• Yes, I agree America's "culture war" is dividing the country.

    I do agree the culture war in America is dividing the country. For example, with the recent court and legislative victories for same-sex marriage, both sides of the issue will only become more involved. I do agree with the majority of the country wanting same-sex marriage to be legalized, but I also see how this will only further enrage the people fighting it, and "divide" them from the rest of the country.

  • We disagree on the majors.

    Yes, America's culture war is dividing the country, because the minority is ruling the majority. The vast majority of the people are still culturally conservative. Those who are not, want to impose their liberalism on the rest of us. With such opposition on the best ways to live, the culture war is dividing the country.

  • Politics divides us

    Politics, pure politics, is dividing the country, not necessarily a culture war. The way the political system is set up rewards highly partisan politicians, giving incentives to those who polarize all points and issues, turning all nuanced discussions and thought into binary questions that can be broken down to the soundbite level.

  • Bringing us together

    I think that instead of the culture war dividing our country, it is slowly bringing us together, and causing people before that were set in their ways to open up and accept other cultures and traditions, that many minority groups have began bringing into our country. We truly are a melting pot.

  • Politicians are Dividing the Country

    America's culture war isn't dividing the country, extreme politicians are doing that. One has only to look at former Rep. Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments and current Rep. Ted Cruz's handling of the government shutdown to see far-right Republicans are doing extreme things to the detriment of Americans. There is no culture war in America--there are simply extreme statements made by far-right Republicans that inflame imaginary tensions.

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