• American Eagle clothing is desired by today's teenagers.

    American Eagle's fashion lines remain extremely relevant to today's teenager. American Eagle advertisements feature models that are older than teens and fashions that appear more mature than a teen might wear. At first this might give the impression that they are geared towards an older audience, but it is exactly this mature attitude that draws teenagers in. The desire to appear older and more sophisticated is exactly what motivates teenagers' interest in American Eagle clothing.

  • American Eagle relevant!

    American Eagle is relevant to teens today. American Eagle is timeless like Levi. American Eagle will of course always be popular with new generations through the ages. American Eagle is a terrific company and they are rather amazing in their craftsmanship. I have always had a great appreciation for them and their clothing.

  • The brand provides basic clothing for a relatively low cost

    While many teens desire more upscale brands such as Abrecrombie & Fitch and The Gap, American Eagle continues to provide preppy knock-offs at lower prices. The clothing does, however, lack the cutting edge than many teens seek to stand out from the crowd, so it's worn mostly by mall-goers who can't afford what they really want.

  • Teen Retailers are constantly changing

    Teens are very fickle in terms of what's relevant. I would argue American Eagle is no longer relevant for this reason. Every year a new trend comes out and becomes popular. Teens will always flock to the latest and greatest in popularity. They do not seem to care about what was popular in the past, but only about the current trends. American Eagle is no longer a current trendy brand.

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