Is American education lacking/declining in comparison to other countries?

Asked by: HyugaNeji45
  • The USA is far behind

    If you look at the world education rankings the USA is very low for a country with as much capital advantage that it has.

    In my country we do far less hours of school and far less hours of homework yet we rank far, far above the US in the international education rankings.

  • And still declining

    I never understood why this country lost it's devotion to education as it had in the past. America ranks 30+ on every subject compared to other nations. The only thing we have over other nations is our economy and military. I don't just want to be living in the most intimidating country but also the smartest. We gave up being the best all around, we became lazy.

  • That's an affirmative.

    LOL! Have you ever seen a child try to solve a simple math problem, using common core methods? It's a sad thing to see. The father of one child wrote a letter to their teacher. The guy has an advanced engineering degree, and he admitted that he couldn't understand that crap either. We used to have the best educational system in the world. If we want to go back to that, we need to go back to what worked. It worked then. It will work today.

  • America is too far behind!

    All across the world, every day, students are locked in a perpetual competition to learn and grow faster than others. Countries with higher forms of education tend to have more active doctors, scientists, and other academically-accomplished scholars at hand. These countries, which include India, China, North and South Korea (in terms of math and science) and Sweden as well as the Netherlands (in terms of reading) are superior in education, and, thus, are bound to advance in technology as well as philosophy and the medicine. In a recent poll by the Institution of Education Sciences between 21 and 24 percent of U.S. scored at level one, the lowest level, on three literacy scales. If that doesn't frighten you, you're a part of the problem.

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