• Social Security helps them.

    Yes, America is treating their elderly well, because the elderly receive a lot of government benefits that help them. Old Americans receive social security checks each month, and they also receive Medicare. It is good to be an elderly person in America, because everything that you need is provided for you.

  • Yes, Americans have paved the way for the elderly having a leisurely life.

    Yes, the elderly have many profits for the coming of age. The elderly have many options for health care, many options of activities to benefit their longevity, and the promise of social security. With the rise of new and improved technology, many of the elderly are able to live a longer and better life.

  • The elderly are treated well

    America does for the most part treat the elderly citizens fairly well. They are provided social security and they also get medical subsidies if they need it. The cost if health care needs to come down and this could be done if the government got out of the way of private practice.

  • Yes, we do.

    Americans treat their elderly extremely well, and put millions upon millions of health and medicine money into healthcare and keeping people alive for as long as possible. Sometimes I wonder why we are spending so much money on these things, but yes of course we are treating them very well.

  • No they are not

    I dont think they are because alot are depressed and the nursing home carers dont do anything i know cause my great great grandma is 98 yrs old and I s depressed and falls of her bed like every night and thye dont do anything thats not right i say no

  • America is not treating their elderly well.

    American is not treating their elderly well. The health care services that they receive are substandard. The amount of money that they receive in Social Security is not enough for them to survive. They rely on working part of the year so that they can afford the things they need. They have to rely on Meals on Wheels and food banks so that they can get proper nutrition.

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