• It works, but it could use an update.

    Our American form of democracy is working, but it is beginning to show its age. We need to minimize the impact of corporations on our government and society. Let's get rid of the whole corporate personhood deal, because it's absurd that a multi-billion-dollar entity should get to have many of the same rights as an actual American taxpayer.

  • The system we were designed with, works perfectly

    Notice the title says the system we were designed with, not necessarily the way it is in place at the moment. Our government has become extremely corrupted, inefficient and has demonstrated many times recently a complete and total disregard for the opinions of Americans. This, however, is not a flaw in the form of our government, as any system run by people will tend to move toward corruption. This is a flaw in the recent mentality and actions of the American people. Americans lately have failed to hold politicians accountable for their failures in accurately representing the American people. If you feel you are not accurately represented in government, the system was created so that you were capable of doing something about that. Contribute to a campaign, or if you really are concerned, run for an office yourself. In other systems, peoples' voices are neither heard nor cared about. American representative democracy has been the most successful and will continue to be so long as the people remember who is in control, as it seems for now that they have forgotten...

  • Democracy is based on popularity not right

    Democracy is based on the popularity and will of the people which doesn't work. Leaders need to instill strong leadership that doesn't the right thing for the country not what is popular.
    Political correctness of our democracy has stifled free speech and destroyed the right to say what we what.

  • It is a post-democracy like nearly all European countries!

    When the working class went down in the 80s simultaneously the economy system was switched from keynesianism to Neo-liberalism, that means the compromise between the economy and the public interests (welfare) was abolished! There was no full employment anymore and the firms had to seek another source which compensated the working class as customers, so a source how to re-generate the lost money. And this idea unfolds in withdrawals of workers rights, so p.ex. payment reduction or worse wage agreements. And also with the demise of the working class a huge representative of the whole public fell away. And this neo-liberal system (I am not against capitalism but I am for a regulated system) leads to a point where politics are dominated by big firms and decisions are made behind closed doors. We can see the phenomenon at the third gulf war as example. This was a decision of the government which would surely not have been pleased by the public but instead by big oil companies.
    Resume: I think the democracy in the U.S. is really really vulnerable, but also in some European countries (United Kingdom, Germany). Things like the PATRIOT act should not be enacted without recognition of the public. The interest of the public in U.S. politics has to be spurred to avoid such things like low presidential election participation, which is a sign of post-democracy!

  • No

    America isn't a democracy. It's a republic, also known as a representative democracy. We elect representatives, who in turn make decisions and appoint their own representatives. Based on opinions of the government, these representatives do not represent the people. If they did represent the people, we wouldn't have constant war and the creation of a spy culture.

  • America is a democratic-republic, not a democracy

    There is a stark difference in the 2 systems. In a democracy, every citizen's voice would be individually counted, but in our system the it is the voice of the elected official, whom we might not support, whose voice is heard. I do not feel the voice of Americans is truly heard. I don't feel like I am appropriately represented. My voice is never actually heard. Even when voting for presidency, it is the electoral college who chooses. And their vote usually isn't the same as mine.

  • American democracy doesn't work because we are not a democratic nation.

    A lot of people hold the misconception that the United States is a democracy. It's simply just not true. Instead, we are a federal republic. We vote democratically at the local level, for our congressmen. Our congressmen are then responsible for making decisions that impact our lives without requiring input from the citizens. If this were a democracy, the people would need to vote on every political undertaking. Thankfully, this is not the case. I'd much rather vote for a person I trust to make the right decisions, as opposed to having to rely on my neighbors to take the responsibility to vote every time an issue arises.

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