• Yes, more so than it should be

    I've noticed in the last few decades that people have been screaming about how there's a "war on Christmas." What war? The war that people who believe differently from you want to be able to celebrate they way they want? This is crazy. The backlash to this supposed war is a focus on Jesus. Of course, Jesus was not the original reason for the winter holiday (scholars agree he was probably born sometime in spring). It was a way to indoctrinate Wiccans into the Christian faith. Christmas should be about whatever you want it to be about, and no one gets to tell you or me what to celebrate.

  • Yes, Christmas Is Still About Jesus

    The religious aspect of Christmas is still here and very much a factor in the holiday. Go into churches around the country during Christmas time and they are talking about Jesus. There are a bunch of Jesus references on television and in movies around that time of year as well.

  • Christ mass shopping

    It depends on the individuals if they celebrate it to be with friends family warmth logs yuletides and giving instead of receiving spirit.
    It should be a time of joy holiness in your soul and not some buying fest showing off your wealth drunkenness and partying and passing a homeless person and not giving them a cup of drink food a smile a ten or twenty and wish them well

  • No, its greed and money

    Christmas has turned into the a commercial event, it is now starting to invade stores earlier and earlier and it seems that there is no way you can get away from it. Its about buying presents, doing the socially acceptable things like making sure you buy love. Its lost its true meaning of sharing and giving.

  • No, it is too commercial

    Christmas has turned into commercialism over the last couple of decades. Stores have their biggest sales and you can't escape ads for toys. It has lost its true meaning. Though Christmas is regarded as the birthday of Christ, there is no date mentioned in the Bible. Christ should be honored every day.

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