Is American exceptionalism good (yes) or bad (no)?

  • Yes, of course. Duh

    Is it wrong for someone to say their football team is the best? Is it wrong for someone to say their business it the best? Is it wrong to take pride in the work of your hands? Is it wrong to want your son or daughter to be the best student or athlete or do well? Is it wrong from a group of families to want the same football team or their sons and daughters to be the best? No. If your son/daughter isn't the best in math, does that mean you don't want him to be? Does that mean we shouldn't want him to be better than a chinese son or daughter? That's kind of ignorant. So what if we aren't the best currently in certain areas. We still want to be and should strive to be the best. Does and is America making bad decisions in different areas. Sure. Does that mean someone shouldn't want to or believe America is the best? Maybe some of those that don't want America to be the best didn't have parents or grandparents who died to protect and give you the freedom to not like America. Regardless of what you think or America's failings, we should always want to be the best and to be Exceptional. This does not presuppose we don't have brains are realize we aren't exceptional in some areas. We still should strive too. Duh.

  • The land of liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

    People used to come to America to innovate. Before all this liberal crap started. WE ARE THE INNOVATORS. We created the biggest dam, the tallest buildings (before the liberals put a stop to exceptionalism), we have the some of the top colleges (83 on the 400 list, and 6 of the top 10), we are a world SUPERPOWER. We have the most Olympic medals (2300+), highest personal earnings (average 54k+), we gave over 30 billion in foreign aid last year (double the second largest contributor, yet that 30 billion is only 0,2% of our GNI, which is 5x more than Russia's, at 15 trillion), our consumer market makes up 30% of the world's, we have the most powerful military accounting for 30% of the world's defense budget (supposing china isn't using our liberals preaching against us to hide their budgets), we have the most gold reserves. OH and chuck Norris chose to be born here.

  • Yes it is something all Americans should value.

    This is the United States of America. This is the land of the free and home of the brave. This is a country with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I find it immensely offending and unpatriotic when other Americans do not believe in the greatness and glory of their all-powerful nation. America is the superpower, and as long as we are the world's most powerful country, it will always be our right to spread our message of liberty, democracy, prosperity, and civilization. This is a troubled world, and it will always need America to act as that beacon for hope, a beacon that is admired by our allies and feared by our enemies. We have a culture, history, and nation that is vastly superior to all others, and America is especially great because we promote egalitarianism, individualism, populism, capitalism, freedom, and tradition. I end with the word's of Rick Santorum. "They want to kill us for who we are and what we stand for. And we stand for American exceptionalism, we stand for freedom and opportunity for everyone around the world."

  • Exceptionalism is much-needed thankfulness

    We seem to be caught up in the ideas that America is fundamentally not great or that if it is, belief in and expression of that fact is bad. I make no claim that our nation is perfect, but as a country, we protect our citizens, while not always equally, none inhumanely. While relations between cultures are imperfect, they are remarkably good for a nation of the diversity and size of the United States. While some still hold more power than others in elections, every American regardless of race, gender, or beliefs is allowed to cast a vote. We are a great country! Of course not perfect, but exceptional nonetheless.

    Too often, however, we (myself included) find ourselves looking at only the negatives of the issues facing us, finding the downsides to be the only sides, and this has disillusioned many from American politics, an effect which has stratified the divides in our great nation. Remembering the greatness of our nation (while acknowledging it to be imperfect) is how our nation has remained strong, and constantly progressing throughout its history, and it will be how we remain as such. American exceptionalism is not hubris, it is modesty. It is the modesty to acknowledge that we are blessed to live in such an excellent nation and that much that we think of personal accomplishment are, though certainly attained through individual hard work, made truly possible because of the brilliant idealists who came before us.

  • Fuck You Pussy

    This is the most fucking dumb question I've ever seen. I have to debate this fucking bullshit and you fucks are spewing your liberal bullshit message across this "debate" site. Fuck you. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I hate history it is for pussies.

  • Different and Better?

    The definition of exceptional is, "different and better." Is America different? In one way it is. I'm no historian, but in that America has a government built on idealogical principle - not ethnicity, lineage, religious persuasion, geopolitics - it is different. But, though America has professed inclusion on the basis of commitment to ideology, we know that both historically, and in this present moment, all are not welcome. Policy - from the Chinese Exclusion laws, to whatever they're trying to do to prevent Muslims from coming now - have always been established to limit immigration. Only certain people are welcome. People with money they are willing to spend to our benefit. People with western European heritage and indoctrination. People who are Christian. Able-bodied. Heterosexual. Etc. In this America is and has always been hypocritical. America is not better. America has used force to create a global empire that it exploits for profit under the guise of "freedom". That's not different or better. America has allowed for the corruption of and denied access to free and open elections (from the beginning) here and in other nations. That is not different or better. America professed to believe in separation of church and state and religious tolerance, but in the 1950s changed its motto from "E Pluribus Unum" (out of many, one) to "in God we Trust". That's not different. And it hasn't proven to be better. America claimed to promote socio-economic mobility, but has always favored the interests of the propertied class over the "people," which has given rise to a rather rigid class system. That is not different. That is not better. America says it is egalitarian and that it guarantees that equal opportunity through the common education of its people... But allows for GREAT disparities in education all across the nation based on zip code segregation. That is not different. That is not better. America said all wo/men are created equal, but allowed for chattel slavery of wo/men and said, in its constitution, that they were only 3/5ths human in census computations. America has the largest and most deadly equipped military in the world. That is not different or better than the empires that have come before. America has claimed providence as the underpinnings of its prosperity. That is not different or better, either. America professes individual freedom and respect for personal property and privacy, but it enacts laws and policies that make that profession a joke (Patriot Act, imminent domain, no knock warrants, etc.) America has claimed to be a nation of "liberty and justice for all," but this forum is much to limited to go into depth about all of the Americans who have been denied justice at the hand of the government. America has claimed to promote competition and laissez faire government with respect to American business... But it has ALWAYS set rules to favor, subsidize and protect big American shareholders. In short, American Exceptionalism is a HUGE lie. And lies are bad..

  • Not good at all

    "American exceptionalism is simply hubris, and is not good for Americans in general or for our standing in the world. There is not much that is exceptional about American these days. We are being outproduced by other countries, and we are so politically polarized that we are our own worst enemies instead of focusing on our infrastructure and efforts that would benefit us all. Especially the poor." -quoted

  • No, of course not

    We are a nation like any other. We do not have the right to go about saying we are different and special and better just because we're egocentric. We do some good things, but we do some bad things, just like any other country (with the possible exception of Switzerland... ;) ). What gives us the ability to say we are better than everybody else? We certainly aren't rich beyond belief, as our nation is in over 18 trillion dollars of debt. We are not a peaceful nation. In fact, we go into other countries and try to fix them BECAUSE they aren't like us. So, no, American exceptionalism is ridiculous.

  • No, just like any hyper-nationalism.

    I don't agree with over-righteous nationalism (like american exceptionalism) anywhere. It has shown to have caused horrible atrocities like the Holocaust, suicide bombings, and ethnic cleansing. These people are claiming that America (the place they were born) is the best country in the world, but many of them do not have an understanding of other cultures and traditions, and many of them haven't even left the country at all, but are still making absurd claims as such. This kind of opinion-basing made without any experience or understanding can be seen pervading things like racism and antisemitism. Saying "my skin is better because it's white" is using the same reasoning as "my culture and ideology is better because it's american". It's dangerous, and it has caused so many problems in the past, I can't believe the same stupid superior reasoning is still being used today and deemed okay....

  • America Isn't Exceptional

    America isn't exceptional. It's a country of bread and circuses--as long as the populace gets its reality television and super mega-buffets, the average citizen really doesn't care about what happens in politics. America isn't exceptional like it used to be. The average citizen is on welfare, food stamps and disability benefits. We depend upon pensions to get us into retirement instead of taking care of each other like we used to. The American Revolution wasn't won by laziness. Thank goodness we don't need to defend our rights with armed conflicts now, otherwise our obese nation wouldn't be able to get off the couch and work our butts off to make America exceptional again.

  • Ignorance of Exceptionalism

    1st of all, I want to say that I love this country very much. But patriotism is not going around waving a flag and shouting America is number #1. To believe that is to be ignorant of our history as a nation and does not give us a good face in the world. I would like to give some example of why the principle of American Exceptionalism is wrong.

    Ex.1 number 1ers
    I want to ask people who believe that the U.S. Is number 1. What exactly are we number 1 in? We are not #1 in education, not number 1 in helping our vets getting the services they need, not number 1 in feeding our people. So what exactly are we number 1 in?

    Ex.2 America love it or leave it
    I have heard this from people many times in my life. This phrase is used to put people who disagree with what the gov't is doing. I love this country, but people need to have the moral fiber to speak out when this country has done wrong. That in my opinion is what being an american is about.

    3. Idol Status
    We have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars to build monuments which make the founding fathers look like idols. Mount Rushmore has 60 foot heads which make the presidents on their look like gods. We should not be worshipping the leaders of this country as gods, because they are also human being who were also flawed in many ways.

  • No, American exceptionalism is a bad thing

    American exceptionalism, the idea that America is the most free, best nation, and has a duty to run other nations, is a dangerous one, that's gotten us into much more trouble than good. It's essentially nationalism, only taken to the point that Americans believe they ought to make every country as great as they perceive their own country to be. There's a such thing as taking one's love of one's country too far, and exceptionalism is a good example of this. American exceptionalism has led to unnecessary wars, where the American military had no place to be, and has led to military bases all over the world, policing the globe, forcing other nations to adopt our way of life.

  • No, America does not have a specific role to spread liberty and democracy in the world.

    For some reason, America wants to be world police. Were it not for American exceptionalism, America as a country and Americans as a people would not feel responsible for intervening with other countries' inner workings and politics. Perhaps there would be less American involvement in wars around the world, and therefore less American (and other) casualties.

    Also, in my opinion, the term itself carries negative connotations. Although it may not be meant as a term of superiority, it is often used as such.

  • No, it's not good at all.

    American exceptionalism is simply hubris, and is not good for Americans in general or for our standing in the world. There is not much that is exceptional about American these days. We are being outproduced by other countries, and we are so politically polarized that we are our own worst enemies instead of focusing on our infrastructure and efforts that would benefit us all. Especially the poor.

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