• The Midas' effect

    The United States in the 50s was a pure, respectful and leading culture. The country was shaking off the stigma of race inequalities and social inhibitions. Unfortunately, a bi product of these movements was the overcompensation to appear totally equal too soon. The undesirable subcultures of the minorities started to gain momentum. These undesirable subcultures had a pathetic work ethic and believed the state should support them education wasn't as important as sports. Music became vulgar and stolen riffs of the past. One hit wonders who pranced around like talented musicians. Deplorable behavior of sports figures, and the fear of the rest of the culture to express objection for fear of being called a racist. Even if statistics proved where the problem was, groups would manipulate the numbers to soften the facts.
    Now, tough talking , low IQ DNS and no talent "stars" seem to be everywhere. Normal kids think it's better to emulate the stoner, drop out rather than the talented professional. The easy way has become the popular way.

    That is why America is declining. The back of the heard is suing the front of the heard.

  • Blame something called desublimation.

    Sublimation is where our raw desires come out in a channeled way for example our sexual drive via artistry. This leads to experiments in higher culture, since we are creating and innovating. However what is happening in society is the opposite of this, we are experiencing desublimation which is where our raw desires come out in a raw way. In modern society we have economic desires or 'false needs', things we feel like we need but truly society is pushing us towards these items, since our needs are being fulfilled we do not need to experiment with higher culture and all our efforts are driven to achieve economic prosperity. But we can argue easily American culture has a foundation in economic prosperity so why only recently has this become a problem? We can talk about mass diversification or that Americans do not wish to participate in communal events and thus do not have the means to meet people and exchange views, or even the rise of modern technology which is focused on more than older more respected endeavors.

  • It's becoming more of an ignorant consumerist society.

    The American culture at one time probably did stand for something, perhaps high quality products, opportunity, etc. but it does sort of feel like the culture has declined into a sort of autopiloted, consumerist, "don't care how anything works and don't want to know" mentality and culture. It could definitely stand to improve.

  • Just look at the behavior

    Black Friday is recent years seems to be getting worse every year-people behave like savages over electronics that will be cheaper a few weeks later. People stay glued to their iPhones and can't interact face to face (or won't) . Being content with shallow pleasures, sports over academics, most people read no more than 1 book per tear...I could go on!

  • Money is the Culture

    American Culture today, is summed up as Money-hungry, lazy fat people who wouldn't want to lift a finger and do work. We are constantly on our phones and technology, and have a really consumer outlook on life. We don't really work hard, and it shows in our education and how many people are abusing the food stamps. We get lots of fat peoples who will not workout and eat right, and make lame excuses to why, leading to bypass surgery and diabetes. Money brings happiness in this "culture." Where sports are put on a pedestal more than education. Kids glued on technology not recognizing what a real strawberry plant is, or how to run properly.

  • How to profit

    People are money hungry. They are greedy and self serving. Most people are no longer accountable for their lives. For example my nephew and best friend were riding their bikes in a subdivision without sidewalks. A car sped by and ran them over. My nephew lived, his best friend did not. Now my sister is being sued by the dead boys parents. They are suing her because she is a working American that has an income. They see this as an opportunity to make money. This is a shining example of the decline of our culture.

  • Since the 1980s money culture has eclipsed all other culture forms

    We have de-funded scientific and cultural pursuits. Our astronauts are old. Our great novelists are old or dead. Our artists have names nobody heard of. It goes on. We are not producing things unless they create a high return on investment. We do not care about other values of our civilization.

  • The Empire Crumbles

    The rising tide of narcissism and the steady withdrawal of more and more people from social organizations and civic affairs, with the accompanying insensitivity to others' suffering or concerns...Astounding levels of ignorance about basic scientific and historical facts (look at the studies of high school/college students in which large minorities expect to be famous, or think their generation is the greatest in history when they have not even had the chance to do anything yet...)...Growing anti-intellectualism, always a problem in the U.S., and the celebration of uneducated, antisocial thugs and criminals in popular music and movies...High divorce rates initiated over often trivial reasons (and the numbers are only down recently because of the economy), failed/3rd world-like cities such as Detroit, Flint, New Orleans, Gary, etc. Etc.), a generally awful k-12 public ed system and a higher ed system that is becoming more and more corporatized, only functions because of government-sanctioned student loan debt slavery and an army of adjunct professors (I'm one of them. And we make of 40% or more of all professors) without health insurance or job security, who could earn a better living as waiters...And lest we forget...A political system entirely corrupt and dominated by corporate interests in all three branches of the federal government and in the state governments as well...And last but not least, a systemically beleaguered economy in which the income gap has grown increasingly rapidly for more than 30 years, while real wages have declined precipitously and manufacturing has almost vanished...Thousands of students who will NEVER be able to repay their student loans...Massive underemployment that is masked by the lying official statistics...The oil that powers this whole sorry state of affairs is running out, and no other power source can come close to replacing it....Etc. Etc.

  • Yes it is declining.

    We live in an America where gun violence and mass shootings are on the rise, but all gun owners can think of is their right to own guns, rather than the importance of making gun ownership safer. We live in an America where our leaders refuse to agree on anything and our politicians publicly ridicule our president. Parents are expected to raise perfect children, but not with old fashioned discipline. Children are given too much too soon. Forget the fiscal cliff, we are headed off of a moral decline for the worse. The world does not view our country as a leader anymore and it is our own fault.

  • American culture is in step decline.

    Americans today have virtually no cultural respect. Most people are so caught up in their own lives that they don't think much of other and the country around them. Overall people are hurting others with no remorse. How many people in our country don't even take time one a year or every four years to vote. have a deep cultural history but we letting it fall threw the cracks.

  • Art, art, and Modern art

    We might be lagging behind other countries in developing certain technologies and/or resolving social issues, but we are still moving forward. In the arts, like many other modern artist, Jackson Pollock was an artist during the turbulent 1930s, who later became a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. His paintings and works of art may seem chaotic in the strokes and blotches; they actually represent hours of long research and calculation that have now redefined modern art. Andy Warhol created works of art that depicted everyday, commercial items, inventing the concept of pop art. He want people to see the beauty in everyday items, while also pointing out our culture's obsession with materialism.

  • Youre all kidding yourselfs

    Fact of the matter is Bad people and Bad things have always been there. You say "Rates are up!" I say population is up, and economy is down. That and everything is just more public. People who do something bad in one part of the country is heard all over now where before it wasnt. People brag about cheating and be cheated on where before no one talked about it. But to think this stuff wasnt happening before is silly. both my grand mothers were married 3 times one had a baby she put under her mothers name so everyone wouldnt think it was hers. Same shit different times.

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