Is Amnesty a Good Solution to Illegal Immigration?

  • Yes, amnesty should be granted.

    Let's face the fact that this country nor any other country belongs to anyone. The fact in which many Americans restrict people to come here is hypocritical. Being the fact that this nation was built on immigrants absolutely gives no race the authority to forbid anyone from entering this country.

  • We can't send them back.

    Let's face the reality here, there are millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States. Sending them back to their home country would probably cost us more than all the years of the War On Drugs combined, and would probably be even less effective. Let's grant them amnesty, convert them into legal, taxpaying citizens and streamline the immigration process for everyone waiting.

  • No, it is unfair.

    No, Amnesty is not a good solution to illegal immigration, because it is unfair to all of the people who do not break the law to come to this country. Other people will risk their lives to come here illegally in trucks, in very dangerous situations, if they believe that it will result in citizenship.

  • Been there, done that.

    Reagan did this when he was President of the United States. It accomplished nothing. In a time when our country is facing economic collapse. A time when our national deficit is over 16 trillion dollars. Why would we want to bring more poor to our country to take care of? What other country offers amenesty to people who enter their country illegally? What makes the US so special we need to ignore our own laws, laws countries like Mexico punish people severely for. If this was such a wonderful idea. Why is none of thee 230 some odd other countries doing this? When you can answer this, I will consider the merits. Until then. I see this issue for what it is. An issue to divide America. Because in Washington DC, a divided America is good for business.

  • Of Course Not, but neither is mass deportation and indiscriminate hate.

    We run a welfare state. We can't have illegal immigrants coming into the U.S., taking from the system, and never putting back into it. We already have a huge deficit, would you like to make it larger?

    On the other hand, we can't spend too much time and money trying to hunt down every single freaking Illegal and forcing them to get documents or deport.

    There needs to be an efficient system for obtaining a temporary work visa for these immigrants. For tax and census purposes of course. Also, we need to abolish minimum wage so that we can collect taxes on the jobs they are doing under the table.

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