• The arrogance can cause suffocation.

    I have seen many low lives who never tried in school or gave a rats ass about anything join our oh so special military and draw more money from an already failing system. We are supposed to respect these people? People who voluntarily train themselves to become murderers in the name of military industrial complex? Absolute rubbish.

  • Because it's stupid

    Why would you even bother? You spend 47% of the worlds military budget. You are ruining I Middle East, and having political fights with other western countries. You are not a force for good; if anything, you're not accomplishing anything and sending people to their deaths.

    - Concerned Norwegian male, 24

  • Idiocy sources directly from 21st century patriotism

    How many times has the American government acted in the interest of itself under the guise of humanitarian intervention? I bet many non-history majors can't even tell you a single incidence. Many would argue that it has nothing to do with the military, but politics and start the normal moronic spiel about on their personal view of how America is today. The hard truth is that, yes, maybe politics is bad in America. But that is representative of the United States (millions voted for a man who ardently believes that the garden of Eden was in Missouri - and I'm not talking about Obama's Muslim faith [sarcasm]).

    The truth is that American murder across the globe by military personel happens everyday - and no, following orders is not honorable. Go back to 1940's Europe to find that kind of mentality - that's whom you should align yourselves with.

  • Yes it is too proud of itself

    In the end a lot of what we are doing is senseless violence, murders and killing in the name of the elite. It is not at all needed. The only we fight these stupid wars is for their interests not our own. The government always gains the most from them, money wise and power wise both. So yeah I think our military is too proud of itself, when we really should be ashamed of what we have let ourselves do and continue to do, and be thinking more about the ramifications of all these wars both in our country, other countries, and in lives lost and compromised on either side.

  • To a degree.

    I think that is important (and, perhaps essential) for a military to be proud of itself, but it should also have a realistic idea of its capabilities, and understand its own limits. In some ways, I would argue that the military itself is not the issue, but, instead, it is the politicians that command it that are too proud of it.

  • No, they are not.

    America's military is one of the most powerful militaries in the world, if not the best. They accomplish quite a bit, and most in the service should receive honor. They fight for a Free America; one that does not come cheap, ask any of those who have lost their life. Oh wait, they were busy protecting you and your country (for the ones who do live here).

  • Is America's military too proud of itself?

    In the 20th century Americas military had many major accomplishments. These are merit worthy, and we honor them annually. However, under no circumstances are we too proud. If anything, we aren't proud enough. Servicemen should be rewarded for their bravery and service. They have a right to be proud, they have earned it.

  • Our Military Deserves To Be Proud

    No, America’s military is not too proud of itself. It takes a special kind of person and personality to be in the military and pride in the military is a very necessary part of that. An individual who joins any branch of the military is joining a group of men and women who will all experience pretty much the same training and events. They will have requirements and goals placed on them that the average American will not understand or ever be able to relate to. That instills a pride and closeness among enlisted men and women. They are proud, as they should be.

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