Is America's so-called 'war on the rich' akin to Nazism?

  • In a way, yes

    In a way, yes, I think it can be said that the 'war on the rich' is like Nazism. Nazis taught that certain races were inferior / bad, by definition and without exception, and therefore must be eradicated. Quite similarly, we often hear that the rich are all bad, by definition and without exception, they haven't earned / don't deserve their money, etc., etc.

  • Yes, the war on the rich is like Nazism.

    I definitely think that the war on the rich is similar to something like Nazism. I think that people should not be punished just because they are among some of the most wealthiest people in the world. Those against the rich are also those against the principle of the meaning of capitalism.

  • America's 'war on the rich' is an attempt to stop the unfair uneven distribution of wealth.

    The top 2 percent of the wealthiest people in the nation have more wealth than the bottom 98 percent of the population combined. This is a very unfair distribution of wealth largely attributable to corporate greed and the blatant unfair treatment of employees. This is not akin to Nazism as those who are seeking change are simply in search of fair treatment and opportunity rather to strike down the wealthy class as a whole.

  • No, that is ridiculous.

    There is no war on the rich in the United States. Instead there is a cry from the middle and lower classes to make things more equal in terms of financial contributions and political clout. Nazis persecuted innocent people to increase their own power and arrogance. Here the rich are the ones more akin to the Nazis.

  • No One Is Killing The Rich

    America's issue with the rich is the fact that they didn't get that way on their own, they had to step on the backs of a lot of people to get there. So when you consider corporations like Wal-Mart and their ultra rich owners, what one must realize is that their wealth was created by under paying their employees for well over a decade, by running small businesses out, by ruining communities, by selling inferior products, etc, etc. It's these actions that have upset the majority of the population in America and rightly so. This should never be compared to Nazism and the wealthy shouldn't act they're innocent.

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