Is American cultural imperialism bad for countries around the world?

Asked by: kchaplin
  • We Need to Keep to our selves

    America is always in others business we just need to stay within our own boundaries. We have enough resource's and land that we don't have to try and take over another peoples land. We also don't need to be a bunch of Nazis over the world or the world police like bruh

  • Cultural Imperialism: Putting the 'Di' In Diversity

    America has a lot of benefits; we are a democracy, have freedom of religion, and are technologically advanced. But there are also a lot of negatives about America. When people think of our country, they only think of 'how rich and powerful we are'. And this is intriguing to them. If we are this 'rich and powerful', then shouldn't taking part of our culture make them just as successful? No. Taking an important part of another countries culture that you think has made them a more powerful country will get your country nowhere. Actually, it could deteriorate your country. It's like taking a basketball from a pro basketball player. You may believe you're going to win; I mean, you have a major role of their success. But it actually depends on you, and if you alone can make the shot. Same with taking a role of culture from another country. It may seem like you'll make it just as big, but in the end it's about your own countries ability to succeed in its own way.

  • Yes, American culture is not better than others.

    Yes, American cultural imperialism is bad for countries around the world, because there are other countries whose cultures are better than American. Particularly with the issue of the way teens and young women act and behave sexually, other countries should not have this forced upon them. Young American women should be more modest.

  • American Cultural Imperialism Destorys Other Cultures.

    When countries start basing their system off the American way, it starts to destroy the foundations that have made their own country great. Now, it's not bad for every country. Some countries do need change. But diversity is what makes the world great. Borrowing from all systems to create a perfect system would be the ideal way, but we can't ensure that's going to happen.

  • WWIII could begin

    If we were to push our limits with culture and more we could start World War 3 and I believe that the majority of the countries should be able to emit their cultural beliefs in any war they feel necessary and not have to worry about being eliminated because of it.

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  • I agree completely

    We come to other countries thinking they are our country and theyre not we only have one country in the world and that's the United States of America. It took me many years to understand this important issue people from many countries from around the world needed me to really understand.

  • America should mind its own business

    If serious problems arise that directly involve us we need to take action if not then we shouldn't. Keep america safe not us and some other country. If another country needs our help let them ask for it don't just give it to them. Would we as a human being want someone to help us when we don't need it and don't when we need it or would we want it the other way around.

  • American cultural is bad

    American cultural is bad because it is using money we do not have to spend right now we need to be using our money on military because we do not spend enough money on our military compared to other countries like japan and Korea This is why i thing american cultural is bad

  • Yes it costs too much money

    American cultural is bad because it cost a considerable amount of money too support more than one country and we are already in some serious debt. So I say we should stay we should do this and save our money and use it on the military because we do not spend enough on our military.

  • Nah, we're rocking 13 bars and 50 stars.

    American imperialism in my opinion has been proven to help more than burden other countries. I see it as other countries needing help and the U.S> stepping in and helping them out. We're blessed with wealth and a powerful military, so why not use it to help more than just us?

  • I am not really convinced

    One way or the other but I do see were every one is coming from. I think other countries should pick and choose which American cultural adaptions they want, and they should do just that adapt them to there own benefit I believe whole heartedly that free speech is a wonder full commodity that should not be taken lightly because a lot of places dot have free speech or free religion but, every thing has a cost. The world economy could fall under for a few years if communism stops, but I feel that eventually things could even out. And the right to earn ones own money could and probably will make humanity more humble over all. It could leading to less violence but the world is incredibly unlikely to change in the next thousand years. ,and if history has taught us any thing its that humanity is damned.

  • Sorry, but life sucks

    Life sucks and it's full of disappointments. Get over it. And apparently there is a required amount of words that I need before I can submit this. The same goes for the supporting headline. I only need 13 more words needed. Scratch that, I need five more words. Never mind, I don't need any more words except for the supporting headline.

  • American cultural imperialism is bad for countries around the world.

    American culture being forced on others is wrong, are way of live is different and some might say its better. Who are we to decided on which way of life is better, Japan stayed independent from us and look they are one of the leading nations in the world! They did it all by themselves and came out on top, also building a more stable and reliable economy then the United States.

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