Is America's much higher rate of cardiovascular disease, compared to Europe, directly related to the American diet?

  • America's Diet Cases More Heart Disease

    While not the only cause, there is no doubt that the American diet causes a high rate of heart disease. High protein, high fat and highly processed food may very well be tasty, but they are not heart healthy. Countries where meat is more a condiment than the star of the meal have lower rates of heart disease.

  • Yes, the American diet is deadly

    Fatty foods are cheap and plentiful in the United States.
    Fast food restaurants are abundant in nearly every town, too. They wait on
    every busy corner to snag commuters on their way home from school or work. So
    people in the United States not only eat a poor diet, they do not have to work
    hard to get it. It is no wonder heart disease is common in America.

  • We eat terribly.

    Yes, America's much higher rate of cardiovascular disease is directly related to the American diet, because we eat so much more fat than they do. We know that we should eat healthier, but we cook with butter while they cook with olive oil. We should be more willing to eat well for our own health.

  • Europe and America are apples and oranges.

    Europe has a very different genetic make-up than the United States, if there is a higher history of cardiovascular disease in America, then it should be no surprise that the U.S. would also suffer higher rates of the disease currently. It is often overlooked that these diseases are the ones killing us later in life as other diseases more common in history have been eradicated.

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