Is American politics built off fascist republicans and communist democrats?

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  • Communism is Cold War scare tactic

    The US really gets Communism and Socialism screwed up more so than Fascism. The biggest problem is, The US government operates center-right. Both parties are far-right economically, And center socially. The Democrats are from Communist or Socialist, Most of them would be a new term. "Social Democratic".

    Social Democratic, Is more redistributing taxes to the tax payers and removing modern rights from the private market. Like schooling, Infrastructure and health care. Things that shouldn't be private; like, Clothing, Making cars and other stuff is private. But still regulated so they don't abuse human rights.

    Well the GOP aren't Fascist like WW2 villains. The Republicans are more Corporatist, The Dems are the same, Just not as brazen about it. In a way it's just a more kinder Fascism.

    But the US is sort of falling into Fascism. Of the 14 warning signs, We have 13 of the 14. Well the media isn't controlled by the government, It does act more as the mouth piece for the government. They work more hand in hand. So you could say we have all 14.

    You are asking Fraud elections. Just look at all the voter suppression by both parties. The Dems do it more in the primary elections, Making sure corporate friendly politicians win. Like Hillary Clinton rigging the primary in 2016 against Bernie Sanders and Obama doing the same for Biden. The Republicans do voter suppression in the main election. They make sure as few people possible can vote. Don't even get me started on the Electoral College.

  • That's a lack of understanding of both fascism and communism.

    Fascism is a "culturally right-wing" and economically center-right ideology with an emphasis upon the state above all else. Most Republicans are nowhere near as statist as that, Even if they want to ban abortion entirely. (Hell, The Libertarian party tends to like them more than they like Democrats! ) Pinochet was closer to fascism, And frankly, He isn't exactly the most textbook definiton of fascist either. Both the corporate and the populist Republicans are to the right of Fascism economically.

    Conversely, Communism is an ideology which in paper should be libertarian, But in practice usually results in authoritarian leftism. Communism centers around the commune sharing and producing what is needed equally, And usually they enforce a "temporary" state to do so. (The temporary state in reality usually either dissolves into another dictatorial state, Such as with Russia and the former USSR, Or devolves into vanilla statism, As with China. ) Democrats are usually not communists, But rather a mix of socialists and the people between socialism and capitalism (or at least the DNC itself).

    As for the individuals supporting these parties, Yes, There are fascists who are for Republicans and communists who are for Democrats. Most fascists and communists don't like either, And the ones who can tolerate the parties are a significant minority. The usual Republican person isn't a corporate Hitler wannabe, The usual Democrat isn't an anarchist Lenin stan. Sure, They will be less centrist than the population who won't vote, But they're nowhere near JREG levels of politics.

  • Let's slow down

    I personally believe nobody in politics intends to be an extremist on the left or right wing but the democratic and republican party do edge towards these beliefs. We'll find out more after the election whether or not we're putting extremists in the president's seat or not. Know what I mean?

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