Is America's relationship with Israel getting worse?

  • Yes, Finally

    The United States has sat back too long and allowed Israel to do whatever it wants. They have mistreated and abused the entire population of Palestine and they have acted like aggressors in their Middle Eastern region. When they started to act like the U.S. support was guaranteed, politicians here finally came to their senses and resented the ingratitude.

  • Unfortunately our relationship is in Decline

    When our president has made it clear and evident that he does not have Israel's best interest at heart; He declined to have lunch with Benjamin, while he was in the US.... Obama continues to "spit in Israel's face" and it is bound to rub them the wrong way. The Bible says that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, but those who curse Israel will be cursed. Some say that we are more of an asset to Israel than they are to us, but it seems to me that a solid relationship with them is in the best interests of both nations.

  • Tension is Growing

    Benjamin Netenyahu is risking the relationship between America and Israel. His policies are getting more and more right wing. The American public is not interested in supporting Israel no matter what the position anymore. Americans also resent the powerful Israel Lobby influencing US politicians. Because of this, the relationship between the two governments is getting somewhat strained.

  • Israel Will Always Be a good Friend

    Though it might seem like Obama and Netenyahu don't get along, I don't think it is a sign that the countries won't keep backing each other up. Israel will always be a valuable ally to the United States. They are one of the only countries in that Middle Eastern region that isn't a Muslim theocracy, so it's in both sides' best interest to stay friends.

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