• Hugely popular and hilarious.

    Whenever Amy Schumer does a funny sketch on her comedy show "Inside Amy Schumer" it goes viral and everyone reposts it on their social media profiles. She is the kind of comedian who knows how to strike a good balance between political, feminist ideas and hilarious scatological or slapstick comedy. She is a smart comedian but she also makes good fart and poop jokes. That balance is important.

  • Amy Schumer's work is some of the best today.

    Amy Schumer has a very unique style and comedic sense of humor. Her work is by far some of the best among the comedians today. She delivers her work in a way that no one else, especially females does today. Overall, her work is one of the best in terms of comedic work that is available today.

  • Amy Schumer great comedian

    I think that she is one the best female comedians today. She is extremely funny and has a great sense of humor. From what I seen from her movies and her appearance on The Bachelorette last night she is an amazing performer. With all of the female comedians out her she is definitely one of the best.

  • Extremely dull and Steals jokes.

    Amy Schumer is a known joke thief and has done it quite frequently on her show "Inside Amy Schumer," which by the way, is an extremely juvenile and not in the slightest clever title. This woman nearly caused a man mourning the death of his friend to kill himself. Outside of that, all her jokes just put this intense focus on her sex life or her vagina. To sum her up, she is unfunny, unoriginal and uninspired. It is completely lost on me how she is famous and has a good career in comedy.

  • Amy Schumer is not one of today's funnier comedians.

    Amy Schumer tries hard. She tries hard at just being vulgar for the sake of being vulgar without any real comedic value to her work. To me she strikes me as a somewhat lackluster comic who retreads old tropes and themes. She tries to be "edgy" by making frequent jokes about her sexual encounters and genitals. That to me does not make for comedic genius.

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