• This show is amazing.

    Even though I've only seen about three episodes, I've already fallen in love with the show. The acting is great, the plot is intriguing, and there is a very real sense of horror at many moments in the show. I fully intend to finish watching all the seasons of the show, and am eagerly awaiting more. The one other thing that makes this show so great is that each season is its own seperate storyline. This keeps the plot from dragging on and on as well as completely eliminating the need for filler.

  • Yes, American Horror Story is one of the best shows on TV.

    Yes, American Horror Story is one of the greatest shows currently on TV. Actresses Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson give some of the most powerful performances of their careers, and each season of the thrilling drama gives viewers something new and creepy to look forward to in every episode.

  • Yes it is

    I love the show, it is very cool and different from other shows. They show more raw, real and awful sides to humanity, and it is a pretty good depiction of it. Plus they have a lot of really great horror ideas and the people who make it are so good at creating the show.

  • It's not a family show.

    No, American Horror Story is not one of the best shows on TV, because it's not one that I can watch with my entire family. There are a lot of shows out there that have better writing. Our family favorite is the Middle on ABC. When you have kids, the best shows have to be ones you can watch all together, and American Horror Story is not it.

  • It's not one of the best.

    It's good (the first season at least). But is it one of the best? No, of course not. For a show to be one of the best it has to be a little more intriguing and not as repetitive or predictable. For example, Breaking Bad. It was a clever, witty and very intense show. Each episode felt like it was a major film. It took an extreme amount of creativity and layered subplots to make that show what it is.

    Posted by: Vz
  • American Horror Story Genere Specific

    I feel that this show appeals to a specific group of people. Most people either really like the horror genre or don't like it at all. This type of show is very specific to this area and does not appeal to a wide range of personal likes. The writing, directing, acting, and cinematography of this show are solid, however, the topics do not appeal large groups of people.

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