• Right and Wrong

    People don't know the difference between right and wrong. Between good and bad. And like the Good Book says....All people are interested in is 3 things in this country, The Love of Material possessions, The Love of pleasure and The Love of Power. We live in a sin sick society.

  • Rest in peace society

    I don't know what's happening with this society anymore. In my opinion, everything is drowning. The people of the world are blind. There is a deeper meaning to life people just don't think about anymore. People have been brainwashed to think that this is the way life should be, but it's not. Everybody is so utterly wrong and It's extremely sad. People feel the need to worry about so many things that just don't matter. There is no need for 99% of the things we Americans worry about. People are blind. Open your eyes people, all three of them.

  • The loss of pride.

    Back in the 80s and earlier, every American grew up to know patriotism and pride of country. But now, instead of teaching those values, we attack them. And all in fear of hurting someone else's feelings. We, America, have lost our fiery spirit that put us on top. It's about time to get it back.

  • Very Much So

    There's not much to say on this topic. Every society is screwed up in some way, shape, or form. America is no different and continues to show various levels of corruptness within the governmental system. This has spurred the creation of books on utopias,dystopias, and anti-utopias. Our screwed up American Society has also infiltrated into our American culture. Better question: Which is worse? FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

    Posted by: Fayz
  • There are so many problems,

    From Corruption to Obesity. We Can't solve our problems, not to mention trying to aid others in other countries. Our government has become too big, our students are unproductive, china is building everything we buy...we are the last democratic superpower supposed to save/aid everyone, but we cannot save ourselves from our own problems.


    Being born in America 56years ago my late parents said there was no greater country than the good old USA. Unfortunetly, working since i was 18 years old there has been nothing but lies to us citizens. I am appalled in what is going on. Minding other countries business and robbing them. We working citizens struggling to make ends meet. Politicians have lied and lied and still lie. It is about time someone takes action to dissolve our enoumous government, get rid of "MCCARTHYISM, FASCIASIM, COMMUNISM, NATIONALIZATION GREEDNESS". Bring America to become a good country. Most important hold all LAWYERS WHO BECOME POLITICIANS BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HD HEIR UNETHICAL PROMISES.

  • Right and Wrong

    People don't know the difference between right and wrong. Between good and bad. And like the Good Book says....All people are interested in is 3 things in this country, The Love of Material possessions, The Love of pleasure and The Love of Power. We live in a sin sick society.

  • Beyond corrupt and class.

    There are way too many to write in a little box. The corruption part is simple. Every aspect of our lives that we do not control is beyond corrupt. Big business, politics, public services, and education are so corrupt the only solution is an ELE, or a large sacrifice of lives, because the elitist crooks who are in control will sacrifice us all to keep their wealth.

    Class..... Slaves are still considered a class.... But not called that anymore. In times of slavery the slave owner was held responsible for their slaves, and they had to take care of their own slaves, not burdening the public to put wealth in their pockets. Now they are called something else, and the public is burdened with all the ills associated. The public is required to pay for their health care, and benifits while the slave owners profit highly from it. Which is the whole reason the illigal immigrant problem is such a problem and is now a human rights problem.

    When all aspects of public safety revolve around the dollar and not a life you know you have a problem. California DMV...... A huge corrupt system that does nothing to promote public safety and is not held accountable for giving liscences to unqualified drivers(wheras a bartender can be held liable for someone getting drunk in their bar and has no legal obligation to give a sobriety test to the person). They give out driving liscences as means of revenue for all other public services.... From the police who give the tickets to the unqualified drivers, to the hospitilas who house the those injured, to the fire and EMT services that take care of the aftermath, and the most corrupt... Insurance industry who jacks the rates up of all meanwhile they all profit highly from it.

    The whole system is beyond corrupt, and participating in it is equivent to making a deal with the devil.

  • From the perspective of a Canadian, yes.

    From disproportionate priorities to bipartisan politics, you can't walk down a sidewalk in the United States without encountering something screwed up about the country. And its only getting worse. When celebrity lifestyles make headline news, there is something wrong. When it is blatantly obvious that the news outlets have an agenda to push, there is something wrong. When the country is split practically 50/50 on every major issue from elections to morals, there is something TERRIBLY wrong.

  • The Plutocracy Is Destroying America

    America has been on a downward spiral since FDR – Franklin D. Roosevelt died in his fourth term - 1945. A dominant leader of the Democratic Party and the only American president elected to more than two terms, he built a New Deal Coalition that realigned American politics after 1932, as his domestic policies defined American liberalism for the middle third of the 20th century.
    FDR understood that the wealthy and large corporations were destroying the workers and created a two class society – those that have the money – The Plutocracy, and those that don’t – the workers.
    FDR understood what President Abraham Lincoln stated in 1861
    President Abraham Lincoln, the Illinois Rail-Splitter, told his audiences that:
    =====================================================================================“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much higher consideration.”
    In 1864 Lincoln cautioned a workingmen’s association against the “effort to place capital on an equal footing with, if not above labor, in the structure of the government” and he warned working people “to beware of surrendering a political power which they already possess, and which if surrendered, will surely close the door of advancement against such as they…”
    Over 20 million jobs have been outsourced to third world countries (e.g., Mexico, India, China, etc.) just so the wealthy (the Plutocracy) can get wealthier. Job insourcing is destroying what once were great middle class jobs. Everyone else is seeing their standard of living decrease; but, Wall Street is showing record profits; the banks and Mortgage companies are showing record profits, the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry have huge profits.
    The working class needs to destroy the Plutocracy and redistribute all the Trillions in wealth they have horded. All companies need to be employee owned. All stock markets and Wall Street shut down.

  • American society is one of the most organized society.

    I definitely don't think that American society is screwed up. I believe that American society is one of the finest society on this earth where everyone gets along well. There are countries out there where they don't even have right administration. At least we have world's best system for its citizen where everyone is treated equal.

  • not being the third party, but no.

    Society is not screwed up in relation to how we got here. How we got here... government finding loopholes, creating riders, missing accounts, blah, blah... we are a perfect, accurate result of what we have done to get where we are. Cause and effect. If we fail, we do not fail as individuals, we fail as one. When the first person decided not to participate in voting and elections, that is where it begins. The chain on the bicycle of democracy was bent out of shape. This causes the country's future to grind and shred, much like a bicycle chain. What we have before us now is a rusty, twisted bike chain. The government no longer functions as it was designed. It must be replaced. But it is not screwed up, it is EXACTLY what we have let it become. Think about all of this next time you decide not to vote, when you don't get minimally involved with your government... the bureaucrats start to take over. What I am trying to say is... do not blame anyone but yourself when it comes to these matters. Your level of involvement with the government determines the 'screwed-up-ness' of American society.

  • Against popular perception, no.

    At first look American society might look strange and off-target, but this is merely because people focus in on the worst. If you actually look at the people around you in the country you can clearly see that most people are honest hard-working people that might sometimes take things for granted, but isn't that what we really strive for, to have the chance to take it for granted? Sitcoms and Youtube videos really only show you 1% of the population.

    Sure, people might abuse the system sometimes, but who doesn't? The system, like all systems, isn't perfect and sometimes needs to be broken. People will sometimes lie and bend the truth, but as much as some people would like to believe the opposite, complete honesty is a myth of the arrogant.

    American society has problems, just like anything else, but in the end the people are usually kind and respect each others' rights and freedoms in this world.

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