• Yes, I believe American Law is the best type of law.

    I believe that the American law system is the best type of law because it grants specific rights to all criminals and gives them the opportunity to prove their innocence. In many other countries, criminals are perceived to be guilty from the start, but in America they are innocent until proven to be guilty.

  • It is the only law most of us know

    I may have to agree and disagree on this question. We, as Americans, think that our way of life is the way that everyone should be and that is the 'right' way. In reality the best type of law is based on the place that you are looking and the belief of that place. We try to push our beliefs on other without taking into account that it may not be right for them.

  • Yes, American law is the best type of law.

    I think that the American law is the best type of law available today. If I didn't think that, I would not want to live in this country. I think that our laws in the United States of America are not only fair, but they also help to protect us should we ever be wrongly caught on the wrong side of a crime.

  • It is flawed.

    No, American law is not the best type of law today, because America does not have a strong enough court system in place to require adherence to the constitution. The judiciary merely calls the constitution a living, breathing, document, and then they make up whatever law they want to have. There are other nations that actually believe in constitutional rule.

  • Has A Lot Of Problems

    I do not believe American law is the best type of law today. I believe our system has yielded a lot of laws we do not need and created restrictions that shouldn't have been brought on the American people. I'm not saying that there is a better system out there, but what we have isn't perfect.

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