• As exists today, USA is perhaps the greatest danger to the free world.

    Despite the rhetoric and Western mass media lies these are some facts about USA:
    (1) Brainwashed majority of the population that believes in "american cause"
    (2) US has engaged in more wars since WWII that any nation in the world. None of those wars were due to defend USA from an aggressor
    (3) US has been and is the only country in the world who is on the mission of imperialistic expansion.
    (4) US has routinely engaged in destabilization of the regions across the world for profit or political advantage.
    (5) The list of highlights of American war crimes against other nations throughout the period of 1945 through today covers 15 A1 pages in standard Areal 9pt. Font.
    (6) USA naver takes responsibility for any of those crimes, to bring a single example. When caught red-handed mining the exits from 2 Nicaraguan ports in 1984 and obligated to pay 18 billion dollars , USA simply said it won't happen.
    This list can be continued indefinitely and converge on the real role of US in the world - destruction of legitimate governments and conversion of the nations in which USA has economic interest into resource bases.

  • USA always need an enemy and is always in war.

    She is the only country using nuclear weapons on other nations including Japan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Has the highest crime and suicide rate.

    Is the most racist nation which cares nothing about other races except their own i.e. white.

    Experiments on her own citizens with projects like HAARP, mk ultra, project paper clip etc.

    Is extremely hypocritically and contradictory when it promotes democracy in slogans and supports dictators in reality. Promotes peace in slogans and kills civilians in war. Promotes enmity against Iran while supports her in Iraq-Iran war in Iran contra conflict.

    Is only 5% of the world population but controls 70% of it's resources.

    Instigates civil wars in other countries to serve her own agenda like Africa, Iraq, Cuba, Vietnam etc.

  • The United States has bombed more then five countries in five year. It has started a war against Russia.

    The U.S. thinks it is the boss of the world. It bombed Libia, Irak, Afghanistan. It has meddled in Tunesia and Egypt. It wanted to start a war in Syria. Fortunately president Putin prevented this. It has gathered many troops near the borders of Russia. It is continuing making propaganda against Russia. For example: Russia should not allow homosexuals, but that is not true. Besides why not criticizing Saoudi-Arabia. This country is much worse. I can go on and on. This country is really agressive. One other thing: people think Americans have invented lots of new products. That is not true. The people who discover are not Americans, but foreigners. Americans can not think by themselves.

  • Everybody can be killed in the name of "war on terror"

    In the USA, everybody has a gun and everybody can be killed by the police in the name of "war on terror".
    In Belgium everybody gets a trial and everybody is not guilty until proven otherwise by a court/judge.
    Europe does not seek excuses to attack other nations like Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Korea.
    Belgium does not kill someone because he says the word 'bomb'.

  • Yes, we are the most dangerous.

    America is dangerous because of its power, and its willingness to use it when necessary. There are certainly other countries that seem more dangerous with their threats and their willingness to have endless internal wars and neighborly disputes, but they are not as powerful as the United States. When there is a region that is becoming really unstable the United States can move into that area militarily virtually over night and with a large force. Other countries do not have the same capability or the willingness to do so, and as a consequence we have more control over events whether are intentions are good or bad.

  • USA has ruined Middle East

    Since Iraq war, Middle East is in worse shape than ever and this makes Saddam Hussain look so much better.
    Not only USA fights with drones and fighter jets but also fights much dangerous covert wars with the agenda of divide and rule.
    There is no democracy here that dictates that the people have to know anything. Most Americans are ignorant to the covert wars.

  • Most aggressive, constantly destroys world peace

    The US since WW2 has become the most aggressive nation on earth, what makes it so dangerous is that it seems to control most of the global media, bombarding the world with misinformation, this has been a very effective tool in concealing its crimes and passing its aggressive wars and thefts as "humanitarian missions" their are many people who are convinced that the USA is helping the world!

  • Build on terror

    The USA has a racist and genocidal past. The country is founded on violence since the time of Columbus. Their institutions bring them in a state of perpetual fear that why they attack for avoiding to be attacked. From the the genocide of native Americans to the enslavement of African, the USA is a scary and dangerous country.

  • US government is a bloody empire

    Not only have more the 1 million been killed by the US government directly or indirectly in the 21st century, but post ww2 the US government(and military of course) is responsible for approx 18 million killed around the world. The US goes to war or prop up dictators for natural resources. It's in your ground it just happens to be ours- is the true motto of the corporate/US government complex.

  • Control of global informations

    There are no limites for America to observe the hole world in order to control and to rule it! Yet the freedom of speech became a danger to the individual. The creation of fear against political enemys or just to follow national interests regardless of peoples needs is dangerous system of global slavery

  • No not at all

    No I do not think America is the most dangerous country in the world, based on physical threats to people. I have never been to other countries, but seeing news reports of constant civil wars and governments killing it's own people, I would say that America is a pretty safe country.

  • Not perfect but better than most!

    No, America is not the most dangerous country in the world.

    We're far from perfect; there is crime and corruption, but it is not like the threats people face in other countries. We have freedom that protects us from ritual killings that victimize women in Muslim countries and sex and drug trafficking are significantly lower here than in other parts of the world.

    Overall, we have it much better than most of the world.

  • NO

    The United States as a country is extremely dangerous when you compare us to many other countries in the Western world. I believe that it could be argued that we are the most dangerous of what is called first world countries.

    However, we can hardly be considered the most dangerous in the world. If you want proof of concept, just look at the horror stories that come out of Africa on a daily basis or the civil strifes that have torn apart the Middle East in recent years.

  • USA is not the most dangerous

    The USA does not even rank in the top 10, but we are still a dangerous place to live. I have lived in Europe for 6 years between eastern and western, and I can tell you that the USA is more dangerous than Europe, even Ukraine and Poland are safer than the USA. I have lived there and never had a problem, but I carry a .357 magnum in my city in the USA because of how dangerous it is. Compared to Africa, South America and some Middle Eastern countries we are very safe, but compared to Poland the USA is a barbaric country.

  • USA is dangerous but not relatively the most dangerous!

    There are many countries that are facing much more turmoil and violence combined than the USA. But USA is getting more violent overall however proclaim it as the most dangerous is irrelevant. USA has a homicidal rate of 4.6 per 100,000 which is relatively low. However, that rate doesn't really reflect the circumstance all the time depending on where you live. I found the city that I'm living is fairly dangerous and it's getting more dangerous.

  • Even though America has a high rate of crime, it is not the most dangerous country in the world.

    Although the rate of crime in America is very high, it is hardly the most dangerous country in the world. Some countries with very strict regime style governments, such as North Korea, are much more dangerous because there is generally no due process of law for citizens. Other nations where the government has traditionally been unstable, such as Venezuala or South Africa, are also much more dangerous than America.

  • Are you kidding?

    I am not a fan of the US, but it is far from the most dangerous country. Yes, there's crime and violence, just as in any country. Comparatively, it is not dangerous in that respect. I understand that the US is involved in way too many wars, and I do not agree with that at all, but the most dangerous? Come on! Look at Russia! They're far worse... 5 conflicts in the past 23 years. That's gotta be a record...

  • Not even close

    As a non American I can tell you that USA is not the most dangerous place of earth. There are some dangerous areas like Detroit or Harlem but there are a lot cities way more dangerous outside USA ( Mexico City, Alexandria no offense). But that doesn't mean that they are the safest, Canada Argentina Uruguay SOUTH brazil are the safest places in America and the most dangerous are Mexico Colombia Venezuela NORTH brazil. USA is on the middle. (I know my English suck)

  • Oooh, this is good...

    America, formed by murderous British settlers, and built upon democracy, or something like that.
    It's a nice country, definitely. You've got states like Montana, Maine, North and South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, that aren't included in your usual travel schedule. As a whole, America is nice. There might be those outliers like California, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, but for the most part, we've got it alright.
    However, it is a bad place to be during a war, since we've established ourselves as the DOMINANT world power. We'll be the first ones attacked, or we'll be the first ones on the battlefield, meaning the citizens will have to endure the consequences of the US's supremacy and significance in the world.
    On the contrary, without including the risk of potential war, we don't see the majority of our people starving to death, men, women and children being raped, beheaded, tortured, poisoned, humiliated. Does and can this stuff happen? Oh, definitely. But, seriously, compare the US to Somalia, India, Mexico, South Africa, Columbia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, think realistically, and see how good we've got it. We aren't even close to reaching the near-perfection most of the Northern European countries have (Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland), but on the same token, we aren't close to competing with some of the dirtiest, most dangerous countries. So, the anarchists and people who think that America just wants PURE WORLD DOMINATION BECAUSE THEY'RE JUST FAT AND DESIRE MONEH, can stop talking and begin to think reasonably.

  • People not understanding question

    I may be wrong, but it seems to me people who are saying it is the most dangerous country are looking more at the government and politics and the people who are saying no are looking at the actual day to day life of an american.
    The USA is VERY safe compared to most countries with the exception of small areas of some major cities and Detroit
    The gov. Is very corrupt and dangerous yes

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