• Religious extremism is becoming more pervasive.

    Organized religious groups have influenced and funded politicians to alter history and science texts used in schools. They've tried to couch prejudice as religious liberty to refuse business to the LGBT community. It's like a version of Christian Sharia is coming our way. They abhor and belittle intellect, reasoning, and logic.

  • It's creeping into our schools and our daily work lives.

    These people are wasting our time, trying to put creationism into school science texts, altering history books, and trying to put prayer into people's faces. They are holding back equal rights for all our citizens. They are using religion to justify prejudice in public businesses. It's almost like they want some Christian version of Sharia.

  • Religious beliefs and hypocrisy.

    Many religious people will impose moral judgement on others while themselves being homophobic, racist, and non compassionate. I constantly see people ranting about welfare programs, gay rights, racist attitudes, hate for all manner of people because they are different or don't believe the same things. Then they turn around and talk about praying to god to defeat their enemies and bestow wishes upon themselves. Then they go to church on Sunday and act pious and charitable toward their neighbors. Sorry, if that is religion. If that is what your god wants then you are welcome to him. No thank you for me.

  • I hope this isn't the case by 2050

    I sincerely hope that there is a great decline in Christianity in the very near future. There are Christians who I love because they are open minded and tolerant of other people's lifestyles, but unfortunately there are far mor ignorant religious zealots who this country could do very well without. We would be a much more progressive nation.

  • Over Use of Jesus, and not Keeping Church and State Seperate

    Americans are constantly going about, "what would Jesus do?" Jesus this, Jesus that. I mean seriously there are people who don't want to hear your religious rants in Public. If you do it at home, fine, just don't force it onto other people in public. Also when people vote they're using religion in the decisions.. There are people who wants rights but the religious community is controlling our democratic process. Originally Church and State shall remain separate, but by the way I've been seeing things.. That's not happening (What A Shame..)

  • Yes, in the sense of politics and law.

    The political system and legislation in this country is based heavily off of religious law. While some values still hold true today, much of what the Bible, the main source of morals in US law, is outdated, irrelevant, and frankly offensive. Example, "If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property."
    Now, what I am saying is not relevant to my belief in the freedom of expression and religious practice. People are free to practice or believe in any religion they want. That is fine. However, what is not okay is pressing a religion into other people's lives, especially when it goes against what people believe in.

  • Yes America is too religious

    As I alluded to in my comment about religion stifling culture, religious people tend to ruin life for everyone else, as they try and push their beliefs, their version of morality on them, whether they wish to hear it or not, or whether they agree or not. Many of the laws we have on the books have their roots in these beliefs, be it sex laws, same sex marriage, or any other number of laws you might be able to think of. We are way too religious, and need to STOP letting religion dictate our behavior, and what is legal or illegal. It needs to go back to what it was supposed to be, a personal belief and personal only. So yes, America is far too religious and we are the way we are because of that fact.

  • Due to the effect it has, yes.

    Compared to the rest of the civilized world, Americans are far more religious, and they allow those religious sentiments to influence public policy far more. This first thing is not inherently bad, but the second one definitely is. It is bad when we allow science or progress to be held back because of some people's religious views, which I think is happening in America today with things like stem cell research and the teaching of evolution in schools.

  • Yes, America is too religious

    I believe that America has a large Christian majority that has a tendency to be very prejudiced and discriminatory towards those with other beliefs. We have ultimately failed in terms of the separation of church and state in terms of our government, especially in Congress and with the Presidents we have had.

  • Yes, it holds us back.

    All you have to do is look at how American education has tumbled from world-class to below par to see the negative effects of religion on society. Instead of promoting science and math education, people are focused on instilling religious values that have no basis in fact and serve to divide rather than move us forward into progress.

  • America is definitely not too religious! In fact, we need for religion in this country.

    This country was built upon christian beliefs. If the country and government were made up of Christians, then so does the school systems. It's bad enough we are not allowed to have the Holy Bible in our schools, let alone homes and country. Other religions are welcome so long as they respect our beliefs and government system. Our country is welcoming to all, this is bullshit that you are saying there is too much religion, in my opinion there is not enough.

  • Too religious, how bout no religion.

    Most religions, regardless of origin focus on a person being part of something larger tHan themselves. To achieve peace, personal fulfillment or an after life. A person, at the very least, means respecting oneself. But if this is a fundamental truth, then look around at the people in this country who have no respect of any kind, especially for themselves. What matters is the $$$$.

  • No, America is not too religious.

    Our society is not strictly commanded by the Bible, so it most certainly cannot be considered TOO religious. Now, I'm not saying that our society should be totally dictated by the Bible, because that would contradict the right to religious freedom. What's wrong is how people view Christians. There are some Christians that definitely do try to force their beliefs upon others, but that's not how the majority are. Not every Christian constantly tells others that they're going to go to Hell, and how "everyone but us" is evil, and so on. It's the few bad apples that spoil the bunch. So, no, America, as a whole, is not too religious, but I must say that perhaps some Americans are.

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