Is American ungovernable due to the Two Party System?

  • America Only Need One System

    For the government to have to system no one can agree on anything, then they do crazy stuff such as shut the government down because nothing can get resolved, we need one system that is for all people, that understand all person, and their need. We don't need anyone selfish in the Government

  • Not enough Choice

    I would agree because it is impossible to represent all the people in America with two parties. There is so much more diversity. Too even be part of government a person must have substantial backing, both financially and from the media. The two party system also creates an intense sense of competition.

  • Lack of choice in the two party system

    Any nation that operates with a two party system provides a lack of real choice for the voter. Both parties end up being pretty similar in order to compete effectively. Nobody wants to make any radical moves and risk isolating themselves from their voters, so all policies tend to be too bland. A third important party would shake the system up.

  • No America is not "ungovernable" due to the Two Party System.

    No the United States of America is not "ungovernable" due to the Two Party System, or for any other reason! While the Two Party System is at the center of many conflicts in governments operations it has not made the ungovernable or otherwise non-functioning. It as just made everyone more aware of the dissenting opinions.

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