• A me society

    Our culture is self absorbed. Neighborhoods no longer exist and kids do not play. If a cartoon shows up, the storyline is for adults. Kids are more likely to end up on a milk carton because of the saditic messages from television. Our parents are more disconnected than ever and there is no responsibility. If you disagree with someone, you are now labeled with a "phobia".
    It is as if the adults today are nothing more than 12 year olds who throw tantrums.
    Yes, we are worse and we are robbing our children of their childhood

  • Yes, It's gone downhill fast.

    Unfortunately our culture has been hijacked by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and TV shows like the Jersey Shore. If you look around you see people who have lost a lot of values. College kids are only concerned with partying and looking cool. Our obesity rates are at an all time high.

  • Absolutely, we have degraded ourselves to a terrible degree.

    I really am embarrassed to be an American. I feel that a lot of the stereotypes of us are true. We are an obese, gluttonous society that no longer cares about others. I feel that we have lost interest in what makes us truly human and good people. It's sad to see how far we have fallen as a nation.

  • America is now a multi-culture society that is loosing its Idenity.

    America is not only unruly and lost god given morals it has continuously let immigrants,illegal and legal come over here and most of them bring their culture here and continue to live it as they did in their home country,they don’t care about learning English or melting into the so-called proverbial melting pot they look down on born and raised Americans and they have no skills to really offer they just come here and live on welfare taxing an already overtaxed system and what do stupid Americans do? We set on ICE doorstep protesting for these illegal people to be reunited with their kids forgetting that they broke our laws in the first place. This is one Big problem that has made America change that people think if you say something that your racist and that is another problem in its self when I can’t express my opinion without backlash . This is just one issue plaguing America there are many more that have made America Fall, FYI the Bible does say in the last days you won’t be able to tell one country from the next because of multiculturalism ,I’d say we are right on track....

  • There will always be ups and downs.

    In the '80s, we had the crack epidemic. Up until the '60s, we kept people apart solely because of their skin color. But now, children are more educated, open-minded, and informed than ever before. The development of technology has increased efficiency and improved safety. Modern technology has also opened countless careers, often for people who could never achieve their dreams without it. People say that people have no sympathy anymore, but I meet kind people everyday. The only explanation of people afraid of this generation is paranoia, and insecurity towards change.
    People point to celebrities and politicians as proof America is at a low point. How much of our population do these figures constitute? Certainly not much! And why have they "hijacked our culture"? Because people like mindless entertainment. That has always been the case, and you know it!
    If people are scared for the future and actually believe that we are degrading, they aren't helping. Not one bit! Optimism and acceptance is the best way for us to move forward, and from the looks of it, it seems we are.

  • American Culture is Better Than Ever

    Culture in America is thriving. Many people from different diverse backgrounds and different traditions are able to live together and express themselves freely in this country. That was not always the case in the past. The country also recognizes and celebrates all the different cultures in this country that make it the melting pot that it’s become.

  • We have never been good

    When looking at American Culture throughout history we have been guilty of everything we are currently guilty of. Marriage has always been a joke abuse, infidenlity abadonment as common today as 1776. Racial and religous intolerance while not sanctioned by the constitution has always existed. So no we are just more open to admit our faults now a days.

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