into 2 World wars by Europe we said enough is enough, And stayed in Europe and Japan to help you keep your shit together. Don't like it? Too bad, We don;t care.
    And we don't care if you don't like us either.

  • Because they have really good roller coasters. And their sour patch kids and their Swedish fish is really good.

    The sour patch kids and the Swedish fish makes you really fat and probably get diabetes, But their roller coasters will shake the sour patch kids and the Swedish fish shake up in your stomach that will help you throw up. So you will end up throwing up the sour patch kids and the Swedish fish and also your lunch that you ate, So you end up loosing weight and you don't get fat. But it's really unhealthy for you so you might possibly die because of it.

  • America is dangerous because people won't follow the laws!

    The United States is definitely not the most dangerous country in the world! It is "dangerous" as all of you say it is, because people seem to not want to follow the laws! What do they want laws to be illegal? If they were illegal, we would be in total anarchy! At least I live here in America, which is still the greatest country on Earth, but I am SO GLAD I don't live in North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan, etc, because those countries are WAY more dangerous than we are! Why don't Americans just get jobs and be themselves instead of stupid criminals? Besides, what is the focal point of protesting guns and killing black people deal with, anyway? They just put them under the spotlight in Congress demanding for change when all they do is bicker. Since when did my country become a nation of wimps? Wake up, America! Stop playing Idiotest in your head. America is NOT the most dangerous country in the world, but people make it dangerous because they won't follow the laws! Just follow the laws Americans! Trust me, it's not that hard!

  • Clearly Your fucking idiots.

    Oh yeah guys I wonder why we are! Pretty much to defend from retards like North Korea, Clearly your the brain washed retard, Look at Kim for a second "Oh guys he doesn't commit genocide and starve his people and enslave them for no reason" Clearly your the most fucking "brain washed" Idiots on earth just like other countries have to defend themselves, Your clearly again fucking stupid.

  • America dangerous? In what world?

    I am an American born and raised. My heritage comes from the Netherlands and a few other European countries. The United States is no where near the most dangerous country in the world, Russia has double the homicide rate that the U.S. does and barely anyone has mentioned it. The U.S. is trying to do something that very few have ever done, let alone successfully. The United States isn't composed of "Americans" it composed of Europeans, Asians, Africans, South Americans, and people of Middle Eastern countries. Of course there is crime, people from different backgrounds don't always get along, but point me to a country that has no crime. The United States population is much higher than that of any other country that has been listed in this discussion as well so of course there is more crime. Maybe some people are right and we shouldn't be involved with as many of these conflicts that we are, but if anyone thinks that these countries that we have military presence in would be in any less chaos or in a better place you are far from correct.

  • Wars it has been in.

    America is probably the most dangerous country in the world. With crime rates almost 500 deaths per hour, I would say it is very dangerous. Think of it. America has participated in EVERY SINGLE WAR IN HISTORY (except before 17th century) IN ANY WAY! I mean, just think of it! Revolutionary War, Civil War, War of 1812, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War, Gulf War, Iraq War/Iraq Civil War, Afghanistan War, NATO vs. ISIS wars, War on Terror. Although it may be the good guys, still the crime rates and aggressiveness is high.

  • Depends on where u live

    It depends on where you live. Some places it's dangerous to even walk out of your own house, as a matter of fact your not even safe in your own house. But if you over look some of the states filled with crime USA is a safe place. It sure is better than living in other country's where your killed based on what u belive in.

  • If usa is the most dangerous then why is it that we fight isis and other terror

    Every time I go on to pages there is someone saying usa did this or usa is going to fall I dought any country would be alive today if it wasn't for us leading weapons Russia would fall to Germany couse they were on there last few feet and thanks to the winter and our weapon leading Russia would have lost couse a army how doesn't have supplies or the things his army needed to servive until the weapons could be delivered and the ford trucks that they turned into weapons / then in the post war times I get to reading people say we lost well that isn't true because we pulled out before we did the ones that lost were the vietmeese soilders that were fighting and to this day we stand we are fighting terror groups not just for are selfs but for thoughs how are in trouble and if we were a danger I dought contries would come and try to get us in the conflicts we have today so I don't know were you get the idea we are the bad guys and by the way how is it if we are the bad guys to the world then tell me why are our brave men and weman down there right now fighting isis and all of that if you want to explain to me why go in head

  • Overall its safe

    United States is generally a safe country, yes crime happens but for the most part like Europe you can work around safely and enjoy! Its not perfect but no super power is, is it worse than the British empire, probably not! I am a British and lived in the Pacific North West and generally felt safer there than in SE United Kingdom.

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