• Yes it has

    Evidence shows that America has fallen below many of the nations of the world in their level of education, and particularly in the field of science.

    Only 52 percent of Americans in their survey knew why stem cells differ from other kinds of cells; just 46 percent knew that atoms are larger than electrons. On a highly contentious issue like global warming, meanwhile, the gap between scientists and the public was vast: 84 percent of scientists, but just 49 percent of Americans, think human emissions are causing global warming. There is also statistical evidence that peer reviewed science has declined since 2000 and has gone up in Japan, China and Europe.

  • Science in america is on the downfall

    America use to be the country that was on the forefront of technology, now it seems that other countries have taken are place. We have grown to complacent with our status in the world. Our school systems are not pushing the boundries of what our kids can achieve. We need to make science and technology are focus

  • No, it isn't.

    American science is not in decline so much as the rest of the world is finally starting to even out. The lapse in our economy has seen the cut in so many budgets and areas that once made us great whereas other countries are finally realizing that science, education and industry are key and have begun funneling their wealth into those arenas.

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