• America's Educational System

    I personally think that America's educational system is hindering students because students are not understanding the material as well as the popularity of low test scores is high. I personally think that America's educational system is hindering students because the students are not passing their grade levels as well as they are not passing their subjects.

  • America's education system is hindering our progress as a nation

    America's obsession with testing has hurt education in this country. Students are taught how to take tests, rather than critical thinking. Skills that cannot be graded by a machine are not taught. Rather than learning how to read a novel and write an essay, students must read and regurgitate information for a small paragraph. However, students will need more skills than that when they have to enter the work force.

  • The educational system is hindering, by far.

    We focus too much on credentials, on getting that perfect SAT score, and on getting accepted into the best University on the planet. Standardized tests are extremely ineffective, and completely discourage those who simply stink at test-taking and spoil those who are simply geniuses. It is a horrible base of an educational system.

  • American education system doesn't prepare youth

    The American education system is rigged to work with the free public education system to teach students nothing and push them into high cost higher education. If the public got it at public price, or the price of the primary education system in America, the system would be better, but instead the system is meant to make money in the end with the guise of helping to educate students. What they do instead is bore students to death and assure them that they better pay for a higher education to be anything in life, while sadly reminding them how horrible school is.

  • Not A Sound System

    I do not believe America's educational system is on very firm ground. While I believe there are some school districts that are performing well and sometimes a teacher can perform well despite the conditions of the district, I would say overall the system is hindering. I think the Common Core has put stress on the schools and has made parents question the systems viability.

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