• Outdated gender roles

    Although women have made some advances in achieving more and more individual liberty, they are still oppressed in a number of ways. Even more astounding, when it comes to MALE gender roles, we are still "stuck in the 1950s." This is completely incompatible with individual liberty, and it is also uncaring, because it sees only in "black and white," and therefore puts "pride and honor" above the well - being of the individual. It also makes us wonder if America is REALLY the "best country in the world." Finally, the reason why this country is going downhill is NOT because of mens' and womens' rights advancements. We are suffering because there has not been ENOUGH progress in androgyny. It may be 2013, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

  • Yes, America is too puritanical and hyper-religious, along with most of the world.

    The flavor of religion that is most prominent in America is Christianity. If you don't follow that religion, you are ostracized at best, forcefully converted, or at least you must pretend to be converted to the flavor of the day to get a bit of peace. Whether it's America, or Saudi Arabia, Christianity or Islam, the whole world is much too puritanical. While religion may be great for teaching morality, the zealots and extremists ruin it for everyone else in the country. More wars have been fought in the name of religion than for any other reason. There are untold numbers of dead, killed for the sake of a religious reason. Believe what you like. But don't tell me you're right and I'm wrong, and don't shove your religion in my face. People have the right to their beliefs. But I have the same right, and if we don't agree, don't try to force your views on me. That is taking away a basic human, and Constitutional, right.

  • Yes, America is too puritanical.

    And it isn't just America. Most of the modern world is too puritanical. There are many good things that come from a puritanical society. Religious beliefs teach morale behavior, which leads to good in all. The problem with being too puritanical is a particular religious belief is forced on others, with no real hard evidence as to why one belief is more real than the other. Additionally, it promotes violence by segregating and bullying other cultures and beliefs.

  • No, puritanical is not an accurate description

    It may be my understanding of the word, but I would consider puritanical to be far stricter than any America is exhibiting. If you look for pockets of over-zealous religiously limited people, then certainly you'll find them. But if you look at America in the bigger picture - in terms of laws, in terms of popular culture, in terms of entertainment and the general movement of culture opinions, "puritanical" is simply not applicable. The only people in our history that were puritanical were the Puritans, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they let themselves be a little lax now and again.

  • No, America is not too puritanical

    America is absolutely not too puritanical. Things that clearly illustrate just how far from puritanical America is are as follows: the quality of television programs (reality shows), pop music and the fact that holiday breaks such as Christmas Break , are no longer called Christmas Break, but are referred to as Winter break . All these things are a nod to exactly how far from puritanical America is.

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