Is America the number one countries that bashes what they call "nerds"?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Nerds Rule, But Not So Much

    Remember those nerdy kids in high school who always made the honor role, joined the Latin or chess club and never had a date? Go to your 10th or 15th year high school reunion and find out where they are now. Most are very successful because they were academically driven. They accepted their high school plight of not fitting in and chose the brain over the popularity competition. Many have wonderful nerd spouses, and sometimes studs and beauties on their arms who value who they are. The Kardashian types and pop icons who appeal to vanity do earn wealth; but do they contribute to the advancement of science, develop real culture, or contribute to the betterment of society? Yet, they are idolized. We have gotten so mindlessly pop culture oriented that major news outlet report on media star sightings more so than astrological star discoveries. Being famous has greater value than innovation, discovery and real creativity. Other countries might want the stuff and lifestyle that the US has to offer, but think where the greatest number Nobel Prizes winners in science, literature and technology are from.

  • I owe a big apology for all the crap I've said over the last two years about Americans being stupid; I apologize.

    It's not that Americans are stupid. It's that nerd-bashers are stupid. This is the only country, and it's such a shame, where bashing "nerds" is acceptable. We were one a glorious country. And it's not even restricted to children. Republicans and Democrats engage in this nonsense of nerd-bashing too, these days.

  • You guys are the worst

    You all have terrible ideas, nerds are the worst and you are all nerds,i think america should be abolished because america sucks and you're all nerds, Britain is much better at bashing nerds than you guys, long live the queen, rest in peace Abe Lincoln tho he was cool as heck

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