• Election process fair

    The Election process is fair. Can there be some hiccups from time to time, Sure! It doesn't happen all of the time, But when there is a hiccup, Isn't that just an opportunity for improvement? You may think that your vote doesn't count and that the whole thing is rigged but c'mon, Really how would you get enough people working on the election that is all supporting for the same person.

  • YES, the voting process is fair. The election, process, however is questionable.

    The US has voter officials are every single polling station who are constantly monitoring the voting process. We have federal rules.
    We must 'prove' to be a US citizen.
    We must 'prove' to be 18 y/o or older.
    We must 'register' to vote.
    We must 'prove' our registration at the voting station.
    We must 'present in person' proving all the above to receive an absentee ballot. Those who are bedridden or out of country must do the exact same things.
    We conduct 'exit polls' ensuring the ending tally is represented.
    We have 'federal laws' against voter fraud.
    We have 'federal courts' and 'federal judges' which decide fraudulent guilt or innocence.
    We have strict 'federal penalties' for those convicted.

    Yes, we have legal gerrymandering in the US, but the republican congress voted to allow it.

    Yes, the only time voter fraud is in existence is when civil patrol intimidate electors and prevent the human rights of others in participating in our voting process.

    Yes, we have voters complaining of 'electronic fraud', but the investigation happens primarily at the voting station and in most all cases 'voter error' is the cause.

    Yes, the US election process is fair. Take a look at other nations before claiming otherwise.

  • Yes of course

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  • Yes it is fair

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  • Yes, the election process is fair.

    The election process is fair. It's something that our forefathers worked out very specifically. While it doesn't seem fair that our votes don't count as a "popular vote," the way it's set up, and the electoral college actually chooses the President, this is the way it has always been done. Each state as a whole, rather than individuals, is responsible for electing the President.

  • It decides our interests.

    Yes, America's election process is fair, because it is a way that determines the collective interests. The founding fathers were correct to make sure that the interests of rural areas were protected, because we need to have the interests of the minority groups protected as well. The decentralized system works well to represent honest leaders who represent us all, not just large cities.

  • By the people

    Yes, in general, the process that we have to hold elections is very fair. We let the people of the country decide who will take over an office, and I believe that is as fair as you can get. I think that a lot of places are far less fair.

  • Superficially Fair - Yes

    The question asks if America's election process is fair. If by the term 'process' you mean the legative framework that facilitates the election to be held, Then (with a few caveats) it can be judged to be fair.
    However, I perceive the process to be much wider. It includes access to the means to communicate your message.
    In the US 90% plus of MSM support the democrats, Or should I say are anti-Trump. Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc) all lean heavily towards the left. Intelligence services seem to be seriously compromised and Academia is left -leaning to ratio of at least 9 to 1.
    On top of that you have Hollywood.
    The US is hardly any better than Venezuela under Chavez, When he controlled all media sources.
    If you include these factors, Then America's election process is far from fair.

  • Voter fraud democracy

    If you really care about are election then you should get off your lazy butts and go vote you run around the streets burning and stealing but you say it’s not safe to go vote give me a break we can not have this in America if this is not fixed this country that I love so much is going to be destroyed

  • The Electoral college is unfair.

    Because states are split by a certain number of points, The smaller states get a bigger vote. For example, A person's vote in Connecticut would be equal to four people's votes in Texas. This is unfair. People's votes should all be equal. It should be decided by the popular vote.

  • Idiotic system made up by hard headed people.

    Popular vote is what should count. Popular vote is what represents everyone not just the "qualified citizens" If you do not agree you are just a sick hard headed stubborn republican. This system should change, There is no way that this system is fair to anyone but again is just republicans trying to get things done their way even if it is unintelligent.

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  • Eliminate the electoral college

    I do not believe that a candidate should be chosen at the discretion of a few people. The popular vote of the nation should be the only thing that counts. The simple rule that the majority rules is the only fair way to choose the right candidate for such an important office.

  • The Election Process is not fair at all

    First off the voting process is fine and all but what they do with the votes are not fair at all. They do this by making you think you have power of what goes on but really you don’t. All they do is get people from each state and they chose who THEY want, and the decision they are making is there own opinion.

  • I am only 13 and am writing an argumentative speech on this and my opinion is that it isn't fair and never has been.

    To win the election, a candidate receives the majority, the House of Representatives chooses the president and the Senate chooses the vice president. Electors cast their vote in the Electoral College. The electoral College is made up of 583 electors who cast their vote to decide the president and vice president of the United States. Each State's delegation has a single vote. Canada has a "first pass the post" system which means, the candidate with the plurality of votes is the winner of the congressional seat. That to me does not seem fair, tell me what you think.

  • Trump best president

    Hilliary cliton was gonna tear the FUCKING WORLD A PART that dumbass bitch is planning against us she world war 3 is starting soon who are you gonna chose that cunt or trump she will cause world war 3 when it happends you will have to chose a side witch one are you on?

  • No it's not - Not at all

    Reading and doing research on this, I've come to the conclusion that it is not fair. We do not have to show any identification when we go to vote. That should be changed - you should have to show your ID when you go to vote. My girlfriend told me today that her mother and father who are elderly, went to go vote and the man told them( don't worry I will help you.) He pulled the lever for them so they didn't even have to pull any lever or tap on any machine. That is wrong!!!. That man probably voted for who he wanted. So there is probably a lot of taking advantage of the elderly. Even those vote papers that you put into the machine - those machines are not always correct there should be one way system. I have seen a lot of videos and read a lot of articles that prove that those machines are pretty messed up. And we have seen it today in certain areas where they knew that the machines were bad. How many of them are out there? So we really can't be sure who actually wins or who has won in the past. We need a better system that works for everybody. We should be showing our IDs when we go to vote.

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